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But make all people do and say
The same things still the self-same way?
Some writers make all ladies purloin'd,
And knights pursuing like a whirlwind :
Others make all their knights in fits
Of jealousy to lose their wits;
Till drawing blood o’th’dames, like witches
Th' are forthwith cur’d of their caprices.
Some always thrive in their amours,
By pulling plaisters off their sores ;
As cripples do to get an alms,
Just so do they, and win their dames.
Some force old regions, in despite
O’geography to change their site :
Make former times shake hands with latter,
And that which was before, come after.
But those that write in rhyme, still make
The one verse for the other's sake;
For one for sense, and one for rhyme,
I think's sufficient at one time.

But we forgot in what sad plight
We wilom left the captive Knight,
And pensive Squire, both bruis’d in body,
And conjur’d into safe custody : .


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Tir'd with dispute, and speaking Latin, 35
As well as basting and bear-bating.
And desperate of any course, ndx : .
To free himself by wit or force :
His only solace was, that now.....
His dogs-bolt fortune was so lowz 1044, 40
That either it must quickly end,
Or turn about again and mend ; 11 moibu.
In which he found th' event no less
Than other times, beside his guess.

There is a tall long-sided dame,
(But wonderous light,) y’clep'd Fame,
That like a thin camelion boards
Herself on air, and eats her words :
Upon her shoulders wings she wears
Like hanging-sleeves, lin’d thro’ with ears, 50
And eyes, and tongues, as poets list,
Made good by deep mythologist: -
With these she thro' the welkin flies,
And sometimes carries truth, oft lies ; ; :
With letters hung like eastern pigeons, : 55
And Mercuries of farthest regions ;
Diurnals writ for regulation
Of lying, to inform the nation ; . .


And by their public use to bring down
The rate of whetstones in the kingdom. 60
About her neck à packet-mail,
Fraught with advice, some fresh, some stale,
Of men that walk'd when they were dead,
And cows of monsters brought to bed ;
Of hailstones big as pullets’ eggs; 65
And puppies whelp'd with twice two legs ;
A blazing star seen in the west,
By six or seven men at least.
Two trumpets she does sound at once,
But both of clean contrary tones :
But whether both of the same wind,
Or one before, and one behind,
We know not, only this can tell,
The one sounds vilely, th’ other well ;
And therefore vulgar authors name

75 The one good, t other evil fame.

This tattling gossip knew too well,
What mischief Hudibras befel;
And straight the spiteful tiding bears
Of all, to th' unkind widow's ears.

Democritus ne'er laugh’d so loud,
To see bawds carted through the crowd,


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Or funerals with stately pomp,
March slowly on in solemn dump,
As she laugh’d out, until her back,
As well as sides, was like to crack.
She vow'd she would go see the sight,
And visit the distressed Knight ;
To do the office of a neighbour,
And be a gossip at his labour ;
And from his wooden jail, the stocks,
To set at large his fetter-locks,
And by exchange, parole, or ransom,. .
To free him from th' inchanted mansion.
This b’ing resolv’d, she call’d for hood 95
And usher, implements abroad
Which ladies wear, besides a slender
Young damsel waiting to attend her;
All which appearing, on she went,
To find the Knight in limbo pent. . 100
And ’t was not long before she found
Him, and his stout Squire, in the pound, ;
Both coupled in inchanted tether,
By farther leg behind together :
For as he sat upon his rump,

-105 His head like one in doleful dump,

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