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(Territory, 1853 ; State, 1889.) UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, 1862.



gantown. A WEST VIRGINIA EXPERIMENT STATION, Morgantown, 1888.

West Virginia Historical Society, Morgantown.


(Territory, 1836 ; State, 1847; Land Grants, 1846 and 1854.) ** UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, Madison (1838), 1848. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN,

Madison, 1866.

WISCONSIN, Madison, 1883 and 1888.
Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison.
Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters, Madison, 1870.


(Territory, 1868 ; State, 1889.) UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING, Laramie City.

Wyoming Academy of Arts, Science, and Letters, Cheyenne. S. Mis. 170_11


By PAUL LEICESTER FORD, of Brooklyn, N. Y.

ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS. Address on the Two Hundred and Fiftieth An

niversary of the Permanent Settlement of Weymouth, Mass., July 4,

1874. Boston, 1874. ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS. Railroads: their Origin and Problems. The

Genesis of the Railroad System. New York, 1878. ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS. The Earliest Explorations and Settlement of Boston Harbor.

Memorial History of Boston, Vol. 1, Chap. 3. Boston, 1880. ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS. The Canal and Railroad Enterprise of Boston.

Memorial History of Boston, Vol. iv, Chap. 5. Boston, 1881. ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS. Thomas Morton, of Merry Mount.

The New English Canaan, Prince Society Edition. Boston, 1883. ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS. Sir Christopher Gardiner, Knight.

Proceedings of Massachusetts Historical Society, Vol. xx. Boston, 1883. ADAMS, CHARLES FRANCIS. Quincy.

History of Norfolk County, Mass., Chap. XXIII. Boston, 1884 - ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. Outlines of Lectures on the Growth of Lib

erty in England. 1870. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL Democracy and Monarchy in France. Now

York, 1874; Stuttgart, Germany, 1875. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. The Relations of Higher Education to Na

tional Prosperity. 1876. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. Historical Sketch of the University of Michi

gan. 1876.

ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. Outlines of Lectures on the English Govern.

ment and the Rise of Prussia. 1876. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. Higher Education and the State; the Lesson

of Colonial Days. 1878. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. Manual of Historical Literature. 1882. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. British Orations. 1884. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. Development of Higher Education in the

United States. 1885.
ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. A Plea for Scientific Agriculture. 1886.
ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL, A Word in Behalf of Agricultural Experiment

Stations. 1886.
ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. Higher Education in Germany. 1886.

ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. Report on the Establishment of a Law School

at Cornell University. 1887. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. The Morrill Land Grant. 1887. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. Washington and the Higher Education. 1888. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. Contemporary Life and Thought in the United

States. 1888. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. The Situation in Europe. 1888. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. The Defeat of President Cleveland. 1889. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. Discussion: Defects in our Present Educa

tional Processes. 1889. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. The Outlook of Higher Education. 1888. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. The Policy of Russia in the East. 1888. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. The Public School Question. 1888. ADAMS, CHARLES KENDALL. The Teaching of Pedagogy in Colleges and

Universities. 1888.
ADAMS, GEORGE BURTON. History Primers. Mediæval Civilization. By

George Burton Adams, Professor of History in Drury College. New
York. D. Appleton & Co. 1883.

18mo, pp. 142. Editions, 2,000 copies.
ADAMS, GEORGE BURTON. The Origin of the Fendal System.

The Andover Review, Vol. VII, No. 40, April, 1887, p. 366, and No. 41, May, 1887,

p. 505.

ADAMS, GEORGE BURTON. A Noto on a Point of Mediæval History. The

year 1000.

New Englander and Yale Review, Vol. XII, No. 77, May, 1888, p. 369.
ADAMS, HENRY, editor. The Writings of Albert Gallatin, Philadelpbia:
J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1879.

Vol. i. Letters, etc. (1788-June 7, 1816), pp. xiv, 707.
Vol. 11. Lettors, etc. (July 12, 1816-May 8,1848), pp. ix, 666.

Vol. III. Speeches and papers (1795–1847) (6), 646.
ADAMS, HENRY, editor. Essays in Anglo-Saxon Law. Little, Brown &

Co., Boston. Macmillan & Co., London, 1876.
8vo, pp. xii, 392.

