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et seq.

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM, Member of Earliest Davis, Mr. Bacon's Letter to, 98.
Shakespeare Society, 24.

Dickens, Charles, Compared to Shake-
Chester, Robert, His Love's Martyr, 121.

speare in Early Career, 92.
Chicago, Project of Memorial Theatre at, Member of Earliest Shakespeare So-

ciety, 24.
Statue of Shakespeare at, 246.

Dilke, Sir Charles, Member of the First
Evening Journal, Editorial on Shake-

Shakespeare Society, 24.

Dog, The, Well Treated in Shakespeare, 26.
Christian,” The Characters of a, 161. Dowdall, William, The Traditions Fre-
Not by Bacon, 162.

served by, 19.
Cipher," Baconian, Comments on Mr. Dram of Eale," 216.
Waites', 168, 169.

Dryden, John, Spelled his Name Driden,
Claudius, Was he King of Denmark ? 255.

Clopton, Names of, Connected with New Dull, Analysis of Character of, 78.

Dumain, Analysis of Character of, 83.
Agnes, 158.

Dyce, Rev. Alexander, Member of Ear-
Barbara, 158.

liest Shakespeare Society, 24, 25.
Baron Carew of, 160.

Editors, Shakespeare's American (see
Edward, 158:

Hugh, Kt., 154.

Elze, Dr. Karl, Halliwell-Phillipps's Let-
William, 154.

ter to, 15
Rose, 154.

Text of, 17.
Sir John, 158.

Enclosing of Welcombe (see Welcombe).
Coke, Bacon, and the Capias Ultegatum, English Justice and a Jew's Wrongs, 139

Collier, J. Payne, Member of Earliest Errors, Baconian Comedy of, 92, 161.
Shakespeare Society, 24.

Essex, Use of the Episode of, by the Ba-
Colloquialisms, in the 2 Henry IV., 135.

conians, 95.
Combes, John A., Undertakes Enclosing FALSTAFF, Curious Evidence of Popular-
of Welcombe, 106.

ity of Character of, 135.
Comedy of Errors, Was it the Same as Fastolf, Sir John, Falstaff not a Carica-
Twelfth Night? 29.

ture of, 137, 138.
Compositors, Trade Law in favor of, Field, Dr. B. Rush, Portrait of, 186.

Biographical Sketch of, 186.
Contention of York and Lancaster, Præ- Fleming, Wm. Hansell, Portrait of, 187.
torious Edition of, 127.

Biographical Sketch of, 184.
Cooke, the Clarencieux King at Arms, 50. On the Second Part of the Henry IV.,
Sir William, Married Daughter of Sir

Thomas Lucy, 51.

Flower, Charles E., Letter from, as to
Cousin of Bacon and Son-in-Law of

Stratford “ Restorations," 232.
Sir Thomas Lucy, 108.

Florio, His Translation of Montaigne,
Cope, Sir Walter, Fac-simile of His

167, 168.
Letter to Viscount Cranbourne, to Forman, Dr. S., Replica of His Entry
face p. 67.

Touching Cymbeline, 29.
Corney, Bolton, Member of Earliest Forster, John, Member of Earliest Shake-
Shakespeare Society, 24.

speare Society, 24.
Costard, Analysis of Character of, 86. Fox, His Book of Martyrs, Shakespeare's
Cotswold Hills, Reference to, in the Plays,

Use of, 102-104.

French Lord, The, in Love's Labor's Lost,
Country Folk, Shakespeare's Delinea-

tion of, 69.

Furness, Dr. H. H., Collections of Inter-
Crab Tree, Anecdote, Probable Authen-

pretations of “. Run-awayes Eyes."
ticity of, 19.

Furnivall, F. J., Halliwell-Phillipps's
Cranbourne, Viscount, Fac-simile of Sir

Opinion of, 8.
Walter Cope's Letter to, to face p. Attacks Halliwell-Phillipps, 127,

GAMEKEEPER, The, in Love's Labor's Lost,
DALL, Mrs. Caroline Healey, Her Notes

on Mrs. Stopes, 105.

Gastrel, Rev. Francis, Buys New Place,
Her Opinion of Browning, 235.

Reviews Mrs. Stopes' Book, 48.

