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Rensselaer county: »ct
supervisors of, where and when to

meet, I, 339

Rents or services certain, not affected by abo-
lition of tenure, I, 666

right to, protected, Ac, n, 40, 89, 521

distress/or, I, 697

right of, in certain cases, regula-
ted, II, 515

officers authorized to distrain,. n, 516
articles which may be distrained,

II, 517

articles exempt from distress,. n, 517

goods removed, penalty for remov-
ing, a, 518

regulations concerning beasts, Ac,
distrained, n, 616

penalty for rescue or pound breach,

n, 519

proceedings on making distress, II, 519
distraining when no rent due,. H, 520
aotion for irregularities in distrain-
ing, H, 620

pleading in actions against dis-
trainor, II, 620

proceedings to recover land for

non-payment of, n, 621, 627

[See Landlord and tenant]

Repair of roads and bridges, I, 462

Repeal of corporate powers, I, 657

Replevin, cases in which it lies, II, 638

proceedings in, n, 540 to 532

Replication, form of, in certain cases.... II, 365
of several matters, may be allowed by

courts, H, 368

Reporter, for supreme court and court of

errors, I, 87, 190

[See State reporter.']

Reports, to be distributed, I, 168

Representatives in congress,

election of, I, 117, 138

resignation of, and vacancies in their

office, I, 117, 139

Reprieves may be granted by governor,.. I, 163
of convicts under sentence of death,
not to be granted by judges or courts,

II, 678

how and when by sheriffs, Ac.,.... n, 678

proceedings for that purpose, u, 678

Reproaches in print or written, for not fight-
ing a duel, &c., punishment of, II, 716

Rescue of property detained, penalty for, II, 519

Residence of officers, I, 92

under election law, I, 128

Resignation of public officers to whom to be

made, I, 111, 320

Respondentia, contracts of, excepted from

law against betting and gaming, I, 614

and from certain provisions against

fraudulent conveyances, II, 140

Restitution in cases of forcible entries and

detainers, n, 525

after reversal of judgment, n, 350

to reversioners, n, 361

Returns of elections, I, 131

Revenue of state, I, 188

Reversal of judgment, II, 350, 613

[See Error.]

of decrees, n, 628

[See Appeals.]


Reversion defined I, 671

[See Future estates.]

Reversioner and remainderman, 1, 700, II, 321,

332, 349, 614
[See Remainderman and reversioner.]
Revised Statutes; general division of, de-
clared, Ac, I, 69

time when they severally take effect, I, 69
construction of term "laws now in

force" in, I, 70

of terms "heretofore" and "here-
after," I, 70

of plural words, Ac, j, 71

of repugnant provisions, I, 71

how certified and published, I, 74

[For certain other rules of construc-
tion, see the general repealing act, I, 71
and also in this Index Definition of cer-
tain terms, <tc]
Revival of judgment rendered in justices'

court, li, 205

in other courts, u, 697

[See Scire facias.]

of suits at law, n, 119, 401

[See Abatement]

of suits in chancery, n, 191

Revocation, conveyances with power of,

when void, Ac., n, 138

of will, how to be made, II, 64

by marriage and birth of issue, II, 64
of will of unmarried women, . .B, 64
bond, Ac., to convey property de-
vised, not a revocation, .... n, 64
incumbrance, Ac, not a revoca-
tion, n, 65

conveyance, Ac, when to be,.. n, 65
provisions of revised statutes con-

to what wills to apply,... n, 70

of probate, n, 62

of letters testamentary, Ac, .. D, 87
Revoking submission to arbitration, action

for, Ac, II, 664

Richland, inspector of fish at, I, 90

Richmond, county of, named, I, 80

to have one member of assembly, .. I, 160
supervisors of, when and where to

meet, I, 339

wreckmasters in I, 91

measurers in, I, 335

overseers of highways in, I, 333

expenses of trying certain persons

charged with crime in, i, 359

Rights of inhabitants of the state, I, 82

Right to bear arms, I, 83

Rivers and lakes, navigation of, I, 636

Road, law of, and regulation of stages,.. I, 648

Roads, public and private, how laid out,. I, 472

Roads and highways, I, 4C0

laying out, I, 472

public and private, I, 472

Robbery in the first degree II, 697

in the second degree II, 698

punishment of different degrees,... II, 698

attempt by threatening lotters, .... n, 698
Rochester, town of, trustees to be elected in,

