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fins both of omission and of commission cry aloud against me, and are a burden too heavy for me to bear: what therefore can I do, what can I say unto thee! let me flee unto thee, thou preserver of men, and confess that I am fo vile, that I cannot express it; so loathfome and detestable, that I even abhor myself for my iniquities.

2: O my soul! make no longer tarrying, for we can't expect that his purer eyes should condescend to look upon me, orthat he should extend his favour to fo polluted a wretch as I find myself to be. And should he leave me to myself I were utterly undone;beyond all hope, or so much as possibility of recovery. But,

3. Blessed, for ever bleffed, be thy name; O God! who hast opened a fountain for sin, and for uncleanness, and haft encouraged the very

worst of men to hope for mercy upon their sincere conversion and amendment; and hast sent thy dearly beloved Son to take upon him our nature, and to call not the righteous but sinners to repentance; and hast bid all those come unto thee, that are weary and heavy laden. In a sense therefore of my own unworthiness and guilt, I come tremblingunto thee. For, I loath, I detest, I abominate my fins, and myself, because of them.



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Wherefore, most merciful Lord, despise me not; but behold my misery, as the greater occasion of thy mercy. And let thiy pardoning of so great, fo vile, fo.wretched a sinner, shew the greatness of thy clemency and compaflion. Thou alone are the healer of our wounds, the lifter

up of our heads, and I cannot distrust thée since thy goodness is infinite. Tho' my sins are great, thy mercies are greater; therefore with them cover all'my guilt, I most humbly beseech thee.

5. I am not worthy to look up to heaven; but do thou look down from thenice, and raise a miserable sinner from the dunghill, and out of all the mire of my finful pollutions. Thus I cast all my care on thee, who didit ordain that Christ should die for all, that they who live, should not henceforth live unto them, selves, but unto him who died for them and rose again: and therefore my strong hope is in thee: if I had not that confidence that Fifus would heal all my diseases, I must defair under their number and weight. Thus, I dare accept of the invitation of my Saviour to eat and drink at his table. O! thou God of all mercy and truth, receive me gracioufly thro' the mediation of my blessed Saviour, and let not mire iniquities work my everlasting ruin.

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A Prayer on Saturday evening, for a worthy receiv.

ing of the holy facrament. I will wash my hands in innocency, O Lord, and so will I go to thine altar. Psalm xxvi. 6. O

didst ordain the holy eucharist, the sacrament and bond of christian love, for the continual remembrance of the sacrifice of thy death; and hast commanded us to do this in remembrance of thee: let that propitiatory sacrifice of thy death, which thou didst offer upon the cross for the fins of the whole world, and particularly for my fins, be ever fresh in my remembrance.

O blessed Saviour, let that mighty falvation thy love hath wrought for us, never slip out of my

mind, but efpecially let my remembrance of thee in the holy sacrament be always most lively and affecting. So that if I love thee tru: ly, I shall be sure to frequent thy altar, that I may often remember all the wonderful loves of my crucified Redeemer. Yet, forasmuch as I know, O my God, that a bare remembrance of thee is not enough; fixin me such a remem brance of thee, as is suitabletotheinfinite love I am to remember; work in me all those holy and heavenly affections, which become the remembrance of a crucified Saviour; and do thou fo dispose my heart to be thy guest at thy holy table, that I may feel all the sweet influences of love crucified, the strengthening and refreshing of my soul by thy body and blood, as my body is by the bread and wine.

thou phyHere you may obferve the directions given on page 3.

O merciful Fisu! let that immortal food, which in the holy eucharist thou vouchsafest me, pour into

my weak and languishing soul new supplies of grace, new life, new love, new vigour, and new resolutions, that I may never more faint or droop, or faulter in my duty. Amen, Lord Jesus,Amen.

See the concluding Prayer and Blefling on page 36 and 32

*The Meditation for Sunday Morning. On the love of God to mankind, particularly mani

fested in this facrament. Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us.

1 Jobn iii. 16. I. Ehold, Lord, thus encouraged, thus

yet to do fo, trusting in my own righteousness, but in thy manifold and great mercies. I feel, alas! my weaknesses and wants, and betake myself to thee for relief; fick and diseased, I fly to the

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physician of souls; hungry and thirsty, to this fountain of living water, and bread of life ; poor and needy, to the bountiful king of heaven; a servant to his kind master! a creature to his compassionate creator, who hateth ñothing that he hath made; and a forlorn dif consolate wretch, to thee, the holy, the eternal, the only comforter. But, 2. Whence is this to me, that my

God should vouchsafe to come unto me? or, wlio am I that thou shouldst communicate to me thy own self? how shall a wicked sinner dare to appear before thee? or how canst thou, who art of purer eyes than to behold iniquity, endure to make such condescending approaches to a soul polluted with sin and with uncleanness? thou seest my very inward parts, and knowest I have nothing in me that is good; nothing to invite such mercy; nothing fit for the reception of so pure, so glorious a majesty.

3. I will therefore most humbly confess my own vileness and thy unspeakable goodness; I will most thankfully admire, and praise, and adore thy marvellous love, and exceeding abundant grace. For this is purely thine own act. Nothing on my pait could deserve, nothing could move thee to it. The more un


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