The Complete Works in Verse and Prose: Faerie queene

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Spenser society, 1882

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Страница 114 - Right fit to rend the food on which he fared. His name was Care ; a blacksmith by his trade, That neither day nor night from working spared, But to small purpose yron wedges made ; Those be unquiet...
Страница 260 - Doe flourish now, they into dust shall vade. What wrong then is it, if that when they die They turne to that whereof they first were made ? All in the powre of their great Maker lie : All creatures must obey the voice of the Most Hie.
Страница 198 - The raging seas, and makst the stormes to flie ; Thee, goddesse, thee the winds, the clouds doe feare, And, when thou spredst thy mantle forth on hie, The waters play, and...
Страница 34 - For it of honor and all vertue is The roote, and brings forth glorious flowres of fame, That crowne true lovers with immortall blis, The meed of them that love, and do not live amisse.
Страница 199 - So all the world by thee at first was made, And dayly yet thou doest the same repayre ; Ne ought on earth that merry is and glad, Ne ought on earth that lovely is and fayre, But thou the same for pleasure didst prepayre : Thou art the root of all that joyous is : Great God of men and women, queene of th...
Страница 338 - So there a while they afterwards remained, Him to refresh, and her late wounds to heale: During which space she there as Princess rained, And changing all that forme of common weale, The liberty of women did repeale, Which they had long vsurpt; and them restoring To mens subiection, did true lustice deale: That all they as a Goddesse her adoring, Her wisedome did admire, and hearkned to her loring.
Страница 44 - Her face most fowle and filthy was to see, With squinted eyes contrarie wayes intended, | ,,** " And loathly mouth, unmeete a mouth to bee, .That nought but gall and venim comprehended, And wicked wordes that God and man offended. Her lying tongue was in two parts divided, And both the parts did speake, and both contended ; And as her tongue so was her hart discided, That never thoght one thing, but doubly stil was guided.
Страница 214 - Ouse came far from land, By many a city and by many a towne And many rivers taking under-hand Into his waters as he passeth downe, The Cle, the Were, the Grant, the Sture, the Rowne. Thence doth by Huntingdon and Cambridge flit, My mother Cambridge, whom as with a Crowne He doth adorne, and is adorn'd of it With many a gentle Muse and many a learned wit.
Страница 7 - Whiles thus on earth great loue these pageaunts playd, The winged boy did thrust into his throne, And scoffing, thus vnto his mother sayd, Lo now the heauens obey to me alone, And take me for their loue, whiles loue to earth is gone. And thou, faire...