The New Monthly Belle Assemblée, Том 18

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Joseph Rogerson

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Страница 111 - We were, fair queen, Two lads that thought there was no more behind, But such a day to-morrow as to-day, And to be boy eternal. Her. Was not my lord the verier wag o' the two ? Pol. We were as twinn'd lambs that did frisk i' the sun And bleat the one at the other.
Страница 155 - There, at the foot of yonder nodding beech, That wreathes its old fantastic roots so high, His listless length at noontide would he stretch, And pore upon the brook that babbles by.
Страница 116 - Lasacque rapidly improved.—more rapidly, no doubt, than she ever could have done by control less rigid and Inevitable. Her father, by the advice of the matron, was not informed of her location for a year, and at the end of that time he came on, accompanied by his friend, Mr. Dauchy. He found his daughter sufficiently improved in health, manners, and beauty, to be quite satisfied with Jem's discharge of his trust, and we all dined very pleasantly in " No. 2.;" Miss Lasacque declining, with a blush,...
Страница 116 - Uncomfortable as was this state of suspense, and anxious as we were to fall into the track marked " virtuous," if virtue would only permit ; public opinion seemed to think we were enjoying ourselves quite too prosperously. On the morning of the seventh day of our guardianship, I had two calls after breakfast, one from poor Gallagher, who reported that he had been threatened with a prosecution of his establishment as a nuisance, and another from poorer Jem, whose father had threatened to take the...
Страница 322 - Beckoning the wretch to torments new, Despair, for ever in his view, A spectre pale, appear'd; While, as the shades of eve arose, And brought the day's unwelcome close, More horrible and huge her giant-shape she rear'd. " Is this," mistaken Scorn will cry, " Is this the youth whose genius high " Could build the genuine rhyme?
Страница 113 - ... spinster bit her lips and looked out of the window. " Will you walk down stairs for a moment, gentlemen," she resumed, " and let me speak to my sister ? I should have told you that the rooms might possibly be engaged. I am not quite sure — indeed — ehem •— pray walk down and be seated a moment! " Very much to the vexation of my discomfited friend, I burst into a laugh as we closed the door of the basement parlour behind us. " You don't realise my confoundedly awkward position,
Страница 298 - In fact, I conceive it to be not impossible that within this secluded region may exist at this day, unknown to white men, a living aboriginal city, occupied by relics of the ancient race, who still worship in the temples of their fathers.
Страница 112 - Madeira," — his game, turtle, and all the forth-comings of the best restaurant of our epoch, were served lovingly and charged moderately. Peace be with the ashes of William Gallagher ! " The brains" have fructified and
Страница 112 - Lasacque having no friends in the north, had applied to Mr. Dauchy for his guidance in the selection of a proper person to superintend her education, and as Thalimer was the only correspondent with whom Mr. Dauchy^ had relations of friendship, and was, moreover, " fitted admirably for the trust by his impressive and dignified address," (?) he had " taken the liberty,
Страница 292 - how exactly my own experience confirmed the truth of this observation." Miss Selwyn took the book and read aloud, "It is possible that our repugnance to cold and hard minds is a sublime sort of instinct — an instinct which apprizes us that such beings, even when their conduct is estimable, act mechanically or by calculation, and that it is impossible that a*y true sympathy can exist between us and them.