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maintained and worked out, which will, by God's blessing, inform the mind and influence the heart.

The Editors will only add, that they are encouraged by their past success to solicit the yet more vigorous exertions of their numerous friends. And as the “ Church of England MAGAZINE" is the rival of no other work, as its plan materially differs from that of every other periodical in this country, the Editors feel that they may venture to invite every Churchman to aid them in the full development of their purpose, so as to circulate extensively among all classes, in the very cheapest form, scriptural truth in accordance with the doctrines and discipline of the Established Church.

London, December 31st, 1836.


Advent. Extracts from Lectures on (rev. John Ayre). No. I.
IT 419; No. II. xxviii. 436; No. III. xxix. 132; No. IV.

An Sature preaches to us (rev. Ilugh JI'Neile), xxii. 350. American Episcopal Church and bishop Chase, i. ll.

at Avranches (Davies), xxiii. 359. Athanasian Creed : a Dialogue, X. 163.

Bedell's, rev. G. T., Letter to his Flock, x. 147. Bible, Authorised English Translation of, viii. 115.


Augustine, bishop of Ilippo, T. 67.
Boyle, the hon. Robert, xix. 292; concluded, xx. 308.
Burton, rev. Edward, D.D. Oxford, xi. 166.
Cobham, lord (Sir John Oldcastle), xii. 180.
Cranmer, Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury, iv. 51; con-

tinued, ix. 133; concluded, x. 148. Cyprian, bishop of Carthage, xxvi. 403. Fenelon, archbishop of Cambray, vi. 86. Herbert, George, xiii. 198. llorneck, Dr. Anthony, xiv. 214. ignatius, bishop of Antioch, vii. 99. devel, John, bishop of Salisbury, xxii. 342; concluded, xxiii. |

Latimer, Ilugh, bishop of Worcester, xxxii. 499.
Leighton, Robert, archbishop of Glasgow, xxvii. 420.
Nicholson, John, otherwise called Lambert, xxix. 454.
Nicoll. Rev. Alex. professor of Hebrew, Oxford, xv. 231.
Xowell. Alexander, D.D. dean of St. Paul's, xxiv. 373.
Pecock, Reynold, bishop of Chichester, xvii. 261.
Polycarp, bishop of Smyrna, xxviii. 438.
Porteus, Beilby, bishop of London, xxi. 326.
Byder, Henry, bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, i. 3.
Taylor, Dr. Rowland (martyr), iii. 35.
Van Mildert, William, bishop of Durham, ii. 21.
Venn, Rev. Hienry, rector of Yelling, xxv. 390.
Walker, rev. Samuel, B. A., Truro, XXX. 468; concluded,

xxi. 484.
White, William, bishop of Pennsylvania, xviii. 278.

Wilson, Thomas, bishop of Sodor and Man, xvi. 245. British Church, llistory of, xiii. 197; continued, xxi. 333. CASET:--Select Theological Extracts from the following Au.

Appleyard, rev. E. S., the Church of England, xxiii. 366;

Augustine, Goodness of God, ix. 142; Ayre, rev. John,
God's Sovereignty and Man's Duty, xv. 239; the Second

Adrent, xviii. 286.
Bacon, Scripture Knowledge, xxxii. 511. Barrow, Dr. Isaac.

Sharing in other's Good, xxv. 399; Thanksgiving. xxvi. 415; Value of the Cross, xxviii. 447. Beveridge, bishop, Grace, xvii. 271. Bilson, bishop, Order and Discipline, ii. 31. Bisse, Dr., the Established Church, xii. 191: Bissland, rev. Thomas, Difficulties of a Faithful Preacher, viii. 126 : Repentance, xix. 303; Value of the ITuman Soul, xxii. 351. Blomfield, bishop, Ministerial Faithfulness and Unity, ix. 143. Blunt, rev. II., the Eucharist, xii. 191: Baptism, xiv. 223. Booker, Rev. J., Romish Prohibition of the Scriptures, xxii. 351. Boyle, hon. Robert, the Bible, XX. 319. Bradley, rev. C., True Repentance not an Act but a Habit, xxiv. 383; Men Fellow-workers with God, xxv. 398 ; the Ark of God in danger, xxvi. 411; Religion the one thing needful at all times, xxvii. 431. Browne, archdeacon, Application of Scripture, X. 158; Corruption of Human Nature, xxxi. 493. Brown, rev. Abner, Moderation, ii. 30. Budd, rev. H., Talent, iv. 62. Bull, bishop, Power of the Spirit, XXV. 398. Burton, rev. Edward, Party Spirit, iii. 46.

