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28 Freak, barque

102 W. Barrington, Singapore 4th May. 29 Trial, barque

Soordah Norsoo Bucelipatam 21 May. 30 Minerva,

330 J.H. Robertson, London 11th January. Irrawaddy, Steamer.. C. H. West, ..Pooree and Balasore. Jn.’i Farquharson,

1326 J. Cruikshank.. (London 19th February. Vansittart,

1273 R. Scott,

London 20th February. 3 Columbia, brig

350 W. Ware, Liverpool 4 Dec & l. of France 25 April. 5. Repulse,

1334 H. Gribble, London 20th Feb. and Madras 3d May. 8 M. S. Elphinstone, 611 D. Ritchie, Glasgow 16th February

Parrachute. ( A mr.) N. Kinsman, New York 18th February. 9 Zoroaster, brig

175 W. Prentice,. Rangoon 28th May. Bahamian, brig

318 T. Maxwell, Liverpool 14th February. Crown, barque

292 J. Cowman, Liverpool 29th January. Minerva, barque

180 J. R. Black, Singapore 8th May. Phoenix, barque

250 C. Dew, Singapore 1st and Penang 15th May. 11 Lord Eldon,

400 D. Dawson, Liverpool 12th January. 12 Perseverance, brig 289 J. Bell,

Greenock 11th January. Sir A. Campbell, briy 205 C. Robertson,.. Vizagapatam Sth January. 17 Aurora,

550 S. Owen, London 16th Jan Cape 4th April & Mad. 19 Planter, barque 367 J. Steward, Lon 23Dec Mad 3 FebCape 16 Ap. Mad.


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23 Irrawaddy, Steamer.. 24 Bucephalus, brig

Georgian, (Amr.)
25 Prinsep, barque
28 Earl Kellie,
30 Catherine, (Amr.)

Irt, barque
Jn. 6 Irrawaddy, Steamer..

9 William Wilson, 12 Eliza, H. C. brig

Capricorn, brig 13 Cecelia, brig 17 Emerald, (Amr.) 21 Bounty Hall,

Childe Harold,

C. H West, Pooree.
180 A. Tozer, Amherst Town.
279 J. Land, Philadelphia.
230 G. B. Taylor, Madras.
540 R. Edwards, China,
315 W. C. Deane,.. Salem.
310 W. Hootless,.. Liverpool,

C. H. West,
330 J. Woodly, Mauritius.

Khyonk Phoo.
243 Robert Smith,. . Mauritius.
220 P. Roy,

Penang and Singapore,
27] S. Hiller,

250, T. Jackson, Liverpool.
463 T. Leach, Singapore and China.

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Arrivals. Per Caroline, from Singapore.---Mrs. Lord, Mr. John Lord, Miss Isabella Lord, and Master Charles Lord.

Per Thames, from London. - Messrs. Richard H. Snell and J. T. Mellis, Esqrs. Writers; Lieut. Edward Lloyd, Bengal Native Infantry; Thomas Scott, Esq. Assistant Surgeon; Mr. Wm. Penny, returning to India.

Per Brougham.—Mrs. Dickinson ; Mrs. Cockell and Child ; Captain T. Dickinson, Superintendant, Arracan ; and Mr. Page, Clerk to ditto.

Per Fifeshire. -D. Disaudt, Esq. ; Mr. V. D. Coomber and Mr. T. Garty, Mariner.

Per Freak, from Singapore.—Lieut. Burnet, 8th Bengal N. I.; J. Cohen, Esq. Merchant, and 2 Masters Almeidas.

Per H. C. Ship Farquharson, from London.-Mrs. Muller; Mrs. Henderson ; Miss L. Kellick ; Mr. A. Muller, Merchant; Mr. Taunton, Writer; Mr. Jackson, and Mr. M'Kosh, Assistant Surgeons.