i, 333

Rochester, village of, inspector of sole leather

at, I, 90


Rockland count)/, named, i, 80

to have one member of assembly, .. I, 150
supervisors of, when and where to

meet, I, 339

penalty for ferrying without license

does not extend to I, 486

clerk's office in, I, 348

Rules of legislature, I, 152

Sagg Harbor,

inspector of sole leather at, ....... I, 90

state pier at, I, 216

receiver of profits of pier how appointed,

Ac I, 91, 106

his duties, Ac, I, 215

Si. Lawrence, county of, named, I, £0

to have two members of assembly,. I, 150
supervisors of, where and when to

meet, I, 339

Salaries of certain public officers, I, 190

when payable, Ac I, 190

Sale of goods and chattels under execution

or decree, n, 190, 381

of lands under same, ... n, 190, 332, 383
of property of deceased persons, Ii, 88, 103
of mortgaged premises, under decree,

n, 198

ib. pursuant to advertisement I, 211, M. 566
of personal property, contracts for,

when void, ii, 140

delivery and possession when neces-
sary, H, 141

at auction, I, 488, Ii. 141

of unappropriated lands, I, 200

Salmon, not to be taken at certain times, I, 641

Sailed provisions, I, 389

Salt springs, I, 252

officers of, I, 89, 105

Salvage on wrecks, I, 646

Saratoga, county of, named, I, 80

to have three members of assembly, i, 150
supervisors of, when and where to

meet, I, 339

poor in, a county charge, I, 572

fishing at Saratoga or Fort Miller falls,

I, 541

Schenectady, city of, justices in, I, 88

inspection of sole leather in, I, 90

duty of clerk of, as to assessors and

collectors, 1, 319

school moneys in, I, 453

duty of overseers of the poor in,... i, 680

Schenectady, county of, named, I, 80

to have one member of assembly,.. I, 150
supervisors of, when and where to

meet, I, 339

certain leases in, need not bo recorded,

I, 716

Schoharie, county of, named, I, 80

to have two members of assembly,. I, 160
supervisors of, where and when to
meet, I, 339

School districts, formation of, 4c, I, 425

trustees of, actions by and against,. II, 494
recoveries against, how collected,.. u, 497
[See Common schools.]

School fund, state, I, 196, 413

Lewiston, I, 458

Schools, common, I. 412

Schools: rusn.

select, l> 411

[See Common schools.]
Schools, Lancastrian, or select, foundation

or, Ac. I, 411

Schroon, fees of collector in. I, 384

Scire facias, writ of, for execution on judg-
ments, H, 557

in judgment on bastardy bond, I, 605

to revive and continue suits, Ac, .. n, 598
within what time to be brought,... n, 598
writof, agaiust tenants of real estate, n, 598
proceedings, pleadings and judgments

thereon, n, 598

writ of, to annul letters patent,.... n. 599

to vacate acts of incorporation, n, 600

proceedings on judgment thereon... n. 60S
writs generally, how issued A served, n, 600
entering defendant's appearance, .. n. 601
proceedings when defendant cannot be

found, n, 601

declarations upon, unnecessary, n, 601

against bail, to be personally served, n, 397


on judgments on bonds for performance

of covenants, Ii, 392

Seal, great and privy, I, 163, 169

Seals to conveyances, i 689

to official papers,, i, 181

to process, Ac, B, 185, 285

of courts, n, 287

how used, n, 420

Sealers, county, of weights and measures,

how appointed, Ac, i. 91, 105

town, how chosen, I, 313

Searching vagrants A disorderly persons, II, 171

Search warrants, regulated L 84, D, 171

for books and papers in hands of pub-
lic officers, i, 115

for articles pawned, i, 660

for children detained by Shakers,.. ii, 155
for property stolen or embezzled, .. n, 171
to whom to be directed; its contents, Ii, 771
when to authorize search in the night,