Butler, rev. P. E., the Diffusion of Knowledge, xiii. 206. Cecil, rev. R., the Devices of Satan, viii. 126; Growth in Grace, xiii. 207: Christian Simplicity, xxix. 383. Chalmers, rev. T., Conscience, v. 78; Natural Theology, viii. 127. Chillingworth, Charity, vi. 93. Close, rev. Francis, Heavenly Wisdom, xxxi. 495. Cowper, Christian Joy, iii. 47; Drought. xxix. 463. Cunningham, rev. J. W., the Holy Spirit, viii. 126; the Perpetuity of Heavenly Happiness, xix. 303: the Christian a Pillar in the Temple of his God.

Xxii. 331. Dealtry, rev. Dr., Infidelity and Profligacy, xi. 175. Dcane,

tev. J. B., the Fall of Man, xviii. 287. Dehon, bishop, the


Sabbath, ix. 143; Man's Moral Inability, xxi. 333; the
Believer's Completeness in the Saviour, xxiv. 382 ; the

Cross of Christ, xxvi. 415; the Liturgy, xxix. 463.
Eden, rev. R., Liberality, iii. 46. Evans, rev. R. W

Eucharist, xiii. 206. Frith, John, Use of Riches, xxi. 335. Gale, Lore of the World, viii. 126. Gilpin, rev. W., the Day

of the Lord, xvi. 255. Girdlestone, rey, C., Preaching of the Gospel, vii. 110. Griffith, rev. T., True Religion, iii. 47;

Personal Piety, x. 157. Hales, Scripture Dificulties, xxvi. 415. Hall, bishop, Faith

fulness of God, vi. 93; Reward, xix. 303; Spiritual Knowledge, xxvii. 431; Real and Apparent Happiness, xxviii. 447. Hoare, archdeacon, Selfishiness, x, 158; the Poor preached to in the Gospel, xiii. 207; What is it to be a Christian ! xxii. 367. looker, Christian Security, x. 158; Things Ancient, xiv. 223. llorne, bishop, Doctrine and Practice, xvii. 271; Patience commended by God's Example, xxii. 351; Private Prayer, xxix. 463. Ilorsley, bishop, Scripture Difficulties, iv. 62; Faith and Practice, xvi. 255. Ilowels, rev. W., Praising God, x. 158; HumiJity, xii. 190; the Sympathy of Christ, xiv. 223; Temptation,

xvii. 271. Jarvis, Dr., Spiritual Influences, v. 79. Jewsbury, Miss, De

pendence upon God, vi. 94. Jowett, rev, W., Self-Decep

tion, viii. 127. Keble, rev. John, the Liturgy, iv. 62. Knox and Jebb's Cor

respondence, the Christian and the mere Moralist, iv. 63:

Solitude, xviii. 287. Le Bas, rev. C. W., the Ministry of Christ, iii. 46; False View

of Christianity, vii. lll.; Leighton, abp., the Believer's Peace, ii. 30; Ilumility, v. 78; Spiritual Wisdom, vii, 111; Unworthiness, xvi. 255. Lievre, rev. J. S., Ministerial Re

sponsibility, vii. 110. Mackenzie, Miss Mary Jane, ('ovetousness, v. 79; Leaven,

viii. 126; Family Prayer, xv. 238. Macneile, rev. Hugh, the Second Advent of our Lord, XXX. 479. Magee, abp., the Day of Atonement, iii. 46. Marsh, rev. E. G., Growth in Grace, xxii. 351. Martyn, rev. H., the Spiritual Temple, xv. 238. Mason, Rev. W., Frames and Feelings, viii. 127 ; Massillon, the Christian a Man of Prayer, iv. 62; Universality of Prayer, xiii. 206. Melvill, rey. Henry, the Blessed Hope, vii. 110; The Loss of National Christianity, x. 158; the Christian's Death-bed, xviii. 237; Value of the Bible, xiii. 206; Blessed Effects of the Bible, xxviii. 447 : the Church's Year, xxxii. 511. Milton, Vice and Virtue, i. 15. More,

