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body out of order; and all this for sinners, for his enemies, for lost ungrateful man, é ven for us, O my soul ! !

2. Come, O my soul, and compare thy love for Jesus with that he has shewn for thee; and all mankind. O! confefs thy remifsness and thy sin. Say; O blessed Jesu! I adore thy love, and acknowledge my transgressions: for love brought thee down from heaven to us ; but how few of us doth it carry up thither untothee? love made thee die the most shame. ful death; but it doth not make us live the most glorious life. Love made thee endure the forest pains; but, alas! it doth not make mankind take the pleasure of following thý steps to the greatest happiness. Love made thee think perpetually on such poor wretches as we are; but we seldom think upon thee. Love persuaded thee to come to us when there was nothing to call thee, except only our great miferies; but it doth not bring us all to thee; tho' we are moved by the merits, and precious promises of so immense a love.

3 Let' not our devotion reft in bare acknowledgments, do not only praise his good ness, but dread his majesty; and let us shew our love byour deeds; to him let us reverent


ly go,

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and offer our devout hearts at his footftool; let us remember every passage of his love with unfeigned thanks. For, the lord is fold, that the slave may be free: the innocent is condemned, thàt the guilty may be saved ; the physician is sick, that the patient may be cured; and God himself beconies man to die, that man may live.

4. Tell me, my soul, when first thou hast well confidered and looked about among all we know; tell me who ever wished us so much good? who ever loved us with so much tenderness? bur nearest friends, what have they done for us; or even our parents, in comparison of this charity? no less than the fon of God came down to redeem us; no lefs than his own dear life was the price he paid for us : what can the favour of the whole world promise us, compared to this miracul lous bounty? no less than the joys of angels are become our hope, 'no lefs than the kingdom of heaven is made our inheritance.

5. This is the compassion of my God! thus far his charity prevailed; who thought it was not enough to become man for us, but expofed himself to all our miseries! was it not enough, o Jeful to labour all thylife, butthou



must suffer forus even the pains of death? no, gracious Lord, thy mercy still observeth many wants in our nature'as yet unsupplied; thou fawest our too much fondness of life needed thy parting with it, to reconcile us to death thou fáwest our fear of sufferings could no way be abated but by freely undergoing them in thine own person: thou faweft our souls fo deeply stained with guilt, that without fhedding thy blood we could have no remiffion.

6. Can we thus remember the labours of our redeemer for us, and not be convinced of our duty to him? can my cold heart recount his sufferings, and not be inflamed with the love of him that suffered for me? can I believe my falvation cost him so dear, and live as if to be saved were not worth my pains? ungrateful man, how doth he slight the goodness of our God! how carelesly comply with his gracious designs! for all his gifts he requires no other return, than that we hope still more, and de fire still greater blessings, and improve them all to our own happiness: for all his favours he seeks no other praise, than our following his steps till we mount up to his glory.

7.. O my adored redeemer, behold to thee I bow, and humbly prostrate myself in ho


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nour of thy death: behold thus low I bow to implore thy blessing, and the assistance of thy fpecial grace, that I

may wean my affections from allvain desires, and cleanse my thoughts from all impertinent fancies: that my life may be entirely dedicated to thee, and all the faculties of niy soul to thy holy service: that' my mind may continually study the knowledge of thee, and my will grow every day stronger in thy love, and my memory faithfully recount thy mercies, and both tongue and heart be continually disposed and håbitually employed to praise thee; to praise thy incomparable love, which has done and fuffered so much for loft mankind.

Here obferve the directions given on page 8, and more particu. larly endeavour to improve your soul by reading a lefon out of the Pet WHOLE DUTY OF MAN, Şunday 4. Section I, &c. A prayer on Friday evening for faith and repentance, and a due preparation

to the boly

sacrament. Repent and believe the gospel. Marki. 15.

Gracious God, and most kind and mer“

ciful father, who of thy tender love to mankind, didst give thine only son Jesus Christ to suffer death' upon the cross for our redemption, who made there by his one obfation of himself once offered, a full, perfect, and sufficient facrifice, oblation and satisfac



tion for the sins of the whole world; grant, that the effects of this redemption may be as universal as the design of it, that it may be to the salvation of all: o let no person by ima penitence and wilful sin forfeit his part in it, but by the power of thy grace bring all, even the most obstinate sinners to repentance.

More especially, I beseech thee, to give me, thy sinful creature, a right understanding of the urgent need I have of a faviour, and of all those things which thy fon hath done and suffered, and is still doing at thy right-hand, in order to the cleansing.of my guilty and polluted nature, and the restoring me to thy grace and favour : and let not all this be in vain and useless to me, lest I become eternally miserable, and lost to all hopes and possibilities of comfort; give me grace to accept of, and embrace the tenders of thy love, and to comply with those gracious terms of falvation, which thy son hath procured for, and proposed to me in the gospel.

I acknowledge, O Lord, that I have tog much neglected this great falvation, but thout with infinite patience doft still wait to see if I will accept of mercy: O that thy forbearance and long suffering may soften my heart, and melt me into shame and tears of penitential



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