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This play of Henry the Fifth, is the moral to the play of Henry the Fourth—fur here, the jocund Prince of Wales, having become King of England, not only forsakes all his companions in vice; but hangs two or three of them.

The death of Falstaff also, told in a humourous, but most natural manner, will be as impressive, on some minds, as any of those scenes where the poet has frequently made state, pomp, or bitterest calamity, attendant on the dying man. That pining obscurity in which the supercilious Sir John was compelled to live, when his royal comrade became ashamed of him, is a subject well worth the reflection of many a luckless parasite-and now, this stealing to his bed; stealing to his grave, without one tragic bustle, except that which his conscience makes, so well describes the usual decease of a neglected profligate, that every man, who thinks, will own the resemblance, and take the warning conveyed.

The disorderly conduct, and ensuing fate of Sir John Falstaff, is not a more excellent lesson for the dissipated and dishonourable, than the confidence of the French king and his court, in their prowess,

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