Hannah, Works of Fiction, xv. 239. Neale, rev., C., the Bible a Lamp, iii. 46. Neale, rev. Ers

kine, Ministerial Encouragement, vi. 94. Newnham, W. Esq., Afiction, ix. 142. Nocl, hon. and rev. G. T., the

Riches of the Gospel, vi. 91. Paley, the Goodness of God, xiv. 223. Pearson, dean of Salis

bury, the Minister and his People, xi. 173. Philpot, arch

deacon, Ilappiness of the True Christian, vi. 94. Richmond, rev. Legh, Music, iii. 46. Rose, rev. H. J., Love of Reputation, vii. 110. Ryder, bishop, the Excellency of the

Church of England, i. 15. Sandford, bishop, Living without God, iv. 62; Forgive

ness, X. 158. Saurin, the Blood of Christ, xv. 239; the Dying Christian, xxv. 399. Scott, rev. T., Religion every Thing, xvii. 271. Sherlock, bishop, Christ and Mahomet contrasted, xvii. 271. Simeon, rev. Charles, Absence of Means of Grace, xxxii. 511. Skelton, Pride, ii. 30; ditto. iii. 47. South, Dr. Robert, Efficacy of Christ's Blood, iii. 47; Atonement for Sin, iv. 62; Sinfulness of the Heart, iv. 63; Christian Experience and knowledge, xviii. 287. Stewart, rev. J. II., Apostolic ('onsolation, xxi. 335; the Coming of the Lord, xxiii. 366. Sumner, bishop of Chester, Christ the Light, ii, 31; the Christian Church, X. 158; Ministerial Encouragement, xiii. 206. Sumner, bishop of Winchester, Power of the Gospel, v. 79; Religious Apathy, xxxii. 511. Taylor, bishop, Jeremy, Spiritual Discernment the Work of the

Holy Spirit, xx. 319; Impatience, xxiv. 383; Sickness, xxv. 395. Usher, archbishop, the Fathers of the Church, xvi. 253, Van Mildert, bishop of Durham, Religious Education, xii.

190. Venn, rev. II., the Liturgy, v. 78; Reading of the

Scriptures, vi. 94. Wheler. Sir G.. Religious Practice. iv. 63. White, rev. H..

Spiritual Pride, ix. 142. Wilson, bishop of Sodor and Man, llumility, vii. 110; Ministerial Success, xi. 175. Wilson,

CABINET (continued.)

bishop of Calcutta, Spiritual Life, xiii. 206; the Value of the Liturgy, xx. 319. Woodward, rev. Henry, Happiness and

Trials of the Christian, xii. 191. Canada, Missionary Exertions in, xx. 307. Canadian Church, Address on behalf of the (bishop of Quebec),

xxv. 396. Ceylon, Heathen Idolatry, xx. 317. Chase, bishop, Book of Common Prayer, xv. 227. Christian Love (bishop Jewel), vi. 92. Christianity, Truth of(Gurney), iii. 39. Christian's new Name (rev. J. W. Cunningham), ix. 140, Church Service: a Dialogue, xxi. 323. Church of England not Guilty of Heresy and Schism, (rev. C.

Girdlestone), vii. 102. Churches of Asia, No. I. Introduction. xvii. 269: No. Il. Ephe

sus, xviii. 284 ; No. III. Smyrna, xxiii. 355. Continent, State of Religion on the, x. 174.

Thomas, xxx. 477; No. V. Christmas Day, St. Stephen, xxxi. 492; No. VI. St. John the Evangelist, the Innocents, Sunday after Christmas, xxxii. 509. Liturgy, Address on the Devotional Use of the (Dodsworth),

xvii. 261. Lowliness of Mind (bishop Copleston), xxvi. 412. Luther, Death of (Scott's History), xxiv. 375. Martyrdom of a Greek (R. Wilson), viii. 125. Minister, the Christian (bishop Wilson), v. 76. Minister, the Duty of a Christian, ii. 19. Mysticism (Alex. Knox), xix. 291. MISCELLANEOUS EXTRACTS:Alexander, emperor of Russia (Pinkerton), ix. 144; Alphage,

abp. of Canterbury, xv. 240; Annunciation, Popish ceremonies at the Festival, xix. 304; Arabs, the (Sandys), xxiii. 368 ; Ararat, Mount (Morier), xviii. 288; Asses, (do.), xxvi. 416; Atheism, Folly of, xxix. 464. Babylon, (Sir R. K. Porter), xxix. 464; Barrington, bishop

