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Nicolson, P. ensign ; 28th rezt. n. i. leave from 15th april to 30th june, in extension

to enable him to rejoin, april 30. O'Callaghan, K. C. B. sir Robert, lieutenant general tho hon'ble; appointed to tho

staff of the army in the East Indies, at the presidency of Madras, vice lieut. gene

ral sir G. T. Walker, retired, april 8. Parker, C. lieutenant-colonel; removed from the 6th and posted to the 5th battalion

artillery, april 8. Pearson, J. T. assistant surgeon ; attached to the civil station of Midnapore, leare

for one month from the 10th may, on urgent private affairs, may 13. Phillips, J. C. cadet; to proceed by water and to join and to do duty with the 63d

regt. n. i. at Berbampere, april 13. Pollock, C. B., G. lieutenant-colonel; removed from the 5th and posted to the 6th

battalion artillery, april 8. Putnam, William Frederick, lieutenant; from half pay, 101st foot, to be lieut. with.

out purchase, 28th sept. 1830, april 18. Richards, Samuel, serjeant; appointed quarter master serjeant to the 33d regt. n. i.

at Cawnpore, april 13. Richardson, J. lieutenant ; 40th foot, to be captain of a company without purchase,

vice Dalrymple deceased, 224 feb. 1831, april 8. Robertson, J. lieutenant; 70th regt. n. i. leave from 10th april to 10th oct. to pro

ceed to Jubbulpore and eventually to the presidency on medical certificate,

april 11. Sandeman, R. T. ensign, interpreter and quarter master; 33d regt. n. i. leave from

6th april to 6th feb. 1832, on medical certificate, to visit Mussoorie, april 14. Saunders, Williain John, lieutenant; from the 75th foot, to be lieut. without pur.

chase, 28th sept. 1830, april 19. Savage, C. captain ; 27th regt. n. i. leave from 16th march to 16th march 1832, to

visit the hill provinces, North of Deyral on medical certificate, april 12. Scott, J. captain ; 3d brigade horse artillery, leave from 1st may to Ist dec. to re

main in the hills in the vicinity of Sunia, on medical certificate, april 22. Seaton, F. lieutenant, interpr-ter and quarter master; 66th regt. n. i. appointed to

act as district and station staff, april 27. Shadforth, Thomas, brevet lieutenant-colonel; 57th foot, to be lieut.-col. without

purchase, 28th sept. 1830, april 18. Shakespeare, W. T. ensign; 13th foot, to be lieut. by purchase, vice Pearson, re.

signed, Ilth march 1831, april 8. Shepherd, James, quarter master serjeant; 59th regt. n. i. appointed sergeant major

to the regt. vice Fitzpatrick, april 13. Skeavington, G. Veterinary surgeon; Ist troop 2d brigade horse artillery, leave

from 6th march to 15th june, to reinain at Dum Dumn, on private affairs, april 12. Skene, G. ensign; 53d regt n. i. leave from 30th march to 30th april, to remain at

Bheerbhoom on medical certificate, april 22. Skinner, J. lieutenant; appointed to officiate as interpreter and quarter master to the

61st regt. n. i. vice lieut. Turner, absent, april 14. Smith, L 21 lieutenant ; 24 battalion artillery, leave from 15th april to 15th oct.

to visit the hills in the vicinity of Simla, on medical certificate, april 11. Spence, John, gentleman, to be ensign; vice Alexander, 30th sept. 1830, april 18. Starkey, S. C. ensign; 63d regt. n. i. appointed to othciate as interpreter and quar. Struthers, W. captain: 14th regt. n. i. leave from 2d april to 2d oct. to visit Delhi,

ter master, april 21. Stephen, J. lieutenant; appointed to officiate as interpreter and quarter master to the

19tb n. i. vice ensign Dougan, absent, april 25. Stewart, H. S. cadet; infantry ; doing duty with 4th regt. n. i. leave from 23d

march to 23d sept. on medical certificate, to proceed on the river and eventually to Calcutta, april 4.

Agra, Cawopore, and the hill provinces in the vicinity of Simla, on private affairs,

april 11. Sturt, William Milner Neville, captain ; 10th regt. n. i. furlough to Europe, for

private affairs, april 22. Taylor, R. lieutenant ; 65th regt. n. i. leave from 18th march to 18th sept. to visit

Futteh Gurh, on private affairs, april 20. Teulon, P. captain ; Ist regt. n. i. to officiate as commandant of the palace guards at

Dehli, vice Grant, absent, may 6. Thoinas, C. H. lieutenant; appointe i to officiate as interpreter and quarter master

to the 11th regt. n. i. vice lieut. Gould indisposed, april 25. Thomas, R. A. captain ; 45th regt n. 1. leave from 10th march to 20 april, in ex.