Cuts down Mulberry Tree, 159.
On Possibilities in Shakespearian Re- Stratford People Break His Windows,
search, 179.



Gastrel, Pulls Down New Place, Stone by

Stone, 159.
His Will, 159.

His Wife a Friend of Dr. Jonson, 159.
Gloucestershire, References to, in the

Plays, 160.
Green's Diary, As to Enclosing of Wel-

combe, 107.
Grey's Inn, The Revels at, Baconians'

Use of, 108.
Grimmitt, Richard, His Description of

New Place, 152.

Fac-simile of, 152.
Griffiths, Dr. L. M., His Evenings with

Shakespeare, 126.
HALLAM, HENRY, Member of Earliest

Shakespeare Society, 24.
Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O., Purchases New

Place for the English Nation, 160.
Bore Strong Facial Resemblance to

Gen. R. E. Lee, 30.
Portrait of, to face page 1.
Some Reminiscences of, 1.
Letter to Dr. Elze, 17.
Letter Concerning the First Shake-

speare Society, 24.
His Bequest to the New York Shake-

speare Society, 27.
His Collection of “Shakespeare

Rarities," 34.
Mr. William Rendle's Memorials of,

Indirectly Responsible for Founding

of First Browning Society, 62.
Brutally Attacked by Furnivall, 63,
Miss Strickland's Anecdote of, 1.
Earliest Literary Contributions of, 1.
His Early Struggles with Poverty, 1.
Bids “ Farewell to Literature,” 4.
His Abounding Hospitality and Good-

Will, 4.
Schedule of Collections Desired by, 5.
Parallel Circumstances in Life of, and

Shakespeare, 6.
His Account of the “ Stratford Dis-

agreeables," 8.
Remark of, Concerning the Furnivall

Episode, 8.
Last Hours and Death of, 8.
Funeral of, 9.
View of His Library and Empty

Chair, u.
Miss Reynolds's Reminiscences of, 12.
Methodical Methods of, 14.
Last Manuscript of, 15.
His Habits of Composition and Pre-

paration for Press, 15-45.
His “ Privately Printed " Books, 15.
His Last Will and Testament, 31.
Specimens of His Familiar Corres-

pondence, 39.

Halliwell-Phillipps, His Warning as to

Stratford Restorations, 40.
Mr. Timmins' Reminiscences of, 45.
His Folio Edition of the Plays, 45.
His Marvellous Width of Reading,

HANLEY CASTLE, Historical Novel, by

W. S. Symonds, 124.
Harman, Horace P., His Opinion of

Browning, 238.
Harrigan, Edward, Nearer Shakespeare

than is Browning, 242.
Hart Family, No Further Discoveries as

to, Probable, 180.
Hathaway, Thomas, Descendants of, Un-

traceable, 180.
Hayward, His History of Henry IV., 169.
Henry IV., Part Second, Wm. H. Flem-

ing on, 131.
The Second Part, When Written, 131.
Comparison of Early Editions of, 134,

Henry V. Was Not Son of Duke of Mon-

mouth, 169.
Henry V., Publication of Contingent on

Success of Henry IV.,
Henry VIII., Use of the Play by the

Baconians, fol.
" History," The, Shakespeare's Improve-

ment Upon, 131.
Hollingbury Copse, Description of, 5.

An Afternoon at, 12.
Picture of Exterior of, ul.

The Empty Chair at, 11.
Harness, Rev. William, Member of the

First Shakespeare Society, 24.
Holofernes, Analysis of Character of, 85.
Home Life, Shakespeare's Delineation of,

Hudson, Dr. Henry Norman, Sketch of,

Portrait of, 249.
Hart, Charles Henry, Connected With

Title to New Place, 159.
William, Connected with Title to New

Place, 159.
IRELAND, SAMUEL, a Notorious Fabri-

cator, 19.
JACKSON, WILLIAM, Associated with

Shakespeare in Purchase of Black-

friars Property, 109.
Jahrbuch der Deutschen Shakespeare

Gesellschaft, XXIV., 189.
Jaquenetta, Delineation of Character of,

Jerrold, Douglass, Member of Earliest

Shakespeare Society, 24.
Jew (see English Justice and a Jew's

Wrongs, Shylock, Audience, etc.).
Jewish Character, Analysis of the, 144.
Jewish Colony in England, None Until

Time of Oliver Cromwell, 140.

