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« His last injunction Alric heard

“ With secret callous pleasure, " That, instant from the child's death hour, & His lands, and all his ample dower,

“ Should be the earl's owo treasure. 66 Ab! many a blow, and stern rebuke,

" Young-Henry bore all tearful “ And once was Alric heard to cry, " • O that this urchin would but die,

My soul might then be cheerful!' « In vain the stripling tried to wia

“ His guardian's best affection ; « Upon a solitary stone : 4 oft would he sit and sigh alone,

Alone indulge reflection! « Well could bear the summer noon,

« Could brave the winter's rigor; “ Full eighteen years had met his view, « And on his chin the soft down grew,

" Betokening youthful vigor. " And now of Alric's haughty taunts,

" His sickening soul was weary; “ If on each season's slow advance " He snatch'd a trembling fearful glance,

" Still seem'd the vision dreary ! « It chanc'd that once, at early morn,

" He stray'd amid a thicket,
* And at the entrance of the wood
“ Our long-lost darling Julia stood,

" Beside our lowly wicket.
His gaze fell on her-o'er his frame

os He felt the warm blood rushing,
• He trembled, yet he knew not why,
" Love gave sweet wichery to his eye,

“ And o'er his cheek stole blushing. " Ah ! daily by our cottage door

u Have I beheid him wandering, " And oft would he, with sauntering pace, " The mazes of the pinewood trace,

“ In hopeless sorrow pondering,

" Nor less, meanwhile, our dear girl's pain

“ Ort Henry's name she blesses, « Her lips on all his graces d well, " And that she loves him, o how well

“ Her ev'ry act confesses! “ One evening suddenly he came,

6 Her fav'rite goat slow leading, “ Whilst butting with its little horns, « Iis leet entangled in the thorns,

" Were torn, and sadly bleeding. 6 He sate awhile where now you sit,

“ His arm on Julia leaning;

Beshrew me, minsirel, but methought “ E'en then your looks quick dariing caught

“ His eyes' expressive meaning! “ Yet few poor Henry's visits werc, .." Tho' he loy'd Julia dearly, « For Alric, dceming him too blest, « Sought how to wound his gentle breasty,

And spake him thus severely: - Shame on thy coward spirit, boy!

To waste thy days inglorious ; ' 6 Ere I had reach'd my sixteenth year, • The massy large I learnt to rear

• In battle, oft victorious. • Go, Henry! rouse thy courage up,

Go join the bold crusaders; • E'en now our Richard Lion-heart . Calls forth each knight to hurl the dart

6 On Salem's rash invaders.' * He ceas'd--the youth retorted brief,

« Of the base charge disdainful; " Then, as indignant fush'd his cheek, * Hasten'd his Julia's arms to seek,

" And take a farewell painful. s And now, on future deeds intent, ,

“ The minutes slow he counted, 6 Till cap-à piè in armour digbt, 56 Bencath the banner'd cross to fight,

“ His courser soon he mounted

« Ah! fatal hour, that thus could doom

“ So sond a pair to sever! 6 Poor Julia grew a love-craz'd maid, " Her roscale tipts began to fade,

“ Her peace was flown-for ever!. • She hecded not the dews of night,

« But wide her lattice fiinging, « Now piteous moan'd, now vacant smild, “ Now started up aghastly wild,

« Her broken vespers singing! “ No tidings yet of Henry came,

" Though long had he departed « Joyless to her pass'd many a day,

She pin’d and pin'd her soul away,

" At length died broken hearted! 6 Yet ere she died, my hand she claps'd,

6 Her icy limbs all shivering, Father,' she cried, when Henry came“ She could no more-the much lov'd name

“ On her last breath hung quivering! ( Her grave clothes now are o'er her throwe,

"The earth is now her pillow, « A croslet marks the little dome 66 Where rests she in her still dark home,

« Bencath a weeping willow. “ Not long since, from the castle walls

" The inenials (ar reported, 66 That Henry was by Paynims slain, « Whilst nobly he, on Acon's plain,

" The christian cause supported. 66 And though, alas! to them on carth

" So hard a fate was giv'n,
« Still let us hope, their troubles o'er,
" Their gentle souls will part vo more,
" Will live for aye in heaven !"

(To be continued.) ..


(See our literary Review in lası Month's Number.)

L IS simple crrand done, he homeward hies,
M1 Another instan:ly its place supplies,
The clatı'ring dairy-maid immers'din steam,
Singing and scrubbing midst her milk and cream,
Bawls out “ Go fetch the cows !!!!-be bears no more..
For pigs, and ducks, and iurkies throng the door,
And sitting bens, for constant war prepar'd
A concert strange to that which late he beard.
Straight to the meadow then he whistling goes,
With well-known halloo cails his lazy cows: .
Down the rich pasture heedlessly they graze,
Or hear the summon with an idle gaze,
For well they know the cow-yard yields no more
Its tempting fragrance, nor its wintry store.
Reluctance marks their sieps, sedaic and slow,
The right of conquest all we law they know;
Subordinate they one by one succeed,
And one among them always takes the lead,
Is ever foremost, wheres e'er they stray,
Allow'd precedence, undisputed sway;
With jcalous pride her station is maintain’d,
For many a broil that post ot honor gain’d.
At home, the yard affords a grateful scene
For spring makes e'en a miry cow-yard clean.
Thence from its cbalky bed behold convey
The rich manure that drenching winter made,
Which pil'd near home, grow's green with many a

A promis'd nutriment for autumn's seed.
Forth comes the maid, and like the morning smiles;
The mistress too, and followed close by Giles. .
A friendly tripod forms their bunble seal,
With pails bright scour'd and delicately sweet.
Where shadowing elms obstruct the morning ray,
Begins their work, begins the simple lay;

The full-charg'd udder yields its willing streams, While Mary sings some lover's amorous dreams; And crouching Giles beneath a neighbouring tree Tugs o'er his pail, and chants with equal glee; Whose hat with tatier'd brin, of kuap so hare, From the cow's side purloins a coat of hair, A motiled ensign of his harmless trade, An unambitious peaceable cockade. As upambitious, too, that chearful aid The mistress yields beside her rosy maid; With joy she views her plenicous reeking store, And hears a brimmer to the dairy doorHer cows dismiss'd, the luscious mead to roam, Till eve again recal them loaded home. And now the DAIRY claims her choicest care, And half her houshold find employincnt there: Slow rolls the churn, its load of clogging cream At once foregoes iis quality and name : From kootty particles first foating wide Congealing butter's dash'd from side to side; ': Streams of new milk thro' flowing coolers stray, And snow-while curd abounds, and wholesome whey, Due north th' unglaz'd windows, cold and clear, For warming sunbeams are unwelcome here. Brisk goes the work beneath each busy hand, And Giles must tradge, whoever gives command: ' A Gibeonite, that serves them all by turnsHe drains the pump, from bim the faggot burns, From bim the noisy hogs demand their food, While at his feet run many a chuirping brood, Or down his path in expectation stand, . With equal claims upon his strewing hand.

LOVE. . Its different Effects on different Minds.. :

ADDRESSED TO MISS R. P.' T OVE, strangest passion that inspires the breas!!

u How universal thy despotic sway; Emin nation has thine influence coniess'd,

And unborn ages shall ihy power obey!

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