ii, 711

by whom only to be executed, n, 711

Second offenses, punishment of, iu different

cases, II, 122

where first offense in another country,

II, 121

at what lime imprisonment for, to com-
mence ii. 123

Second trial for same offense, when it may

be had II, 125

when not to be had, li, 125

Secrecy by legislature, I, 152

Secretary, private, of governor,. I, 86, 95, 109
his salary >, 165

Secretary of state,

how appointed,. Ac, i. 86, 94

oath of office where filed, Ac, I, 109

resignation of, I, 111

duty under election law, I, 118, 136

ib. as Btate canvassers, i. 131

ib. to record canvaBS, I, 138

ib. to preserve original laws, \ 167

ib. to distribute statutes, I, 167

his general powers and duties, I, 166

may admiuisU r onth of office, i, 109

aud certain other oaths, 1, 185

Secretary of state: noi.
a commissioner of the land office,... t, 103

powers and duties as such, I, 197

a commissioner of the canal fund,.. I, 104

powers and duties as such I, 193

to be superintendent of common schools,

J, 105

powers and duties, I, 413

ib. as to deaf and dumb, I, 455

to be sealer of weights and measures, I, 105

office where to be kept, I, 187

to attend legislature, I, 187

his fees of office, I, 189

to be accounted for, I, 187

his salary, I, 190

clerk hire, I, 191

a legent of the university, I, 403

contingent expenses of his office,... I, 191
may search public offices, and require

copies, Ac, gratis, u, 669

to publish notice of letters patent being

annulled, n, 602

and of acts of incorporation vaca-
ted, n, 602

and of judgments in quo warranto

■ against corporations, n, 607

to enter in a book, names of justices,

sheriffs, coroners and clerks, .... I, 139
his powers and duties in relation to de-
positions of resident aliens,. I, 166, 668

bills passed by legislature, I, 156

commissions of civil officers,... I, 108
elections, general and special,... I, 119

hawkers and peddlers, I, 189

mines discovered, Ac, I, 253

oaths of office, I, 109, 110

official bonds, I, 110

special commissions of oyer and

terminer, II, 214

reports relative to the poor, ... i, 584

custody of state hall, I, 214

supersedeas of civil officers, I, 108

to deliver copy laws to state printer, i, 156
deputy secretary, how appointed, ... I, 107

his salary, I, 190

clork of commissioners of land

offloe, I, 197

his general powers and duties, I, 169


Secretary of regents, I, 404

Securities, when deemed fraudulent, Ac.,. I, 616

617, n, 137

[See Conveyances.]

Seizures, unlawful, I, 84

Self-murder, assisting in, manslaughter, n, 681
forfeitures for, abolished, nj 724

Setting colored persons, I, 610, n, 684

offices, n, 718

Senators, number of, I, 86, 150

term of office, J, 93

how chosen, I, 93, 150

qualifications, I, 93

when two or more are chosen, term of

service, how ascertained, I, 93

oath of office, I, 109

resignation, I, 111

compensation, I, 159

privileges of, I, 152

being justices, not obliged to act,.. n, 242
in congress, election of, I, 144


Senate, organization of the, I, 93, 152

nominations to, I, 107

clerk of, to give bonds, I, 153

to prepare indexes to journals,

4c. I, 153

his duties in relation to nomination

or removal of officers,.. I, 107, 108
president of the, when and how to be

appointed, Ac, 'I, 93

when to act as governor, I, 93

may administer oath of office,.. I, 109
duties in relation to treasurer's

bond, i, 177

Senate districts,

when and how altered, Ac, I, 81

number of senators, I, 150

county of, named, I, 80

to have two members of assembly, . I, 151
supervisors of, when and where to

meet, I, 339

trials for escheated lands in, I, 255

towns in, may allow certain bounties, I, 333

Separations or limited divorces, II, 152

[See Marriages.]

Sergeants of court of chancery, .... I, 87, 99

their duties, Ac, n, 178


of senate and assembly, .. I, 86, 110, 161

Servants, bound by iudenture, Ac, V, 160

penalty for selling liquor to, 1, 634

for receiving property from, for

liquor sold to, I, 634

embezzlement by, II, 698

[See Apprentices.']

colored, who to be held as, n, 163

for what time, n, 163

master to instruct, Ac, II, 163

affidavit to be filed by master,. n, 163
when to be bound out by over-
seers, n, 163

trading with prohibited, n, 164

penalty for harboring, n, 164

when emigrants from other states

may bring them into this state, I, 611
duration of service in such

case, I, 611

penalty for sending out of state, I, 610
certain inhabitants may take them

with them, I, 611

Sessions, courts of. [See Courts.]