Per H. C. Ship Vansitturt, from London.-Mrs. Faithful, Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. Stiles, Mrs. Beatson and Mrs. Turner ; Misses Ross, Morton, Broughton, M. Broughton, Ness, Marquis and Lane ; Major Gray, H. M. 44th Foot; Major Faithful, 14th Regt. N. I. ; Captain Stiles, 30th Regt. N. I. ; Lieut. Beatson, 72d Regt. N. I.; Lieut. Codd, H. M. 41th Foot; Cadets Siddons, Fergusson, Reid, and Hungerford; Eliza Beckwith servant to Mrs. Harvey; Flora and Moran, Natives of India.

Per H. C. Ship Repulse, from London.---Lieut. J. B. Fenton, 67th N. I. ; Mr. F. H. Hawtry, Cadet; Mr. H. C. Van Cortland. From Madras.--Lieut. W. Wilson Saunders.

Per Minerva.--Lieut. Jackson, Bengal Artillery; A. Manooth, Esq.; Chas. Noyes, Esq.; T. Stewart, Esq.; 4 Servants and 2 returned Madras Convicts.

Per Sir Archibald Campbell, from Madras.-Messrs. T. N. Marquis, and P. J. Phelepem, Country Service.-- From Masulipatan.-R Wilkinson, Esq. Merchant.

Departures. Per Hydery, for London. --- Mrs. Dunbar, Miss Wyche, Lieut. Parker, Mr. Har. vey, Lieut. Agar and J. James, Esq.

Per H. C. Brig Eliza, for Arracan.—Lieut. Rochfort, A. Wilson, Esq. and Dr Sully.

Per Bounty Hall.—Ensign Parker, 48th Regt. and Dr. William, H. C. Staff.
Per Cecelia, from Singapore.- Messrs. Rendall and D. Kinderdine.



a Son.

May 2 At Colgong, the Lady of W. Hawes, Esq. of a Son.

Sylhet, the Lady of F. Furnell, Esq. Assistant Surgeon, of a Son. 5 Mhow, in Malwa, the Lady of Captain Wiudsor Parker, Major of Bri

gade, of a Son. 8 Dinapore, the Lady of E. M. Sandford, Jun. Esq. Indigo Planter, of a

Daughter. 14 Dinapore, Mrs. David Johnston, of a Daughter. 17 Barrackpore, the Lady of Captain W. R. Pogson, Superintendant of

Family Money and Paymaster of Native Pensions, of a Son. 18 Cawnrore, the Lady of Major Mardock, of a Son, (still-born.) 19 Bankeepore, Mrs. H. G. Burnet, of a Son. 20 Meerut, the Lady of Captain G. N. C. Campbell, Horse Artillery, of 22 Jumaulpore, the Lady of Lieut. G. Miller, 25th Regt. N. I. of a Daughter. 25 Cricutta, Mrs. F. Cornelius, of a Son. 25 Dinapore, the Lady of Capt. Chas. R. W. Lane, 2d Regt. N. I. of a Son. 26 Calcutta, the Lady of T. Palmer, Esq. of a Daughter. 26 Calcutta, the Lady of Paul Jordan, Esq. of a Son.

Calcutta, the Lady of J. S. Judge, Esq. of a Son. 30 Calcutta, Mrs. J. Llewelyn, of a Son. 31 Barrackpore, the Lady of Capt. Hawkins, Bengal Army, of a Daughter. 31 Chunar, the Lady of Lieut. W. M. Stewart, Adjutant of European la.

valids, of a Daughter. 31 Dacca, Mrs. B. De Solminibac, of a Son. June 1 Kurnaul, the Lady of Lient. Col. J. P. Boileau, Horse Artillery, of a Son 3

Allahabad, the Lady of Joshua Carter, Esq. of the C. S. of a Daughter. 6 Kishenugur, the Lady of T. G. Vibart, Esq. of the C. S. of a Son.

Cooly Bazar, Mrs. J. Hanlon, of a Son. 8 Chinsurah, the Lady of the Revd. Wm. Merton, officiating Chaplain,

of a Son. 13 Calcutta, Mrs. R. L. Bolst, of a Son. Dec. 22 Europe.--Iu Upper Berkeley Street, the Lady of R. Ronald, Esq. late of

Calcutta, of a Daughter. 31 At Eildon Hall, Roxburghshire, the Lady of Captain Russell Eliott, R.

