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great foever, may be able to shake my integrity, which I beg may be always fupported by thy providence, and that in the use of horiert. and lawful means I may improve that talent, which thy infinite wisdom and goodness has committed to my charge.

(“Begracious, O most merciful God, to the “ whole race of mankind; pity the deplorable a state of those that know thee not, and have

never heard of thy name: reform the wicked “and impenitent; and let all that name the " name of Christ depart from iniquity.

“Let everyone of my friends and relations, “ O God, be of the number of those whom " thou lovest and delightest in. Defend them “ from the evils and temptations of this world; “and grant them whatever thou seest needful “ both for their souls and bodies."]

And now, O my God! relying firmly on thy gracious promises, I commend into thy hands myself, and all that thou hast given or blessed me with, my soul and body, and all my relations; keep us from all evil, lead us into all good, carry us safely through the dangers and temptations of this wicked world, to that place of everlasting rest and peace, which thou haft prepared for those that die in the Lord, thro'


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the merits of thy beloved son Jesus Christ, my
Lord and Saviour, in whose words I sum up
and recommend the wants of all mankind, to-
gether with my own, saying, Our Father which
art in beaven, &c.
An Evening prayer, to be used any day in the week.

Lord let my prayer be set forth in thy fight as the incense, and let the lifting up of my hands be an evening sacrifice. Pfr.

Lord! thou hatest iniquity with a perO

fect hatred, yet I am affured, that thou delightest in the ways of mercy; that thou art a tender lover of fouls, and not only permittest, but invitest us, miserable creatures, to come unto thee. With humble confidence, then, O Lord, I lift up my soul unto thee, beseeching thee, in much mercy, to look upon me, and to ease me of the burden of my corrupt and sinful inclinations.

Forgive, I meekly beseech thee, whatever I have done amiss this day, and all my life past, either against thee, my neighbour, or myself ;

O cleanfe me from all my secret and unknown transgressions: and, O merciful father, grant that I may seriously consider and reflect

upen the foulness and deformity of sin, and what dreadful threatnings thou hast denounced against it; that I may become a true and fin



cere mourner for my past fins; and as far as is possible, redeem my mispent time, by employing the remainder of my days in thy sera vice, and to thy glory.

Give me, O Lord, a new heart, new affections, and new desires; that I may love thee with more sincerity, and serve thee with greater faithfulness than I have ever get done.

Teach me, O Lord, so to number my days, that I may apply my heart unto true wisdom.

Let me never be separated from thee; but grant that I may be of the number of thy faithful and obedient servants, who are united to thee by grace and good works in this life, and will hereafter live with thee in endless bliss and happiness. And,

Grant that in the days of health and profperity I may consider my latter end, and remember and provide for that great account, which I must one day give before the judgment-feat of Christ; that when the hour of my departure shall come, I

may meet death without fear and amazement; and with a well-grounded hope of thy mercy and good-ness, may chearfully resign up my soul into thy hands; and may be willing and even de Tirous to leave this world, when thou my God. in thy great wisdom, shall see it fitting.


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Be mindful, O Lord, of all that are in any affliction or distress. Relieve and comfort those that suffer for the testimony of a good conscience, or that labour under the torments of a wounded spirit. Let the sorrowful sighing of the afflicted come before thee; and deliver them, in thy good time, out of all their troubles.

Here may be added the Two paragraphs in the morning prayer, on page 138, marked thus [“.

To these my prayers and intercessions, I desire to add my unfeigned praises for all thy blessings fpiritual and temporal. I bless thee more particularly for the mercies of the day past; for preserving me in health and safety; and delivering me from the evils which I have most justly deserved.

Give me grace to make a right use and improvement of all thy mercies; and vouchsafe, O Lord, to continue tomethy gracious favour and protection. Be thou pleased of thy great goodness to take me, [my. dear husband or wife and children] and all that belong to me, this night, under the care of thy good providence. Defend us from all perils and dangers; and after the comfortable refreshments of rest and fleep, raise us up in health and safety, with hearts full of love to thee, and zeal to thy service, through Jesus Christ our Lord, in the fullest sense of whose words I pray to be heard; saying, Our Father, &c.


Lot 1971 A prayer during the time of sickness,



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all that need, the helper of all that flee to thee for succour; the life of them that believe, and the resurrection of the dead; I humble myself before thee with sincere acknow. ledgments of thy justice, in all the dispensati, ons of thy divine providence. Look with an eye of compassion upon me thy poor afflicted servant, and sanctify, I beseech thee, this thy fatherly correction to me, that I may never murmur or repine under any of thy wise difpensations; but at all times receive thy judgments as a means to wean me from the world; to bring me nearer to thyself; and to purge away all that dross and defilement which my foul has contracted in this state of sinful mortality.

I'confess, O gracious Lord, that thy judgments are just, and that thou of thy goodness haft caused me to be troubled; for notwithstanding all the gentle methods which thou haft used towards me, I have not loved thee as I ought to do; but in the days of health and


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