127, 128.

Johnson, William, Associated with Shake-

speare in Purchase of Blackfriars

Property, 109.
Jonson, Ben, Pleaded Benefit of Clergy,

Joy, Mr. Benjamin, Purchases an Alleged

Portrait of Shakespeare, tio.
Justice (see English Justice and a Jew's

KATHERINE, Analysis of Character of,

Knight, Charles, Member of First Shake-

speare Society, 24.
Knight, Joseph, Co-Editor of The Henry

Irving Shakespeare, 33.
LAMBERT, His Connection with Shake-

speare and Lucy, 51.
Lawrence, L. L., Was Shakespeare an

Educated Man ? 53.
On New Place and Gastrell, 151.
Bacon, Coke, and the Capias Utle-

gatum, 207.
Lawrence, Mr. D. S , Letter as to Vandal-

ism at Stratford, 44.
Lenox Library, Editions of the 2 Henry

IV. there Collected, 132.
Letters, Shakespeare's, Where Are They ?

93, 94.
Longaville, Analysis of Character of, 82.
Lorenzo, Analysis of Character of, 143.
Love's Labor's Lost, Purpose of the Play,

Analysis of, 68, et seq.
Fac-simile of 1598 Title-Page of, to

face p. 67.
Dr. Price's Analysis of, 67.
Luces, Arms of the Lucy Family, “ The

Dozen,” 51.
Lucy, Sir Thomas, of Charlecotte, Leaves

Second Best ” Horse to his Son,

His Quarrel with Shakespeare, 51.
Luddington, Village near Stratford-on-

Avon, 126.
Lyly, John, Parallelisms between, and

Shakespeare, 118.

ber of Earliest Shakespeare So-

ciety, 24, 25,
Mannyring, Acts with Shakespeare as to

Enclosure of Welcombe, 106.
Maria, Analysis of Character of, 79.
Marlowe, Miss Burt thinks Browning is a,

Marshall, Frank A., Death of, 33.
Milman, Rev. H. H., Member of Earliest

Shakespeare Society, 24.
Mercade, Delineation of Character of, 77.
Montaigne, Use Made of His Essays by

the Baconians, 166, 167.
Monument, The, Was it Erected by

Shakespeare's Fellow-Actors ? 52.

Morgan, Appleton, Opinion of " Parallel-

isms," 114, 121.
On Society and Fad, 233.
Portrait of, 181.
Biographical Sketch of, 186.
As to Alleged Signatures of Rosen-

crantz and Guildenstern, 191.
Review of Origin of Character of

Falstaff, 138.
His Reminiscences of Halliwell-Phil-

lipps, 15.
Motive in Writing The Shakespearian

Myth, 187.
Points Out Two Perfect Parallelisms

between Shakespeare and Bacon,
Morris, Ballersbee, Connected with Title

to New Place, 159.
Mortgage Deeds, Shakespeare's Signa-

ture Attached to, 57.
Moth, Analysis of Character of, 84.
Myth, The Shakespearian, Appleton Mor-

gan's Motive in Writing, 187.
NASH, EDWARD, Connected with Title to

New Place, 156.
Elizabeth, Connected with Title to

New Place, 156.
Thomas, Connected with Title to

New Place, 156.
Nathaniel, Analysis of Character of, 8o.
New Place, Shakespeare Rebuilds, 153.
Abstract of Title of, from 1496 to

1861, 151-160.
View of Rear of, 154.
Its Ruinous Condition in 1553, 153.
Grimmitt's Description of, in 1767,

View of, to face p. 131.
Shakespeare's Purchase of, 109.
Remains of a Type of Shakespearian

History, 151.
Nevin, William A., Portrait of. 183.

Biographical Sketch of, 184.
New York Shakespearian Society and Its

Officers, 181.
Novel, The English, in Shakespeare's

Time, 259
Nugent, Lord, His Assertion as to the

Dog in Shakespeare, 26.
OBSCURITIES in Shakespeare Not Trace-

able to Shakespeare Himself, 64.
Ocean, the, Shakespeare's Attention to,

Officers of New York Shakespeare So-

ciety (see New York Shakespeare

Oldcastle, Sir John, Falstaff Not a Cari-

cature of, 136, 137.
Origin of the Shakespeare Society of

New York, 181.