tension to enable him to rejoin, april 22. Thompson, John, hospital apprentice; attached to the 3d battalion artillery, is dis

charged the service, april 2. Thornton, H. J. assistant surgeon ; appointed to do duty with his majesty's 3d regt.

of foot, april 2. Thynne, George, the right hon ble lord ; 40th foot, to be ensign without purchase, vice

Lewis, promoted 220 feb. 1831, april 18. Todd, F. B. lieutenant; appointed to act as adjutant to the left Wing of the 11th regt

n. i. detached on Escort duty, april 19. Tratt, John, sergeant; late of the Madras European regt. transferred to the town:

major's list, to fill a vacancy in the Calcutta town guards, april 5. Troup, J. R. lieutenant and adjutant; 36th regt. n i. leave from 15th may to 15th

aug. to visit Lucknow, on urgent private affairs, april 26. Tulloch, J. major; 43d regt. n. i. leave from 23d april to 23d oct. to visit Benares,

on urgent private affairs, april 7. Tweedie, T. surgeon; Uth regt. n. i. leave from 17th march to 17th June, to visit

Benares, on private affairs, april 12. Tytler, A. F. lieutenant ; 33d regt. n. i. leave from 25th april to 25th oct. to visit

the hill provinces North of Deyrah Dboon, on urgent private affairs, april 7. Tytler, G. A. gentleman, to be ensign; by purchase, vice Shakspeare, promoted

11th march 1831, april 8. Vanrenen, J. H. lieutenant; 25th regt. n. i. leave from 15th july to 15th sept. to

proceed to the presidency, preparatory to applying for furlough, april 26. Vickers, C. R ensign ; 520 regt. n. i. leave from 25th may to 25th sept. to visit

Arrah, on urgent private affairs, april 11. Wade, Mark Thornhill, assistant apothecary; permitted to resign the service of the

hon'ble company, april 22. Waring, E. S. S. cornet; 6th regt. I. c. leave from 15th april to 15th oct. to visit

Meerut, on urgent private affairs, april 7. Washbourne, R. assistant surgeon; directed to do duty with the 59th regt. 1. i.

april 29. Washbourne, Robert, assistant surgeon; appointed garrison assistant surgeon at

Allahabad, vice assistant surgeon Johın Bowron, resigned, may 6. Waugh, A. S. lieutenant; corps of engineers, to be adjutant, vic e Laughton, april 13. Wilson, Hugh Campbell, lieutenant; 25th regt. n. i. to be adjt. vice Vanrenen, re

Rigned, april 25. Wilson, William, lieutenant-colonel ; 31st regt. n. i. furlough to Europe, for health,

april 29. Worseley, T. lieutenant-colonel ; 33d regt. n. i. leave from 15th april to 15th nov.

to visit Benares, on private affairs, april 7. Wyndham, H. ensign; 2d regt. n. i. leave from 15th may to 15th july, to visit the

presidency, preparatory to applying for permission to resign the service, april 26. Ximenes, H. J. mr. of the pension establishment; permitted to return to Europe, on

medical certificate, april 29.

CALCUTTA, MAY 21, 1831. COUNTRY PRODUCE.-Cotton ; market steady.-Rice ; Exports to England during the week 2,600 Bags.- Sugar ; market continues in a very inactive state.-Saltpetre ; in steady demand. -Raw Silk ; in request in our quotations are rea-lily obtained.- Lac Dye ; dull. --Shell Lac; the Americans have determined to hold of from purchasing at present, calculating that prices will fall : this has created a temporary depression in the article but cannot continue for any length of time, more particularly when it is known that limits from English as well as American Honises have been given for extensive purchases as high as Sa. Rs. 40 per Bazar mann.-Safflower; none in the market. - Borax and Tincal very doll.- Hemp and Jute; withont enquiry during the week.-Indigo ; prospects generally throughout the respective Districts are favourable.-Opium ; a few lots changed hands during the week for shipment to China by the Falcon, at Sa. Rs. 1760 for Patna and Sa. Rs. 1755 per Chest for Benares.

EASTERN PRODUCE.-- All descriptions are exceedingly dull. EUROPE Goods.--Cotton Piece Goods ; market dolì during the week.-Turkey Red Yarn : demand very stearly, and prices are on the rise.- Beer ; market lookiug down. - Bottles ; Liverpool and Scotch considerable sales were effected two days ago at Sa. Rs. II to 12 per 100.- Brandy; prices daily advancing: -French Claret ; rarket complete. ly overstocked, and sales can only be effected by Outcry, at a great sacrifice.-METALS -Copper ; no sales of any consequence have been effected during the week.--Iron ; considerable transactions have taken place in this metal at the rate quoted. ---Speltre ; 3000 to 4000 maunds were sold a few days ago at Ct. Rs. 5-12 per Factory maund.--Lead; in very moderate enquiry.- Steel, Swedish; demand steady:- English without enquiry.