Contents: The Anglo-Saxon courts of law, by Henry Adams. pp. 1-54. The Anglo-Saxon land-law, by Henry Cabot Lodge. pp. 55–119. The Anglo-Saxon family law, by Ernest Young. pp. 121-182. The Anglo-Saxon legal procedure, by

J. Laurence Laughlin. pp. 183–305. Select cases in Anglo-Saxon law. pp. 307–383. ADAMS, HENRY, editor. Documents relating to New England Federalism. 1800–1815. Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1877.

8vo, pp. xi, 437. ADAMS, HENRY, joint author. Chapters of Erie, and other essays. By

Charles F. Adams, jr., and Henry Adams. Boston: James R. Osgood
& Co., 1871.

8vo, pp. (4) 429.
The essays by Henry Adams in this collection are :

The New York Gold Conspiracy, pp. 100-134.
Captaino John Smith, pp. 192–224.
The Bank of England Restriction, pp. 225–268.
British Finance in 1816, pp. 269-302.
The Legal-Tender Act, by Francis A. Walker and Henry Adams, pp. 303-332.

ADAMS, HENRY. The Life of Albert Gallatin. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1880.

8vo, pp. (6) 697, 2 portraits. ADAMS, HENRY. American Statesmen. John Randolph. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co,, 1883.

8vo, pp. vi, 313. ADAMS, HENRY. History of the United States of America during the first

administration of Thomas Jefferson. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1889.

2 vols., 8vo.
Vol. I. (1801-1803) pp. (6) 446.

Vol. 11. (1803–1805) pp. (3) 456 (Index, pp. 439-456), 1 map.
ADAMS, HERBERT BAXTER. Maryland's influence in founding a National

Commonwealth, embracing two minor papers on Washington's Land Speculations and Washington's Public Spirit in opening a channel of Trade between the East and the West.

Maryland Historical Society, Fund Publication, No. 11, 1877. ADAMS, HERBERT BAXTER. The Thomas Adams and Thomas Hastings

Families of Amherst, Massachusetts. Privately printed, Amherst,

1880. ADAMS, HERBERT BAXTER. Translation of Bluntschli's Essay on the Serv. ice of Francis Lieber to Political Science and International Law.

International Review, January, 1880.

Reprinted in Lieber's Miscellaneous Writings, Vol. II. ADAMS, HERBERT BAXTER. The Germanic Origin of New England Towns.

Abstract in Harvard University Bulletin, June, 1881. Printed in University

Studies, 1882. ADAMS, HERBERT BAXTER. The Origin of Stockbridge and of Village Improvement in Berkshire.

Berkshire Courier, Great Barrington, Mass., August 30, 1882. ADAMS, HERBERT BAXTER. Historical Reviews in The Nation. Lodge's

Short History of the English Colonists in America (May 26, 1881). Yorktown (October 13, 1881). Draper's King's Mountain (December 1, 1801). Freeman's Subject and Neighbour-lands of Venice (February 9, 1882). Libraries in Baltimore (February 9, 1882). The St. Clair

Papers (May 4, 1882). Freeman's William Rufus (June 22, 1882). ADAMS, HERBERT BAXTER. Plymouth Rock Restored.

Magazine of American History, December, 1882, and January, 1883. ADAMS, HERBERT BAXTER. Norman Constables in America.

New England Historic, Genealogical Society, Proc., April, July, 1882; University Studies, 1883; see, also, article on "Constable," in the Supplement to the Encyclo.

pædia Britannica. ADAMS, HERBERT BAXTER. Saxon Tithingmen in America.

American Antiquarian Society, Proc., Vol. 1, pt. 3; University Studies, 1883. ADAMS, HERBERT BAXTER. Village Communities in America, comprising seven minor papers.

Historical Collections of Essex Institute, Vol. XIX; republished as "Cape Ann and Salem Plantations," in University Studies, Vol. 1; see, also, article on “Com.

mons," in the Supplement to the Encyclopædia Britannica. ADAMS, HERBERT BAXTER. The Pilgrim Fathers as Colonists.

University Circulars, 7.

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