(Townsend), xxvii. 432; Basil, St., iii. 48; Boulogne, Superstition (Rae Wilson), viii. 128; Burning, Spontaneous, xvii.


Dale's, rev. Thomas. Address on the Lord's Day. xviii. 275.
Damascus, (R. Wilson), xvii. 259.
Dead Sea, Description of (rev. T. H. Horne), iv. 55.
Discipline. Difficulty of, in a National Church (rew.C. W. Le Bas),

xv. 229.
Divine Illumination (bishop Taylor), i. 5.
Domestic Happiness (rev. B. Wood), xxvii. 430.
Drunkard, the, a Narrative, v. 74.

Education on the Continent, xxv. 388.
Essays on the following subjects:

The Christian Sabbath, No. I. ii. 17.
Ditto, No. II. xv. 225.
The Dealings of God with Nations, iii. 33.
The Temper in which the Ministry of the Gospel should be

received, iv. 49.
Mistakes on Christian Charity, v. 65.
Worldly Conformity, vi. 81.
Religion consistent with worldly Occupations, vii. 97.
The Two appointed Channels of Divine Grace, No. I. viii.

113. Ditto, No. II. x. 145. The Relative Value of every Member in the Christian Body,

ix. 129. Religious Liberalism, xi. 161. Harvest Thoughts, xii, 177. The Liturgy compared with Extempore Prayer, xiii. 193. The Knowledge of God, No. I. (by the rev. J. W. Brooks),

xiv. 209, Ditto, No. II., xvi. 241. The Mutual Recognition of Glorified Saints (by the rev. T.

Bissland, M.A.), xvi. 257. The Duty of communicating to the Dying a Knowledge of

their Situation, xviii. 273. The Missionary Spirit among Churchmen (by the rev. T.

England, M.A.), xix. 289. The Value of Articles of Faith, xx. 305. Brotherly Love Illustrated, xxi. 321. The Corruption of Heathen Systems made the Law of the

Gospel Necessary, xxii. 337. Sunday Newspapers (by the rev. John Ayre), xxii. 353. Protestant Privileges, xxiv. 369. The Fall of the Leaf, xxv. 385. The Importance of Authority in Instruction, xxvi. 401. The Divine Authority for a Liturgy (by the rev. H. G. Wat

kins), xxvii. 417. The Extension of the Establishment, xxviii. 433. The Excellence of the Liturgy (by the rev. H. G. Watkins),

xxix. 449. Duties of Godfathers and Godmothers, XXX. 465. The Importance of conscientiously discharging Ordinary Du

ties (by the rev. T. P. Wright, M.A.), xxxi. 481.
The Lapse of Time (by the rey. John Ayre), xxxii. 497.
Faith and Sight (bishop Hobart), xix. 294.
Family Prayer (archdeacon Hoare), xxvi. 402.
France, Religious Exertions in, i. 6.
French, Conversion of Mr. John, xvii. 263,

Card playing (Gilpin), xiv. 224; Chimney Sweeps Hodgkin),

vii. 96; Chinese Superstition, viii. 128; Church Service (rev. Abner Brown), F. 80; Churches in London (bishop of London), iv. 64; Cingalese Superstition, xii. 192; Columba, xxiii. 368; Conservatism (Osler), vii. 96; Contentment (Oxford

Herald), iv. 64; Cyprian, iv. 64. Death of Friends (Chrysostom), xii. 192; Dehon, bishop. xxviii.

448; Demagogue, the (Osler), xix. 304 ; Dogs in the East (Jowett), vii. 112; Drawing Water (Irby and Mangles), xxix.