Freight to London. - £4 per Ton of 20 Cwt. for Dead Weight ; £5 to £6 per Ton of 50 Cubic feet for measurement Goods : these latter rates are likely to improve as it is currently reported that the quantity of Tonnage this season for Bengal will be very small -At Bombay, Light Freight for London has risen to 8 Guineas per Ton. THE DOMESTIC PRICE CURRENT.

CALCUTTA, MAY 23, 1831.

Meat, (Gosht)-Rather yellow and spongy in general-Beef, 1st sort, scarce-Patna and country Sheep Mutton, Goat Mutton, Lamb and Kid: prime pieces of these can be had only during the early part of the morning -Fresh Pork, of the 1st quality comes to the market every morning;

GAME, (Junglee Cheerea)-Gone out.
RABBITS, (Khurgosh) come to the bazar every morning.
Fowls, (Moorghee)--No variation in the market.

Fish, (Mutchlee)Mangoe-Fish, (Tubsah Mutchlee) with Roes, come to the market every morning in excellent condition-Cockup, (Bekhtee) Bonspottah, and Kankeelah Fish, rather scarce, and are sold during the early part of the morning at most extravagant prices-Good Tank Fish, viz. Roo.ee and Cntla, of an excellent flavonr, if boiled, stewed, or roasted, can be had every morning at Lallah Baboo's bazar, on the Chitpore-road, at only 4 anpas per seer.

EGETABLES, (Turkaree)-Asparagus, (Paragras) a small quantity come to the mar. ket every morning-Young Radish, (Moole") come to the market every morning-Pulwal, plentiful-Potatoes, (Belatee Aloo) both Batavia and DC, in abundance-Sweet Potatoes, (Shukurkund Aloo) scarce-Turnips, (Shulgh'um,) indifferent, a few procurableLove-Apples, (Belaty Bygun) getting scarce--Cabbage, (Cobee) small, and indifferent, a few procurable every morning-Brenjals, (Bygun) indiferent, and scarce-Pumpkins, (Kuddoo) plentiful -Sweet Pumpkins, (Kuddema) plentiful-Water Cresses, (Halim) procurable every morning-Spinnage, scarce- --Greens, (Saug) of all kinds, immense qnantity in the bazar.

FRUIT, (Phull)—Peaches, (Peach Phul) come to the market every morning-Lechees, come to the market every morning in abundance-Jumrools, come to the market every morning-Rose- Apples, (Golaub-Jaum) still plentiful-Ripe Mangoes, improving, and come to the market every morning - Musk - Melons, (Phootee), plentilul -Water Melons, (Turbooj) rather small, and indifferent-Bull's-Heart, (Nona Attah,) plentiful_Guavas, (Geeaboo) scarce and indifferent-Kasoor, plentiful--Sugar Canes, (Ook) plentifulCucumber, (Kheerah)

, plentiful-Plantains, (Kellau) in perfection-Country Almonds, (Dessee Buddam) plentiful-Papials, plentiful-Green Mangoes, (Cutcha Aumb) getting scarce.

[blocks in formation]

310 W. Hoolless. . Liverpool 14th November.

301 1. Macdonald,. Rangoon 17th April.
250 T. Jackson, Liverpool 4th December.

25 Irt, barque
29 Thistle, schooner

30 Bounty Hall, May

i Virginia brig 21Cecelia, hrig 3/William \Vilson, 6 Hero of Malown, 7 Elizabeth, 10, Lady Melville,

Childe Harold, 11 Research, barque 12 John Taylor, 13 Capricorn, brig

Elizabeth, brig 14 Sumatra, barque 16 Robarts, 17 Alexanrler, 17 David Clark, 19 Caroline, brig (Amr.) 20 Thames,

, Brougham, barque 21 Memnon, barque „Fifeshire, barque

160 J. Hollock, Bombay 19th Feb. & Madras 23d April. 220 P. Rov, Penang 9th April.

A. Landale, Madras 27th April. 487 J. M. Wams, London 24th Nov. and Cape 20th Feb. 350 John Currie, London 13th Dec. and Cape 230 Feb. 11263 R. Clifford, London 231 January. 4631T. Leach, London 29th Nov. and Lisbon 10th Jan. 253 W. T. Strettell. Liverpool 1st January. 428 John Crawford, Liverpool 1st Jannary.

R. Smith, Mauritius 1 Feb. Trinc., Madras 7 May.

Lt. R. Lloyd, Mergne 30th April. 366 D. Cardozo, Covelong 5th and Madras 9th May. 726 P. Murray, Bourbon 5 March Mad. Covelong 10 May

Henry Wake, Bourbon 6 Feb Mad 1 Covelong 12 May 608 J. B. Viles, Madras Ulth May.

