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Frinted for J. PAYNE, at Pope's Head, in Pater-noster Row.

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II. MANNERS: A Correà and Elegant Translation of Les Moeurs. With the original Frontispiece.

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hearers, is commonly censured as arrogant or overbearing, and eager to extend the reputation of his own accomplishments, in contempt of the convenience of society, and the laws of conversation.

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... To avoid t is dangerous imputation, and recommend themselves more effectually to the gay world, scholars sometimes divest themsolves with too much haste of their academical formality, and in their endeavours to 2CCOmmodate their notions and their stile to common conceptions, talk rather of any, thing than of that which they understand, and sink


into insipidity of sentiment and meanness of expression. - .

THE RE prevails among men of letters an opinion, that all appearance of science is particularly hateful to women; and that therefore whoever desires to be well received in female assemblies, must qualify himself by a total rejećtion of all that is serious, rational, or important; must consider argument or criticism as perpetually interdićted; and devote all his attention to trifles, and all his eloquence to compliment. ... . . . . . . . . . . .

St UD ENTs often form their notions of the present generation from the writings of the past, and are not very early informed of those changes which the gradual diffusion of knowledge, or the sudden caprice of fashion produces in the world. Whatever might be the state of female literature in the last century, there is now no longer any danger left the scholar should want an adequate audience at the tea-table, and whoever thinks it necessary to regulate his conversation by antiquated

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