N. of a Son.



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Jan. 3 At Cape Town, Henry Hutchinson, Esq. to Miss Mary Scarman.
May 16

Gorruckpore, Lieut. John Macdonald, 50th Regt. N. I. to Miss Anne

Christina Tytler.

St. John's Cathedral, Mr. Jno. Marshal, to Miss Emelia Oliver. 29 Calcutta, Andrew William Stone, Esq. to Miss Lucy Black. 30 Calcutta, Capt. J. J. R. Bowman, to Elizabeth relict of the late Captain

W. W. Cockell. 30 Calcutta, A. McCulloch, Esq. to Miss Louisa Elizabeth Harris. 30 Kurpaul, Serjeant James Vaile,Dept. of Public Works, to Apne, second

Daughter of the late Serjeant Curry, of His Majesty's 31st Foot. 31 Calcutta, Mr. Thomas Sadler Ebberson, to Miss Mary Earls. June 3

Calcutta, Mr. James Sykes, to Miss Fanny Cauldwell Lawson. 6 Chandernagore, James Hill, Esq. to Charlotte, youngest Daughter of : June 7 Cálcutta, Mr. James Penny, to Mrs. Lacy Brunsdon.

the late J. A. Savi, Esq.

8 Calcutta, Mr. John Hall Hindmarşh, to Miss Mary Ann Nicholson.
13 Calcutta, Mr. Joseph Archibald Masters, Indigo Planter, to Miss Ma.

ry, daughter of the late Lieut.-Colonel J. W. Taylor, of the Bengal

Establishment. Dec. 12 Europe.- At Charlton, Kent, Sidney Smith Crisps, Esq., to Marion Car

den, only daughter of Captain Blair, of the Buffs. Jan. 5 At Carphin House, Fifeshire, Lieut. Robert W. Beatson, 72d Regt.

Bengal N. I. to Helen, second daughter of the late John Railt, Esq.

of Carphin. 8 At Glenbuckie House, Perthshire, Robert Stewart, Esq. Captain in the

Hon. East India Company's Service, Bengal Establishment, to Annee, eldest Daughter of Captain Duncan Stewart of Glenbuckie.

DEATHS. Jan. 11 At Cape Town, Charles Dawes, Esq. Bengal Civil Service, aged 43 years. Mar. 30 Gowalporee, John Leslie Esq., of the Hon'ble Company's Medical Es

tablishment. April 20 Sea, on board the Isabella Robertson, John Nathaniel, the infant Son

of Capt. John Hadson, aged 1 year, 6 months and 25 days. April 21 Pooree, William Leycester, Esq. of the Bengal Civil Service.

26 Cawnpore, Mr. Joseph Sanson, aged 41 years and 6 months. Alay 1

Ghazeepore, A. Courage, Esq. aged 30 years. 2 Allahabad, Mr. G. Gordoo, Conductor of Ordnance. 3 Gowbatty, Assam, William Archibald, Son of Capt. Williamson, aged

Il months and 4 days.

Calcutta, Miss Rosalie C. Dias, aged 10 years, 2 months and 8 days. 5 Binagulpore, Mr. James Draper, aged 22 years and 8 months. 6 Calcutta, Mrs. Ann Bartlett, aged 70 years. 7 Monghyr, Anne Martha Flatman, aged 11 months and 1 day. 8 Calcutta, Charles Hunter, Esq. third Member of the Medical Board,

aged 53 years. 10 Beerbhoom, Mr. Thomas de Ressurreicao, aged 49 years. 10 Sea, Captain William Bignell, of the 630 Regt. N. I. aged 32 years. 11 Jungypore, H. C. R. Wilsone, Esq. 11 Furreedpore, William Thomas, the only Son of T. W. Burt, Esq. aged

1 year and 17 days. 11 Calcutta, Robert, the infant Son of Mr. R. B. Richardson, aged 8 bours. 12 Calcutta, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson, ayed 15 days 12 Cawnpore, John Lambert, son of Mr. J. L. Jones, Merchant, aged 4

years 4 months and 2) days. 12 Gwalior, Susan Elizabeth, the infant Daughter of Major J. Low, aged

1 year and 4 months. 13 Calcutta, the infant daughter of C. A. Cavorke, Esq. aged 2 years, 5

months and 5 days. 13 Dobreeghat Factory, Azimgurh, Jane, eldest Daughter of J. H. Clark,

13 Cawnpore, Louisa Evelina, the youngest Daughter of Mrs. R. A.

Greenway, aged 10 years, 9 months and 25 days.
15 Calcutta, Master R. Roe, aged 1 year, 2 months and 6 days.