W. Graham, Philadelphia. 1330 J. K. Forbes, London 26th Jan, & Madras 16th May.

J. R. Bowman,. Akayab 16th May.

J. Pattinson, Liverpool 13th November. 228 W. Crawley, Madras 16th May.

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26 Diedericka, bk. (Dutch) 222

Batavia. 27 Drongan,

355 J. McKenzie, Mauritius. 30 Jean Henry, (French) 1 272 P. Baudwin, Bordeals.

Linnæus, barque 350 P. Winder, Mauritius.

Wade, (American) 350 T. Cunningham, Boston. Mav 9 Catherine,

522 B. Fenn, London. , Sapphire, (American) 400 W. Gonld, New York. 10 Emily,

252 A. Black, Penang, Malacca and Singapore. 13 Red Rover, barque 255 W. Clifton, Straits and China. 15 Thistle, schooner 30 A. Macdonald, 16 Cavendish Bentinck, 372 D. R. Taylor, Bombay. 20, City of Edinburgh, 500 L. McKinnon, . London. 21 Falcon,

170, D. Ovenstone, . Straits and China.

Arrivals. Per William Wilson, from Madras.---Lord Bishop of Calcutta ; Mrs. Horner and 2 Children; Miss Showers; Doctor Spon; Lieut. Paterson, 50th M. N. Infantry; Mr. G. Hayne.

Per Hero of Malown, from London :-Mrs. Watson ; Mrs. Bignell ; Misses Watson and Gunning; General Watson ; Mr. Mathews; Mr. Cunliffe. From the Cape :-Miss Herbert ; Captain Watson.

Per Nerbuddah, from Madras.-Mrs. Duncan.

Per Lady Melville, from London.--Mrs. Mactier ; Mrs. Fraser; Miss Helen Fraser ; A. Campbell, Esq. C. S. ; Captain A. Hervey and W. Mactier, in charge of the Troops; Captain Conroy, H. M. 49th Regt.; Lieutenant Keating, ditto 13th Regt. ; Ensigns Murray, Eager and Boyes, 16th Regt.; Mr. Wm. Scott; Mr. T. Starroch, Cadet; Mr. J. Davidson, Free Merchant; Mr. A. Boyd, Mariner; Mr. R. Hunter, and Mr. A. M’Leod; Mrs. C. Voysey, Mrs. M. Berry, Annah and Mary Berry; 150 Co pany's Recruits, 9 Women and 5 Children.

Per Ship Childe Harold, from London.-Lieut. Chas. Fowle, 65th N. I. ; Row. land Money, Esq. Writer; G. H. Gordon, Esq. Assistant Surgeon, 16th Foot; Mr. C. Fowle, Son of Lieut. Fowle.

Per Sumatra.—Mrs. White and two Children ; Monsr. L'Abbee Guerias, Monsr. Lutingy ; Mr. James Staintranks ; Pachee Aratoon and Son; Cassam Beg, Zakarea and Hannah, Armenians.

Per David Clark.--Mrs. Stokes and Child, and Captain Stokes.

Per Drongan, to the Isle of France.--Capt. Bignell.

Per Lord Melville, to London.-Mrs. Petit and Child, and Toone, Esq. Civil Service.

Per Catherine, B. Fenn, for London.-Mrs. Dore ; Miss Dougal; Col. Wilson; Captains Christie, Dore, Burchall, and Sturt; Lieutenants Elton, Hotham, and Cook; Ensign Burton ; Cornet Molachowske ; Stauforth, Esq. ; G. Dougal, Esq. and — Hodgskinson, Esq.

Per Gleniffer.—Lieut. Jenkins and Mr. Middleton.

Per Barque Falcon.—Mrs. Wemyss, Captain C. F.Gower and Jas, McPherson, Esq.


April 8 At Dinapore, the Lady of E. M. Sandford, Jun. Esq. of a Daughter.

20 Midnapore, the Lady of Capt. H. Templer, 7th Regt. N. I. of a Daughter.

Noacolly, the Lady of c. G. Blagrave, Esq. of a Son. 23 Chittagong, the Lady of Lieut. Worsley, 74th Regt. N. I. of a Son. 25 Lucknow, the Lady of Lt. J. Remington, 12th Reyt. N. I.of a Daughter. 25 Kurnaul, the Lady of Lieut. George St. Patrick Lawrence, 2d Light

Cavalry of a Daughter. 25 Howrah, the Lady of Mr. J. Randle, of a Son. 27 the Hon'ble Company's Dispensary, tbe Wife of Assistant Apotheca.

ry John Wilson, of a Son. May 2 Colgong, the Lady of J. V. Hanes, Esq. of a Son. 2 Sanson Seal, the Lady of Col. Cumming, of the Ben. Cavalry, of a Son.

Lucknow, the Lady of Capt. John Fitzgerald, of a Son.

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