Manual of Physical Training for Use in the United States Army

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914 - 335 страници

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Страница 3 - Bayonet, is approved and herewith published for the information and government of the Regular Army and the Organized Militia of the United States.
Страница 20 - Hips level and drawn back slightly; body erect and resting equally on hips; chest lifted and arched; shoulders square and falling equally. Arms and hands hanging naturally, thumb along the seam of the trousers.
Страница 23 - Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the rear rank, in the order named, move straight to the front, each stepping off so as to follow the preceding man at 4 paces. The command halt is given when all have their distances.
Страница 22 - The instructor then commands-: COUNT OFF. At this command all except the right file execute eyes right, and beginning on the right, the men in each rank count one, two, three, four; each man turns his head and eyes to the front as he counts.
Страница 37 - The trunk, stretched at the waist, is inclined sideward as far as possible; head and shoulders fixed; knees extended and feet firmly on the ground; execute slowly; inhale on first and exhale on second count.
Страница 24 - ... position, right and left. Lie on floor, face down, and raise head and shoulders. WEAK ABDOMEN. Circle trunk right or left. Bend trunk backward or obliquely backward. Bend head and trunk backward without moving hips out of normal plane. Lie on floor, face up, and raise head and shoulders slightly; or to sitting position or raise legs slightly; or to a vertical position. TO INCREASE DEPTH AND WIDTH OF CHEST. Arm stretchings, sideward and upward, muscles tense. Same, with deep inhalations. Arm swings...
Страница 20 - The shoulders falling naturally, are forced back until they are square. Chest arched and slightly raised. The arms hang naturally; thumbs along seams of trousers; back of hands out and elbows turned back. Head erect, chin drawn in so that the axis of the head and neck is vertical; eyes straight to the front and, when the nature of the terrain permits it, fixed on an object at their own height. Too much attention can not be given to this position, and instructors are cautioned to insist that the men...
Страница 35 - Arms to thrust, 2. RAISE, 3. MOVE SHOULDERS FORWARD. Two counts; repeat 8 to 10 times, Fig. 14. The shoulders are relaxed and moved forward and in as far as possible and then moved backward without jerking; head and trunk erect; execute slowly; exhale on first and inhale on second count.
Страница 17 - The tone of command is animated, distinct, and of a loudness proportioned to the number of men under instruction.
Страница 35 - The trunk is bent backward as far as possible ; head and shoulders fixed; knees extended; feet firmly on the ground; hips as nearly perpendicular as possible; in recovering care should be taken not to sway forward; execute slowly; inhale on first and exhale on second count.