464; Drunkenness, Effects of, xxi. 336. Early Rising, xiii. 208; Eastern Sheep (Hartley), vi. 96; Edu

cation and Crime (lord Abinger), x. 160; Egyptian Buryingplace, xxviii. 448; Endowments, Advantage of (rev.J. Ayre),

xvi. 256; Episcopal Munificence, v. 80. France, Religious Provision in (rev. J. Davies), xxix. 464. Ganges, the River, an object of worship (Ward), xvi. 256 ;

George the Third (Mrs. H. More), xxvii. 432; Gibbon, Death of (archdn, Hoare), xi. 176: Gilpin, rev. W., xvii. 272; Guilty

Conscience, iii. 48. Halley, Dr., ix. 144; Hand joining in Hand (Jowett), xxvi. 416; Heberden, Dr., xvi. 256; Henry the Eighth, Death of (Soames), xxi. 336; Hindoo Absurdity, xiii. 208; House of the Dead (Jowett), xxvii. 432; Howard at the Bastile, xiv. 224; ditto, Anecdote of, iii, 48; his Mode of Travelling, xii.

192. Indulgences (Rae Wilson), v. 80: Intoxication, Swedish Laws

against, ii. 32; Ireland, State of (Booker), vii. 112; Ireland

(Prayer-Book and Homily Society's Report), xxvi. 416. Jewish Customs, xvii. 272; Jewish Testimony to Protestant

ism, xviii. 288; John of Saxony (rev. J. Scott), xxxi. 496. Law (Skelton), i. 16; Latimer, bishop, vi. 96; ditto, in his Old

Age, xx. 320; Lavater, Tomb of (bishop of Calcutta), i. 16; Liturgy, the (J. Poynder, Esq.), xxiii. 368; Locusts (Morier), xxix. 461; Lollards, the, xii. 192; Luther, Anecdote of,

V. 80, Mental Fever (Thackrah), XXX. 480; Milton's Resignation,

xxii. 352; Ministerial Faithfulness, x. 160; Morocco Jew (Jowett). xvi. 256; Morton, bishop, (Walker), xxii. 352; Music (Grimshawe), ij. 32 Naples, Romish Superstition (Rae Wilson), vii. 112; New

foundland (archdn. Wix), ix. 144; Night Study (Newnham),

iv. 64. Oaths (rev. J. II. Stewart), xix. 304. Persecution (Young), iii. 48; Phosphorescence of the Sea (Hig

gins), iii. 48; Porteus, bishop, ii. 32; Protestant Consistency (Soames), xviii. 288; Providence (rev. W. Howels), xv.

240. Rachel's Grave (Sandys), X. 160 ; Rochelle, Siege of (Smedley).

x. 160; Romanism (Rae Wilson), iv. 61. Sailor's Bible, the, ix. 144; Selah (bishop Sandford), xxiii. 368;

Servants, Hints relative to (Standard), xx. 320; Sharp, abp. vii. 112; Shelley, Percy Bysshe, iii. 48; Sleep, Want of, vi. 96 ; Solitude and Society (Wolfe). ii. 32; Source of the Danube (bishop D. Wilson), vii. 112; Spirits, Ardent, (archdn. Wix), i. 16; Spirit Drinking, viii. 128; Swartz at Tanjore,

xxvi. 416; ditto, Character of (Heber), xxxii. 512. The Constitution (bishop Porteus), xxxii. 512: Traditions of the Zoolus (captain Gardiner), viii, 128; Turkish Power, Effects of (Hartley), xiii. 208; Turkish Burying-ground (Lau

rent), xiv. 224. Voluntaryism in America, xx. 320; Voluntary Principle (Osler),

xxiv, 384. Washing, Oriental practice of (Hartley), xiii. 208; Weaning of

Children, Feast at (Morier), xiv. 224; Wolfe, rev. C., i. 16;

ditto, xv. 240; Workhouses (Osler), xxi. 336. Xavier, Francis, xxiv. 384.

Glover's Farewell Letter, xxii. 344. Greek Church (rev. W. Jowett), vi, 85.

Harris's (hon. and rev. Musgrave) Farewell Address to the Con

gregation of Southborough Church, xxiv. 379. Hooper's (bishop). Farewell Letter, xxiv, 382. Holy Spirit, Influences of (Rev. J. Davies), v. 71.

New Zealand, Sabbath in (rev. W. Yate), vi. 92.

