The Battle of Flodden Field, Fought Sept. 9, 1513. [With Notes, Etc.]

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William Blackwood and Sons, 1864 - 91 страници

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Страница 46 - Still from the sire the son shall hear Of the stern strife and carnage drear Of Flodden's fatal field. Where shivered was fair Scotland's spear And broken was her shield ! xxxv.
Страница 41 - Front, flank, and rear, the squadrons sweep To break the Scottish circle deep, That fought around their King. But yet, though thick the shafts as snow, Though charging knights like whirlwinds go, Though bill-men ply the ghastly blow, Unbroken was the ring ; The stubborn spear-men still made good Their dark impenetrable wood, Each stepping where his comrade stood, The instant that he fell. No thought was there of dastard flight ; Link'd in the serried phalanx tight, Groom fought like noble, squire...
Страница 75 - Rushed with bare bosom on the spear, And flung the feeble targe aside, And with both hands the broadsword plied, 'Twas vain: — But Fortune, on the right, With fickle smile, cheered Scotland's fight.
Страница 58 - Ever charming, ever new, When will the landscape tire the view; The fountain's fall, the river's flow, The woody valleys, warm and low ; The windy summit, wild and high, Roughly rushing on the sky! The pleasant seat, the ruined tower, The naked rock, the shady bower ; The town and village, dome and farm, Each give each a double charm, As pearls upon an ^Ethiop's arm.
Страница 48 - Andrews, who had been educated abroad by Erasmus, the Bishops of Caithness and the Isles, the Abbots of Inchaffray and Kilwinning, and the Dean of Glasgow. To these we must add fifteen lords and chiefs of clans : amongst whom were Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurcha, Lauchlan Maclean of Dowart, Campbell of Lawers, and five peers' eldest sons, besides La Motte, the French ambassador, and the secretary of the king.
Страница 84 - ... head Descend no rain nor vernal dew ! But still, thou charnel of the dead, May whitening bones thy surface strew ! Soon as I tread thy rush-clad vale, Wild Fancy feels the clasping mail ; The rancour of a thousand years Glows in my breast ; again I burn To see the banner'd pomp of war return, And mark beneath the moon the silver light of spears.
Страница 51 - ... on his feet, to the great of his legs; with all other hose and clothes conform thereto: but he had nothing on his head, but syde * red yellow hair behind, and on his haffets,' which wan down to his shoulders; but his forehead was bald and bare.
Страница 52 - ... for the king, saying he desired to speak with him. While, at the last, he came where the king was sitting in the desk at his prayers ; but when he saw the king, he made him little reverence or salutation, but leaned down groffling on the desk before him, and said to him in this manner, as after follows...
Страница 73 - St James's. They displayed so much dexterity and skill in the management of their weapons, as to give perfect satisfaction to His Majesty. Each got a gratuity of one guinea, which they gave to the porter at the palace gate as they passed out.
Страница 79 - James, imprudent as it was, had the effect of rousing to a pitch of desperation the courage of the meanest soldiers ; and the ground becoming soft and slippery from blood, they pulled off their boots and shoes, and secured a firmer footing by fighting in their hose.