-Motto of, 188.
Orthography of Shakespeare's Name, 93,


nians, 95:

of, 71.

Outlines of Life of Shakespeare, Succes- Reynolds, Miss Rose E., Her Account of
sive Editions of, How Prepared, 16.

Visit to Hollingbury Copse, 12.
PARALLELISM? What is a, 115.

Reynolds, William, Comments on " Run-
The Baconian Idea of, 115.

awayes Eyes," 171.
Assumed Between Shakespeare and Richard II., Use of Play by the Baco-

Browning, 119.
Parallelisins, Morgan Mentions Two, be- Richard III., Use of the Play by the
tween Shakespeare and Bacon,

Baconians, 1oo.

Roberts, James, Uses Head- and Tail-
Parthenon, The, First Magazine to which

Pieces of the Threnos, 121.
J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps Contri- Rolfe, Dr. W. J., As to Vandalism, 227,
buted, 1.

Partridge, William Ordway, His Statue of On the Partridge Statue, 247.
Shakespeare, 246.

Opinion as to the Stratford Restora-
Peers, House of, Majority of, Cannot

tions," 227-231.
Show as Good Blood as Shake- Rosaline, Analysis of Character of, 89.
speare, 49.

Rose, Sir George, Member of Earliest
Phillipps, J. O. Halliwell- (see Halliwell- Shakespeare Society, 24.
Phillipps, J. O.).

Rose Seems to have been Shakespeare's
Phenix and Turtle, The, Fac simile of

Favorite Flower, 73.
1601 Title-pages of, 120.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Supposed
Description of, 121.

Autographs of, 191.
Pigeons, Shakespeare Treats Them Kind- • Run-awayes Eyes," Discussion of Com-
ly, 71.

mentators Upon the Crux, 171.
Planche, J. R., Member of Earliest Shake- SECOND BEST BED, Some Notes as to
speare Society, 24, 25.

Second Best Beds in General, 19.
Plant Life, Shakespeare's Delineations Seyton, Edward, Connected with Title to

New Place, 159.
Polonius, Analysis of Character of, 112. Shakespeare, William, Domestic Rela-
Shakespeare's Purpose in Drawing,

tions of, 18.

Is Browning Driving, Out ? 233.
Portia, Analysis of Character of, 143.

Was Not Indifferent to His Own
Her Law, 143.

Fame, 105.
Portrait (see Zucchero Portrait).

Prints His Poems with Unusual Care,
Possibilities Yet Remaining in Shake-

spearian Research, 179.

Was a Brewer, 106.
Price, Dr. Thomas Randolph, Portrait Was He an Educated Man ? 53.
of, 182.

And His Wife, Evidence of Estrange-
Biographical Sketch of, 182.

ment between, 18.
Analysis of Love's Labor's Lost, 67. Born into One of the Best Warwick-
Analysis of A Winter's Tale, 195.

shire Families, 48.
Prince of Porpoole, Why the Play was Had Nothing to Do with His Father's
Written by Bacon, 108.

Application for the Coat of Arms,
Princess of Navarre, The, in Love's
Labor's Lost, 77.

His Quarrel with Sir Thomas Lucy,
Printers, Trade Law in Favor of, 133.

QUEEN HENRIETTA MARIA Entertained No Proof that He Ever Used the Coat
at New Place in 1643, 153.

of Arms, 51.
Quincy, Judith, Connected with Title to Could He Write His Name? 54, 55.
New Place, 156.

Six Signatures of, 56, 57.
RARITIES," The Shakespeare, Des- His Wife Not Mentally Afflicted, 17.
cribed, 34-37

Shakespeare Society, The New York,
Rendle, William, His Reminiscences of

Legatee of J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps,
and Correspondence with Halli-

well-Phillipps, 38, 39.

Proceedings of, 121.
Replingham, Agent of Combes in En- The First, Mr. Halliweil-Phillipps'
closing Welcombe, 106.

Description of, 24.
Restoration," The So-Called, of Stratford In the Spirit World, 254.

Church, 41, 225 (see Vandalism). Shylock, Analysis of Character ot, 143,
“Restorations" at Stratford-on-Avon, 225.