Iceland, a Glance at, No. I. vii. 81: No. II. ix. 131.
Indian Wigwam, Visits to an, xvi. 253.
Innkeeper, the Religious, xiii. 204.
Intemperance, iv. 55.
Irish Language, xxx. 467.
Isle of Wight, No. I., viii. 119; No. 11. 1. 155.
Jerusalem, Miracle of the Holy Fire, xii. 179.
Justification by Faith (archbishop Cranmer), iv. 54.

PASSING THOUGHTS, by Charlotte Elizabeth:-
No. I. The Covert, i, 4.

II. The Snare, ii. 20.
III. What ought I to do? iv. 53.
IV. The Captive, v. 70.

V. The Branch, vi. 85.
VI. The Dog, vii. 101.
VII. The White Plumes, v
VIII, Loyalty, ix. 132.

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No. IX. The Hour-glass, xiii. 205.

X. The Love of Money, xv. 230.
XI. Bowing at the Name of Jesus, xviii. 276.
XII. The Needle, xxii. 341.
XIII. The Gipsy, xxiv. 380.

XIV. The Balloon, xxxi. 494.
Pastoral-Aid Society, ix. 135; ditto, xvi. 243.
Pastoral Character of the Church (rev. W. Gresley), xxviii. 445.
Piety, the pleasure and Profit of (Barrow), xvi. 244.
Plagues of Egypt (Townsend), xxviii. 437.
Advent (rev. J. East), xxvii. 431; Second Sunday (K. T.),

xxviii. 447; Third Sunday (ditto), xxix. 463; Fourth Sunday (rev. J. East), xxx. 480. African Mother (Mrs. Sigourney), ii. 31. Anchor of Hope, the (rev. T. Grinfield), xxvi. 415. Autumn (Keble), xxvi. 415. Baptismal Birth-day (Coleridge), xii. 191. Beauty of the Sanctuary (Grinfield), xxvii. 431. Be not Faithless (Anon.), xxv. 400. Brevity of Life (Francis Quarles), xxii, 352. Child, on the Death of his (Legh Richmond), . 256. Children of Light (Barton), ix. 143. Christian Life, a race (Montgomery), vii. 111. Church, Hymn for the Opening of a new (Howorth), xi. 176. Communion of Saints (Edmeston), xv. 239. Death of an Infant, Lines on (Anon.), xvii. 272. Divine Adoption (Mad. Guion), vi. 95. Drop of Dew (Marvell), xii. 191. Early Instruction (Edmeston), xviii. 287. Ecclesiastical Sketches (Wordsworth), Nos. I. and II. x. 159:

Nos. III. and IV., xi. 175; Nos. V. and VI., xiii. 207;

Xos. VII. and VIII., xü. 255. Evening Hymn (Anon.), vii. 111; Ditto (H. E.), xiv. 223. Evening Song for the Sabbath-day (Montgomery), iii. 47. Gratitude to God (Mad. Guion), vi. 95. Holy Scriptures (Herbert), iv. 63. Home, thy (rev. R. W. Evans), xiii. 207. Hour of Prayer (C. E.), xxiii. 367. Hymns (by a Person who had lost his Sight), xix. 303. Hymn written at the Holy Sepulchre (G. Sandys), xxiv. 384. Lile (bishop King), xxiii. 368. . Lines (by a Clergyman), ii. 47. Lines on the Martyrdom of Rowland Taylor, xxxii. 512. Love to God (rev. J. Hartley), xii. 191. Marigold, the (George Wither), xviii. 287. Mary's Grave (rev. H. F. Lyte), xxxii. 512. Morning Hymn for a Child (Pearson), xxv. 399. Nativity, the (rev. T. Dale), xxx. 496; Ditto (a Layman), xxxi.

