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not yet led by him into the courts of Heaven; nor have they received that blessed invitation"Enter ye into the joy of your lord !' Yet is that company of the faithful in a state of high privilege, and beatific expectation. There the prophets, apostles, and martyrs hold blessed and sinless communion with God and with each other, and sing praises without weariness or restraint unto him, that sitteth upon the throne, and unto the lamb. Into this glorious company the soul of a faithful christian enters, the instant it quits the body. The poor, trembling soul, that has passed the time of its sojourning here in fear, that has struggled long and hard with natural and spiritual evils, and has now grappled with its last enemy, Death, itself, becomes instantly the welcome companion of all the saints of God, and is fitted to partake with them in their hymns of ecstasy and songs of praise.

How glorious is this anticipation! The servants of Christ are here favored with extraordinary privileges ; for they are justified by the blood, and sanctified by the spirit of their redeemer. He dwells with them, leads them, visits them, supports them under trial, and cheers them amidst distress and fear with the hope of salvation and the foretaste of glory. But the privileges of the servants of Christ there are greater still; for they have bidden adieu to fear and doubt, because they have bidden adieu to sin. They see their saviour without a cloud, and face to face ; they know him, not with an imperfect knowledge, often intercepted by the world and its vanities, but even as also they are known; and their anticipation of the final glory of their purchased possession is like the anticipations of divine prophecy, which bring the future into the present. Yet still it must be held, that the blessedness, reserved for the last day, is greater than either ; for then shall they be introduced, as kings and priests, into the immediate presence of the majesty on high, and enter into those glorious mansions, of which their greatrepresentative has taken possession for them, in the abodes of essential light and perfection.

But this last scene must be preceded by the judgment, when the final separation will be

made between the righteous and the wicked, and these shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal. In that last separation then, my brethren, what will be the discriminating principle, which will divide the two classes so widely asunder? Faith in the salvation of Jesus still. That faith, which in its first conception justified the penitent sinner, will in its ultimate triumph glorify him also : for the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith, as it is written

The just shall live by faith. Hence no works are acknowledged by the judge on that day, but such as are the works of faith, works, which are done unto the brethren of Christ for the sake and for the love of Christ, or which are done in some sense unto him, and from a principle of gratitude and affection towards him, works, in which they will themselves perceive no merit, but much imperfection, though he will discern in them the operation of his own spirit, and will therefore recognise the persons, who have performed them, as the blessed of his father, for whom a kingdom has been prepared from the begin

ning of the world. And further he will proportion his reward to the faithfulness and number of these works, recompensing his servants according to them, and condescending to honor the greater service, though itself infinitely beneath the duty of the subject and the claim and right of the sovereign, with higher glory and more perfect blessedness.

To the condition of those lost spirits, whom that definitive judgment will exclude from bliss and from hope everlastingly, I am unwilling to allude now, except so far as to impress the minds of all, who hear me, with a sense of the immeasurable importance of earnestly availing themselves of all their present means for escaping that unhappy doom. Those means are undoubtedly sufficient for all, who will make use of them rightly; and, if therefore they fail to make use of them, or impiously cast them away, however lightly they may be disposed to palliate such misuse of the unutterable goodness of their redeemer, they will not be able on that day to cast the blame of their perdition on any one, but themselves ; and it will be the sorest aggravation of their

hopeless misery, that they might have been saved, that their salvation was even purchased for them, but that through their perverse and obstinate ingratitude they have forfeited their own mercies, and their very saviour has condemned them. May it please God in his compassion and mercy, that no individual, who hears me this day, may taste of their cup of bitterness !

We have now traced, my brethren, the spiritual life of a true christian from the new birth, in which it originates, to the ultimate triumph, in which it is complete. Is it not an elevating, an ennobling contemplation? Oh, that ye may all realize its beauty, and experience its power, that ye may know its conflicts, and partake of its victory! For this is the victory, which overcometh the world, even our faith ; and to those, who live by faith, it may be said even now, while the battle is yet unfought, while their course is yet to be run'Ye are complete in him, which is the head

of all principality and power.'

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