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University of Wisconsin, Madison-General View
University of Wisconsin ....
New Science Hall, University of Wisconsin.
Beloit College-General View...
Memorial Hall of Beloit College.
Ripon College-General View..
New Ladies' Cottage, Ripon College
Racine College-General View.
Taylor Hall, Racine College
Galesville University
New Carroll College Building


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Territorial Universities. When the Territory of Wisconsin was formed, in 1836, the policy of Federal grants of land to the new States, for the support of higher institutions of learning, had long been well eg. tablished. Each of the four States already carved out of the North-West Territory had received two seminary or university townships. In order to make the aid to Wisconsin available at an early date, Governor Dodge, in his first message to the Legislature, October 26, 1836, recommended an application to Congress for the donation of one township of land for the foundation of an academy. By this a school of high grade was evidently intended. This suggestion to memorialize Congress was not followed. During the session, however, an act was passed to es. tablish the “ Wisconsin University” at Belmont; trustees were named, to the number of thirty-one; but no steps were taken to carry the act into effect. A year later the “Wisconsin University of Green Bay,', afterward called “Hobart University," was incorporated.

At the same session an act of the Legislature provided for the “University of the Territory of Wisconsin;" and here we find the conception of the future State University taking definite shape. The institution was to be under the government of a Board of Visitors not exceeding twenty-one in number. Of these the Governor, the secretary of the Territory, the judges of the supreme court, and the president of the University were visitors ex officio ; the remainder were named by the Legislature. The merits of this organization of the Board need not detain as, since these Visitors never had an actual university under


their control.

This attempt to establish a university was genuine and earnest; a joint resolution of the two houses of the Legislature directed the ter. ritorial Delegate in the House of Representatives to ask of Congress an

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