495. Penitential Hymn (bishop King), xxi. 337. Pilgrim's Song (rev. H. F. Lyte), xxv. 399. Pool of Bethesda (Barton), xix. 304. Poor Man's Deathbed (Miss Bowles), viii. 127. Praise (Edmeston), iv. 63. Prayer (C. E. M.), xvii. 271. Psalm, Twenty-third (Herbert), xv. 239. Public Worship (Herbert), xxix. 463. Return unto me (rev. H. F. Lyte). xxviii. 448. Rose, Lines on a (by a Young Man), i. 16. Sabbath Morning (Edmeston), v. 80. Saint Thomas's Incredulity (rev. T. Dale), xxx. 480. Serving God (Herbert), vii. ill, Sin (Herbert), xiii. 207. Sleepers, the (Miss Browne), v. 79. Stanzas (Christian Lady's Magazine), xxiii. 367. Sunday (Herbert), x. 159. Sunday School (Anon.), xxiv. 384. The Invitation (Christian Lady's Magazine), xxi. 336. There is a Thought (W. S. M.), xiv. 223. The Tempted Saviour (Edmeston), viii. 127. " Thy will be done" (C. E.), xxiv. 383. To one deprived of Hearing at Church (Hours of Sorrow),

xxviii. 448.
Union with Christ (Christian Lady's Magazine), xxii. 351.
Unseen World, the (rev. C. Neale), ix. 143.
Waterloo Bridge (rev. S. C. Wilks), iv. 63.
When shall we meet again? (Miss Bowles), xiii. 207.
Wings (T. K. Hervey), ix. 143.
Winter Rose (Charlotte Elizabeth), xvii. 271.
Porteus, bishop, and the Observance of the Lord's Day (Life of

H. More), v. 77.
Prayer-Book, History of, xiii. 195; concluded, xiy. 213.
Prayer-Book and Bishop Chase, xv. 227.
Primitive Christianity (bishop Wilson), xv. 232.
Progress of Religion in the Heart (Simeon), xx. 311.
Providence (Account of Thomas Hownham), xvii. 268.


Abercrombie's Address, i. 13.
Anderson's Discourses on the Communion Service, S. 3.
Ayre's Lectures on Advent, S. 2.
Bartholomew's Sermon at Hampstead, vi. 94.
Beaver's Readings from the Old Testament, viii. 125,
Biddulph's Young Churchman Armed, S. 2.
Biddulph's Sermon ; Conversion, not Miracle, the Test of Divine

Influence, S. 3.
Bissland's Preaching of the Cross, iv. 61.
Bradley's Series of Practical Sermons, S. 2.
Brown's Notices of Abner and David Brown, ii. 29.
Chalmers on Church Extension, v. 77.
Collins's Statistics of Glasgow, S. 2.
Conybeare's Theological Lectures, vi. 94.
Crabbe's Address to the Irvingites, s. 1.
Dalby's Lectures on the Life of Samuel, iv. 60.
Dale's Sermons at Cambridge, viii. 125.
Deserter, by Charlotte Elizabeth, ix. 141.
Dodsworth's Sermon on Church Building, ii. 28.
Eden's Sermons on the Unity of the Church, iii. 44.
Edwards'& Works, iii. 45.
Evans's Consecration Sermon, S. 3.
Fowle's Plain Sermons at Salisbury, S. 4.
Goode on the Extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit, S. 3.
Gresley's Sermons, S. 2.
Griflith's Christian Loyalty, S. 4.
Grinfield's Sacred Songs, S. 1.
Hancock's Sermon on the Death of Lieut.-Col. Stewart, S. 1.
Harvey's Sermon on the Lord's Day, xiii. 205.
Higgins's Churchman's Plain Appeal, s. 3.
Hoare's Letter to Buxton, S. 1.
Irons Dissertation on the Doctrine of Final Causes, S. 4.
Jerram on Secession from the Church, i. 14.
Jowett's Christian Visitor, iii. 45.
Le Bas's Consecration Sermon, S. 3.
Letter on the National Schools in Ireland, v. 78.
M'Caul's Sermons on the Christian Ministry, ii. 30.
M'Ilvaine's (bp.) Missionary Character of the Church, xiii. 205.
Mammon, S. 1.
Noel on the Spiritual Claims of the Metropolis, vi. 93.
O'Croly on the Churches of England and Rome, iii. 44.
Oke's Poems; the Atonement, &c., S. 3.
Page's Ireland and its Evils, vii. 109.
Pearson's Sermon on the Death of Mrs. Mortimer, S. 4.
Phillips' Sermon, the Christian Minister, S. 3.
Pictorial Bible, v. 78.
Poole's Sermons on Association, S. 3.
Riddle's First Sundays at Church, S. 2.
Robinson's What is Popcry! S. 3.
Short Exposition of the Burial Service, S. 3.
Terrot's Claims of the Scottish Episcopalians, S. 2.
Testimony of the Reformers, edited by Bickersteth, v. 78.
Tracts for the Times, s. 1.
Tyng's Memoir of Bedell, vi. 93.
Wesley's Natural Philosophy, by Mudie, S. 3.
White's Discourses. What is Truth? S. 4.
Wix's Newfoundland Journal, S. 2.