Chunar Gbur, Mrs. M. Horniuge, relict of the late Lieut. William

Henry Hornidge.


May 18


Entally, Ann Eliza, the infant Daughter of Mr. J. J. Marques, aged 4

months and 26 days. 20 Calcutta, the wife of Mr. Joseph A. Camell, aged 27 years. 21 On board the American Ship Catherine, off BudgeBudge, Captain Wil

liam C. Dean, late Commander of the Ship Catherine. 21 At Chinsurah, Lieut. Donald Campbell, of H. M. J6th Regt. 21 Meerut, the infant Son of Captain G. N C. Campbell, Horse Artillery. 22 Futty Ghur, Sarah, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Brierly,

aged 1 year, 10 months and 11 days. 24 Calcutta, Mr. Charles Williams, Provisioner, aged 35 years. 24 Calcutta, Henry Andrew, youngest Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Heberlet,

aged 1 year, 1 month and 19 days. 27 Koerypore Factory near Jaunpore, Mr. D. Williamson, aged 22 years. 27 Ghazeepore, in the 52d year of his age, Lieutenant Colonel William

Frith, c. B. Commanding H. M.'s 38th Regiment and the Station. 28 Chinsurah, Mary Ann, Daughter of Cap.. Thos. Brody, aged i year,

1 month and 2 days. 28 Chandernagore, Louisa Charlotte, the infant Daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

F. Perrier, aged 2 yea: 8 and 8 months.
28 Hazlebut Fartory, Mr. William Scott McBean, aged 32 years.
28 Monghur, Lieut. Wm. Johnson Farley, of the European Invalid Es-

29 Calcutta, Mr. Frederick Merryweather, aged 26 years.
30 Calcutta, Roger Shine, Esq. aged 40 years.

Calcutta, Jane Hester, tbe Lady of T. Palmer, Esq. aged 52 years and

11 months.
June 2 Calcutta, Elizabeth, the wife of Mr. Thos. Pasmor, aged 29 years.

3 Calcutta, Robert, the infaut son of R. Swinhoe, Esq. Aitorney at Law.
3 the General Hospital, Mr. Issac Hillary, aged 45 years.
3 Dacca, Charlotten the infant Daughter of Mr. J. Foster, aged 3 years

and 7 months.

Entally, Mr. R. F. Crow, aged 43 years, 10 months and 20 days. 5 Calcutta, Mrs. Eliza Lons, aged 27 years and 7 months. 8 Barrackpore, Mr. A. Marr, Superintendant Government Park, aged 29

years. 13 Calcutta, Bella Penelope, the infant Daughter of Mr. Apothecary Ri

per, of the Gurranhutta Dispensary, aged 10 months and 20 days. 15 Calcutta, Mrs. Catherine Williams, ageıl 75 years. Dec. 29 EUROPE.-At D:npries, Major Join Drummon , late of the Bengal Ar

tillery, younye t Son of the late Pat: ick Drumm nd, Esq. of Comrie. Jan. 13 At Hackney near London, Maria Ellen, tlie infant daughter of the late

Lieut. Col. John Swinton, of the Bengal Establishment, aged 5 years,

9 months and 7 days. 25 Pavilion, near Dublin, Mrs. Fleming, relict of the late Col. George Fle

ining, Bengal Engineers.
26 EUROPE.- At his Residence in Lisson Grove, Thomas Suffield Aldersey,

Esq. in the 65th year of his age.
Feb. 12 Elinburz', Dr. J. Hare, Junior, formerly of this Establishment.

Chester, Roxburgz'ira, Thomas Elliət Ogilvie, in his 80th year; for.

murij of the Muitrus Civil Service.

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