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And naked youths and painted chiefs admire
Our speech, our colour, and our strange attire!
Oh stretch thy reign, fair Peace! from shore to shore,
'Till Conquest cease, and Slav'ry be no more; 406
Till the freed Indians in their native groves :
Reap their own fruits, and woo their fable loves,
Peru once more a race of Kings behold,
And other Mexico's be roof'd with gold.

Exild by thee from earth to deepest hell,
In brazen bonds, shall barb'rous Discord dwell;
Gigantic Pride, pale Terror, gloomy Care,
And mad Ambition thall attend her there :
There purple Vengeance bath'd in gore retires, 415
Her weapons blunted, and extinct her fires :
There hateful Envy her own snakes shall feel,
And Persecution mourn her broken wheel :
There Faction roar, Rebellion bite her chain,
And gasping Furies thirst for blood in vain. 420

Here cease thy Aight, nor with unhallow'd lays Touch the fair fame of Albion's golden days : The thoughts of Gods let GRANVILLE's verse recite, And bring the scenes of op'ning fate to light. My humble Mufe, in unambitious strains 425 Paints the green forests and the flow'ry plains,

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Or those green isles, where headlong Titan steeps
His hifing axle in th' Atlantic deeps;
Tempt icy feas, etc. P.


VER. 421.

Quo, Musa, tendis ? define pervicax
Referre fermones Deorum et

Magna modis tinuare parvis.


Where Peace descending bids her olives spring,
And scatters blessings from her dove-like wing.
Ev'n I more fweetly pass my carelefs days,
Pleas'd in the filent shade with 'empty praife; 430
Enough for me, that to the list ning fwains
Firft in these fields I sung the fylvan strains.

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Escend, ye Nine! descend and fing;

The breathing instruments inspire,
Wake into voice each silent string,
And sweep the founding lyre !

In a sadly-pleasing strain
Let the warbling lute complain :

Let the loud trumpet found,
'Till the roofs all around
The shrill echos rebound :

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Ode for Music,] 'This is one of the most artful as well as sublime of our Poct's smaller compositions. The first stanza is a description of the various tones and measures in music. The second relates their power over the several passions in general. The third, their use in inspiring the Heroic passions in particular. The fourth, fifth, and fixth, their power over all nature in the fable of Orpheus's expedition to hell; which subject of illustration arose na. turally out of the preceding mention of the Argonautic expedition, where Orpheuş gives an example of the use of Music to inspire the heroic paffions. The seventh and last concludes in praise of Music, and the advantages of the sacred above the prophane.

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