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and found her to be no less than the relićt of Prune, the grocer, who, having no children, had bequeathed to her all his debts and dues, and his estates real and personal. No formality was necessary in addresfing madam Prune, and therefore Leviculus went next morning without an introdućtor. His declaration was received with a loud laugh; she then colle&ted her countenance, wondered at his impudence, asked if he knew to whom he was talking, then showed him the door, and again laughed to find him confused. Leviculus discovered that this coarseness was nothing more than the coquetry of Cornhill, and next day returned to the attack. He soon grew familiar to her dialeół, and in a few weeks heard without any emotion, hints of gay cloaths with empty pockets; concurred in many sage remarks on the regard due to people of property; and agreed with her in detestation of the ladies at the other end of the town, who. pinched their bellies to buy fine laces, and then pretended to laugh at the city.

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press her closer, and thought himself more favourably received; but going one morning, with a resolution to trifle no longer, he found her gone to church with a young journeyman from the neighbouring shop, of whom: she had become enamoured at her window.

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** HE hostility perpetually exercised between one man and another is caused by the desire of many for that which only few can possess. Every man would be rich, powerful, and famous; yet-fame, power, and riches, are only the names of relative conditions, which imply the obscurity, depend-ance, and poverty of greater numbers.

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tered fortune, or succeed to the honours of depreciated beauty. But the empire of envy, has

has no limits, as it requires to its influence very little help from external circumstances. Envy may always be produced by idleness and pride, and in what place will not they be found 2

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