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it with a tenderness of manner flowing from the genuine warmth of affection; with an ardent folicitude to shun as far as may be possible the appearance of authoritative injunctions; and with prudence adapting itself to the peculiarities of the mind which he is desirous to impress. In all cases he ought to guard, with scrupulous anxiety, against exciting in the breast of his wife a suspicion that he is purposely minute in prying into her failings ; and against loading her spirits with groundless apprehensions that the original glow of his attachment is impaired by those which he has noticed. He ought to remember, that however culpable the disposition may be, there is yet a disposition not unfrequent in women when restrained, and in their own opinion without sufficient cause, from proceeding in any particular path, to feel in consequence of the restraint itself a strong propensity to advance further in that path than they had proceeded before. But what if in one or more of these points

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he should be negligent and defective? Let not a momentary quickness of manner, let not an inadvertent expression hastily dropping from his lips, nor even the discovery of some emotion tinctured with human infirmity, be noticed with resentment, or followed by retort and recrimination. If he should evidently be liable to just censure himfelf, his admonition may yet be wise ; his reproof, if he is necessitated even to reprove, may be just. Though on former occasions he should have been hurried into animadversion without reason, there may be reason for his animadversion now. Let him not be thought partial and unwarrantably strict, if he should chance to observe, and to observe with some indications of difquietude, a failing when exemplified by his wife, which in other women he had scarcely regarded. Is it surprising that he should be alive to circumstances in the conduct of the person most intimately connected with him, which affected him little or not at all in a more distant relation, in an acquaintance, in a stranger? It sometimes happens, when a married woman has not been led to attend to considerations such as those which have now been suggested, that advice which, if given by the husband, would not have met with a favourable acceptation, is thankfully received from others. To know that this state of things is possible should be a lesson to the husband against misconduct and imprudence; for to them its existence may be owing. But let it also be to the wife an admonition against captiousness and prejudice; for had she been free from them, it could not have existed.

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Tue reflections which have hitherto been made on the duties of married women have had little reference to particularities of rank or situation. Yet by such particularities, moral advantages and disadvantages, duties and temptations, are in many

instances created or diversified. London and the country, elevated rank and a middle station, differ fo far from each other in some of the opportunities of good and of evil which they respectively furnish; that a little time and attention may not be unprofitably employed in explaining some of the points of difference, and enforcing


the obligations which severally result from them. It will, perhaps, be found that no observation can be addressed to a person resident in the metropolis, which, in certain circumstances, may not be applied with propriety to the conduct of the wife of a country gentleman; nor any admonition suggested to the higher ranks, which may not be transferred with slight alteration to some of the inferior orders of the community. In the remarks therefore which are about to be submitted to the reader, though some of the duties respectively incumbent on married women of different descriptions may, for the sake of perspicuity, be investigated under separate heads, corresponding to the different situations of the parties; I would by no means wish it to be understood, that what is primarily offered to the attention of one class of married women, may not appertain in a certain measure to all,

Among the temptations to which a lady resident in London is by that circumstance

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