The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England, Том 1

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Страница 102 - ... which was so great an aggravation of the excess of that Table, that it received more prejudice from that act of unreasonable countenance and respect, than from all the contempt could possibly have been offered to it.
Страница 345 - I, AB, do in the Presence of Almighty God promise, vow and 'protest, To maintain and defend as far as lawfully I may, with my 'life, power and estate, the True Reformed Protestant Religion, ex' pressed in the Doctrine of the Church of England...
Страница 79 - He was a great lover of his country, and of the religion and justice, which he believed could only support it; and his friendships were only with men of those principles. And as his conversation was most with men of the most pregnant parts, and understanding, so towards any such, who needed support, or encouragement, though unknown, if fairly recommended to him, he was very liberal.
Страница 591 - James, in both which seasons, more than ordinary care had been taken to discountenance and lessen his interest; yet he had carried himself with notable steadiness, from the beginning of the parliament, in the support and defence of the king's power and dignity, notwithstanding all his allies, and those with whom he had the greatest familiarity and friendship, were of the opposite party; and never concurred with them against the earl of Strafford, whom he was known not to love, nor in any other extravagancy.
Страница 436 - ... of religion which they so much long for. 2. The Bishops, and the corrupt part of the Clergy, who cherish formality and superstition as the natural effects and more probable supports of their own ecclesiastical tyranny and usurpation. 3. Such Councillors and Courtiers as for private ends have engaged themselves to further the interests of some foreign princes or states to the prejudice of His Majesty and the State at home.
Страница 82 - He pretended to no other qualifications than to understand horses and dogs very well; which his master loved him the better for (being at his first coming into England very jealous of those who had the reputation of great parts...
Страница 624 - Heaven upon this nation if these distractions continue. "God so deal with me and mine as all my thoughts and intentions are upright for the maintenance of the true Protestant profession, and for the observance and preservation of the laws; and I hope God will bless and assist those laws for my preservation...
Страница 63 - He had, in the plain way of speaking and delivery, without much ornament of elocution, a strange power of making himself believed, the only justifiable design of eloquence...
Страница 254 - HAMBDEN was a man of much greater cunning, and it may be of the most discerning spirit, and of the greatest address and insinuation to bring any thing to pass which he desired, of any man of that time, and who laid the design deepest.
Страница 175 - Sir, I must know this young man better than you " can do : you have brought me low, that you may " raise him ; which I doubt you will live to repent ; " for he is a man of craft, subtilty, and falsehood, " and can love no man ; and if ever he finds it in " his power to do you mischief, he will be sure to do