Sophisms of the Protective Policy

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Geo. P. Putnam, 1848 - 182 страници

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Страница 90 - If more tallow be consumed, there will arise a necessity for an increase of cattle and sheep. Thus artificial meadows must be in greater demand; and meat, wool, leather, and, above all, manure, this basis of agricultural riches, must become more abundant. If more oil be consumed, it will cause an increase in the cultivation of the olive tree.
Страница 91 - But what words can express the magnificence which Paris will then exhibit ! Cast an eye upon the future and behold the gildings, the bronzes, the magnificent crystal chandeliers, lamps, reflectors and candelabras, which will glitter in the spacious stores, compared with which the splendor of the present day will appear...
Страница 91 - There is none, not even the poor manufacturer of resin in the midst of his pine forests, nor the miserable miner in his dark dwelling, but who would enjoy an increase of salary and of comforts. " Gentlemen, if you will be pleased to reflect, you cannot fail to be convinced that there is perhaps not one Frenchman, from the opulent stockholder of Anzin down to the poorest vender of matches, who is not interested in the success of our petition.
Страница 89 - ... us ; and thus an important branch of French industry, with all its innumerable ramifications, is suddenly reduced to a state of complete stagnation. This rival, who is no other than the sun, carries on so bitter a war against us, that we have every reason to believe that he has been excited to this course by our perfidious neighbor England. (Good diplomacy this, for the present time !) In this belief we are confirmed by the fact that in all his transactions with this proud island, he is much...
Страница 115 - Such or such an article shall be limited to home production and no longer imported from foreign countries," can it in any degree increase this capital? Not in the least. This law may withdraw it from one course, and transfer it to another; but cannot increase it one penny. Then it cannot increase the demand for labor. While we point with pride to some prosperous manufacture, can we answer, whence comes the capital with which it is founded and maintained?
Страница 93 - Take care, — you carry the death-blow to your own policy. Remember that hitherto you have always repulsed foreign produce, because it was an approach to a gratuitous gift, and the more in proportion as this approach was more close. You have, in obeying the wishes of other monopolists, acted only from a half-motive ; to grant our petition there is a much fuller inducement. To repulse us, precisely for the reason that our case is a more...
Страница 94 - Labor and Nature concur in different proportions, according to country and climate, in every article of production. The portion of Nature is always gratuitous; that of labor alone regulates the price.
Страница 89 - We come now to offer you an admirable opportunity for the application of your — what shall we say ? your theory ? no, nothing is more deceiving than theory ; — your doctrine ? your system ? your principle ? But you do not like doctrines ; you hold systems in horror ; and, as for principles, you declare that there are no such things in political economy. "We will say then, your practice ; your practice without theory, and without principle. " We are subjected to the intolerable competition of...
Страница 92 - Gentlemen, if you will be pleased to reflect, you cannot fail to be convinced that there is perhaps not one American, from the opulent stockholder of Pit-Hole, down to the poorest vender of matches, who is not interested in the success of our petition. "We foresee your objections, gentlemen; but there is not one that you can oppose to us which you will not be obliged to gather from the works of the partisans of free trade. We dare challenge you to pronounce one word against our petition, which is...