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Let not solicitude question the wisdom which uniformly marks the determinations of that Being, one of whose characteristics it is to be a wonderful in counsel (f):” nor affliction forget that he has promised that “ all things shall work together for good

to them that love him (8).” When the husband is fighting the battles of his country, the whole management of the domestic ceconomy of his family devolves upon his wife. Let her faithfully execute the trust, and shun even a distant approach towards extravagance. In her whole demeanour, let her guard against every symptom of levity, every trace of inadvertence, which might give rise to the misconceptions of ignorance, or awaken the censorious tongue of malice. Let it be her constant object that, if it shall please the divine Providence to restore her husband, she may present herself before him at least as worthy of his esteem and love as the was when he left

(f) Isaiah, xxviii. 29.

(8) Romans, viii. 28.



her. The wife of the military officer has sometimes to encounter new and peculiar temptations, at times when she is not separated from her husband. Various circumftances frequently concur to lead her through the viciffitudes of a wandering life, in accompanying himsuccessively from one country town where he is quartered to another; and occafionally fix her during the time of war in the vicinity of the camp where his regiment is pofted. Difuse to a settled home, and the want of those domestic occupations and pleasures which no place of residence but a fettled home can supply, tend to create a fondness for roving, an eagerness for amusement, an inveterate propensity to card-playing, and an averfion to every kind of reading, except the perusal of the mischievous trash which the circulating library pours forth for the entertainment of a mind unaccustomed to reflection. It-unfortunately happens too, that, in this situation, her society is not sufficiently composed of persons of her own sex. Feminine



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referve, delicacy of manners, and even de licacy of sentiment, are in extreme danger of being worn away by living in habits of familiar intercourse with a crowd of officers; among whom it is to be expected that there will be some who are absolutely improper, and more who are very undesirable associates. Duty and affection may in certain cases render it neceffary, that a married lady should stand the brunt of these temptations. But the consequent danger should excite her to unwearied and universal circumspection ; and warn her to cultivate with unremitting vigilance those habits of privacy, and of useful and methodical employment, without which female diffidence, purity of heart, and a capacity for the enjoyment and the communication of domestic happiness, will scarcely be found to survive.

The wife of a manufacturer, or of a person engaged in any branch of trade productive of considerable gain, is likewise fubjected by her own situation and that of


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her husband to moral duties and trials, which require to be briefly noticed. If her husband has raised himself by success in his businefs to a state of affluence and credit much superior to that which he originally poffefsed, and in particular if he has thus raised himfelf from very low beginnings ; his wife is not unfrequently puffed up with the pride which he is sometimes found to contract during the period of his elevation; looks down with the contemptuous insolence of prosperity on her former acquaintances and friends ; frowns into silence the hopes and the requests of poor relations; and would gladly consign to oblivion every circumstance, which calls to mind the condition from which she has been exalted. She becomes ambitious to display her newly acquired wealth in the parade of dress, in eoftlyfurniture, in luxurious entertainments. Ever apprehensive of being treated by her late equals or superiors with a less degree of respect than she now conceives to be her due, she perpetually finds, or supposes that


she finds, what she is taking such pains to discover. If from the operation of absurd and arrogant prejudices, which, though far less prevalent in modern times than heretofore, are not yet wholly extinguished, she is occasionally treated by ladies of superior rank and fortune with the supercilious airs reserved to be exhibited towards those who have recently emerged into opulence; instead of proving by her conduct the justice of the Scriptural admonition that “ before " honour is humility (b),” she fails not to convince them that her pride is equal to their own. Though she may control the effervescence of her wrath, and break not forth into turbulence and outrage ; she broods in secret over the affront, and gratifies her malevolence with every thing which truth or falsehood can suggest to the detriment and disparagement of the offending party. The disgracefulness and the guilt of these unchriftian tempers appear in the

(h) Proverbs, xv. 33•

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