145, 146, et seq.
Reynolds, James Ewell, Portrait of, 183. Signatures of the Shakespeare Family
Biographical Sketch of, 181.

and Friends, 58.


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Silsby, Mrs. M. R., Her Opinion of Brown- VENUS AND ADONIS, Did Shakespeare
ing, 239

Supervise Its Publication ? 237.
Singleton, John, Project of Memorial Verity, Wilson, Co-Editor of The Henry

Irving Shakespeare, 33.
Smith, Miss, Connected with Title to New Vicars, Stratford-upon-Avon Unfortunate
Place, 159.

in Its, 151 (see Vandalism).
Smith, William Henry, His Argument as WAITES, ALFRED, The Baconian Comedy
to Shakespeare's Sign Manual, 56.

of Errors, 92, 161.
Socrates," How Name was Substituted Walker, Edward, Kt., Connected with
for Sophocles, 52.

Title to New Place, 159.
Spirit World, Shakespeare in the, 254. Walker, Minstrell, Sells the Blackfriars
St. Albans, Reference to, in the Plays, 165. Property to Shakespeare, 109.
Stereotyping Illegal“ in Shakespeare's Walter, James, His Shakespeare's True
Time, 133,

Life, 126.
Stopes, Mrs. Charlotte, Mrs. Dall's Com- Ward, Dominie, His Extravagant Esti-
ments Upon Her Work, 49, 105.

mate of Shakespeare's Expendi-
Stratford-upon-Avon,“ Vandalism" at, 41,

ture, 153

Warwickshire, Shakespeare Did Not Ig-
Contemporary Sketch of, in 1715,227. nore it, 162–165.
in 1740, to face 195.

Waters, Robert, His Opinion of Brown-
in 1746, 228.

ing, 240.
in 1806, 230.

Welcombe, The Enclosing of, Shake-
“Stratford Disagreeables," The, 8.

speare's Relation to, 106.
Strickland, Miss Agnes, Relates Anecdote Whateley, Agnes, or Agnes Hathaway ?
of Mr. Halliwell-Phillipps, I.

Symonds, Arthur, Co-Editor of The Henry Wife, Shakespeare's, Suffered from
Irving Shakespeare, 33.

Chronic Infirmity, 18.
TALBOT, HENRY, Connected with Title to A Help to Her Husband ? 105.
New Place, 158.

Wight, John A., His Analysis of Polonius.
Talfourd, Sargeant, Member of Earliest
Shakespeare Society, 24.

Wigston, W. F. C., Discovery as to
Thomas, Charles H., on English Justice Bacon, 207.
and a Jew's Wrongs, 139.

Will, Last, and Testament of J. O. Halli-
Threnos, Fac-simile of 1601 Edition of,

well-Phillipps, 31.

Wilson, W. V. S., Discusses the “Dram
Timmins, Sam, Letter from, as to the

of Eale," 216.
“Restorations," 43, 229.

Winter's Tale, Dr. Price's Analysis of,
Recollections of J. O. Halliwell-

Phillipps, 45.

Winter, William, Letters from, as to the
Tomlins, F. G., Member of Earliest

" Restorations," 42, 227.
Shakespeare Society, 24.

Wootton Wawen, Mr. Walter's Refer-
Town Clerk of Stratford-on-Avon Goes to

ence to, 126.
London to See Shakespeare, Wright, Thomas, Member of Earliest
Townsmen, Fellow, of Shakespeare, Sign

Shakespeare Society, 24.
Manuals of, 54, 55.

Wurtemburg, Frederick of, Embassy to
Traditions, Old, of Shakespeare, Not to

England of, 28.
be Lightly Rejected, 20.

York, The Royal Palace at, References
Tree Life, Shakespeare's Delineations of,

to, in the Plays, 165.

York Place, Bacon Not Born There, 166.
Twelfth Night, Was it the Same as Com- Bacon's Father Never Lived There,
edy of Errors ? 29.

UNDERHILL, WILLIAM, Connected with Young, Charles, Member of Earliest
Title to New Place, 155.

Shakespeare Society, 24.
Uxor Richard James Buried Same Day ZUCCHERO PORTRAIT, the, Notes as to,
as Shakespeare's Widow, 59.



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