Trial of Lieutenant General John Whitelocke, Commander in Chief of the Expedition Against Buenos Ayres: By Court-martial, Held in Chelsea College, on Thursday, the 28th January, 1808, and Succeeding Days

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Samuel Tipper, 1808 - 226 страници

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Страница 11 - And the right honourable the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury, and the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, are to give the necessary directions herein, as to them may respectively appertain....
Страница 5 - The town was thus nearly invested, and this disposition of the Army, and the circumstances of the town and suburbs being divided into squares of one hundred and forty yards each side, together with the knowledge that the Enemy meant to occupy the flat roofs of the houses, gave rise to the following plan of attack.
Страница 2 - Majesty's arms, contrary to his duty as an officer, prejudicial to good order and military discipline, and contrary to the articles of war.
Страница 8 - After some fatiguing marches through a country much intersected by swamps and deep muddy rivulets, the army reached Reduction, a village about nine miles distant from the bridge over the Rio Chuelo; on the opposite bank of which the Enemy had constructed batteries, and established a formidable line of defence.
Страница 176 - ... at following the steps of the North Americans, and erecting an independent state. -If we would promise them independence, they would instantly revolt against the government, and join us with the great mass of the inhabitants. But though nothing less than independence...
Страница 2 - ... of posts on each flank of the town, and of the principal arsenal, with a communication open to the fleet, and having an effective force of about five thousand men, did enter into, and finally conclude a treaty with...
Страница 6 - I knew from better authority to be founded in fact,) and reflecting of how little advantage would be the possession of a country, the inhabitants of which were so absolutely hostile...
Страница 11 - His Majesty is thereupon pleased to order and declare, that the said reduced duties shall be continued to be levied, and no other, on all articles so imported, with the exception of German linens, which are to continue to be subject to the same duties as were paid thereon before the conquest of the said place by his Majesty's arms, until his Majesty's pleasure shall be further signified.
Страница 2 - July 1 807, as appears from his public dispatch of the loth of July, that the enemy meant to occupy the flat roofs of the houses, he did nevertheless, in the said attack, divide his forces into several brigades and parts, and ordered the whole to be unloaded, and no firing to be permitted on any account ; and, under this order, to march into the principal streets of the town unprovided with proper and sufficient means for forcing the barricadoes, whereby the troops were unnecessarily exposed to destruction,...
Страница 4 - Dragoons, 36th and 88th Regiments, under Brigadier-General the Honourable William Lumley; eight companies of the 95th Regiment, and nine Light Infantry companies, under BrigadierGeneral Craufurd ; four troops of the 6th Dragoon Guards, the 9th Light Dragoons, 40th and 45th Regiments of Foot under Colonel the Honourable T. Mahon; all the Dragoons being dismounted, except four troops of the 17th, under LieutenantColonel Lloyd.