Yate's Account of New Zealand, iv. 61. Richmond's (Rev. Legh), Rules for acquiring readiness in Public

Speaking, ix. 136. Sabbath at Boulogne (Sherwood), ii. 22. Sacred Song (Rev. T. Grinfield), xxvi. 407. Scriptures proved to be the Word of God (Hales), xxxii. 499. Scriptures in Spain, xix. 290. Simeon's Address to the Undergraduates at Cambridge, xxxi. 483. Sunday Scholar, the, No. I., i. 5; No. II., viii. 118; No. III.,

xxiv. 371. Supernatural Agency in the Material World (Sharon Turner),

xii. 188. Swartz's Farewell Letter, xii. 190. SERMONS: Anderson, rev. Robert (Brighton), the Performance of the

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Good Shepherd and his Sheep, ix. 137. Biddulph, rev. Thomas T. (Bristol), Jehovah our Righteous

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Little Sins, xiii. 200. Girdlestone, rev. Charles (Sedgeley, Stafford), the Christian's

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tion and Devotedness, xxi. 328. Griffith, rev. Thomas (Homerton), the Spirit of Prayer, iv. 56.

• s. 1, 2, 3, 4, refer to the Supplementary sheets of Reviews, which follow No, xxxii.

Recollections of a Country Pastor :-
Xo. I. James Robb, xi. 172.

II. The Infidel, First Visit, xiii. 211.
III. Ditto, Second Visit, xv. 228.
IV. Rose H-, xix. 301.

V. Bob Smith, xxii. 339.

VI. Brown Gubbens, xxvi. 413. Revealed Truth, Importance of (bp. Stillingfleet), xviii. 277. Rotish Imposition, xxii. 348.


| SERMONS-(continued.)
Grinfield, rev. Thomas (Bristol), the Meeting of the Saints in Nicholls, rev. B. E. (Walthamstow), Mocking at Sin, xvi. 249.
Heaven, xxvii. 424.

Pearson, rev. J. N. (Islington), Christian Stedfastness, iii. 40.
llambleton, rev. John (Islington), the Conversion of St. Mat Sale, rev. Thomas (Southgate), Christ having the Words of
thew, vii. 104.

Eternal Life, xxix. 456.
Hancock, rev. William (Kilburn), the Weaned Child, v. 72. Sandys, rev. John (Islington), the necessity of Union to Christ,
Hankinson, rev. T. E. (Camberwell), the Star of Bethlehem, XXV. 392.
xxxi. 488.

Stewart, rev. J. H. (Liverpool), the Christian's Hope in the
Harvey, rev. Richard (Hornsey), Christ Sighing over Men's Death of Infants, xxxii. 504.
Obduracy of Heart, vi. 89.

Wilson, rev. Daniel (Islington), Man's Objections to receive the
Hoare, ven. C. J., archdeacon of Winchester, Continuance in Gospel of Christ, xxii. 344.
the Faith, xxviii. 140.

Wright, rev. T. P. (Hackney), the Danger of falling short of
Horne, rev. T. H. (St. Edmund's and St. Nicholas, London), the Heavenly Rest, XX. 313.

the Festival of the Nativity, xxx. 472.
Maddock, rev. Samuel (Bishops Sutton, Hants), the Encourage Tindal's New Testament, xvii. 200.

ments and Consolations of the Ministerial Office, xv. 233.
Melvill, rev. Henry (Camberwell), the Anchor of the Soul, Unbelief, the Inconsistency of, i. 7.

xxiii. 360.
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xvii. 264.
Marslı, rev. E. G. (Hampstead), Brotherly Love, xi. 168. | White, Bishop, Last Days of, xxv. 386.

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