charge to grand jury, I, 147

SeUoff, in what cases allowed, n, 365

must be pleaded, or notice given,.. Ii, 367

notice of, with what plea, n, 367

judgment when Bet-off is equal to or

less than plaintiff's demand Ii, 367

when more than plaintiff's debt, n, 367

in suits by executors, n, 367

the like provisions as to set-offs in

justices' courts H, 249

in settlement of estates of absconding

and insolvent debtors, n, 49

Settlements, how gained by paupers, I, 573

questions concerning, how decided,. I, 674
Severing produce from the soil, with intent

to steal n, 700

from buildings, Ac, with liko intent, n, 700
from fences, enclosures, Ac, with liko

intent, n, 700

Severing produce: Moi

from soil, maliciously, n, 716

from freehold, and carrying away, . II, 715
Shakers, children detained by, how brought

up on habeas corpus, n, 155

Slieep destroyed by dogs, remedy for,... I, 656

Slieriffs, how to be chosen, 4c. I, 88, 102

may not practice as attorney, I, 99

to have custody of jails, I, 352

fees from the state, I, 362

where to reside, I, 92

can hold no other office, i. 103

ineligible tore-election, I, 103

how elected, 4c, in new counties,.. I, 103
to act until successors are qualified,. I, 107

oath of office, where filed, 4c, I, 110

resignation of, i. Ill

may be removed, on charges, I, 113

charges, how inquired into, 4c., I, 113
when removed for non-payment of

moneys, i. 353

when governor may supply vacancies

in the office, i, 113

when coroner to be designated to act in

his stead, and how, i. 353

when some other person to be appoint-
ed, and how, I, 354

proceedings on election or appointment

of new sheriff n, 457

not to practice as counsellor, 4c,... t, 99
names of, to be entered in office of sec-
retary of state, I, 139

certain compensation of, to be paid out

of state treasury, I, 192, 352

to give and renew bonds, 4c, i. 351

to appoint under sheriff, I, 352

his powers, I, 352

may appoint deputies, I, 352

to remove intruders from public lands,

I, 80

duty as to absconding debtors, n, 4

to attend terms of supreme court,.. II, 206
to summon constables and marshals to

attend courts, n, 300

precept to, for oyer and terminer,.. n, 215

proclamation thereupon It, 215

to obey process, 4c, if surrogates,. n, 232
to have custody of jails, 4c, I, 352, It, 446

duties aB jailers in civil cases, II, 444

in criminal cases, n, 780

to take charge of insolvent debtors

when committed, II, 45

penalty for suffering them to es-
cape, II, 45

to keep an office for service of papers,

II, 296

when papers may bo served on county
clerk for him, H, 296

not to hold courts except on special
writs, 4c, n, 296

bonds to, not authorized by law, void,

II, 296

assignment of bonds taken by him, in

case of vacancy in his office,.... n, 296
actions against, for escapes, to be

brought within ono year, II, 307

other actions n, 307

his duty in execution of capias, rt, 360, 444
may put in bail for his own indemnity,

II, 360

Sheriffs: Tick

his remedy thereupon, n, 360

proceeding against, when brought up on

attachment, II, 361

to be stayed on confessing judg-
ment, II, 361

execution when to issue, 4c, . n, 361

remedy on his bond, n, 361

to indorse on executions, time of re-
ceipt, n, 371

his authority upon executions against

property, H, 377

ib. levy on sale of personal pro-
perty, n, 318

ib. real estate, n, 381

ib. certificates of sale, H, 383

ib. redemption of land sold,... II, 384

ib. conveyance thereof, D, 388

duty upon warrant against person com-
mitting WMto thereon, n, 348

neither he nor deputy to purchase on

sale made by himl n, 383

executions against, how directed, 4c, n, 377
duty, 4c, on executions against per-
son, n, 391, 444, 458

on surrender by bail, n, 396

when he may pass through other coun-
ties, 4c n, 445

duty of, in the imprisonment of persons

arrested on civil process, n, 443

liberties of jails and admitting prison-
ers thereto, n, 450

escapes and liabilities of sheriffs there-
for, n, 455

duty of, in respect to persons surren-
dered by bail, n, 391

on executions against defendant, II, 396
not to receive pay from prisoners for

certain articles, n, 446

nor rewards for waiting, B, 445

nor rent for chambers, 4c, ... n, 446
duties of, in executing process gene-
rally,.: ... n, ««

process where to be returned, H 453

powers and duties, when the erecution

of process is resisted, ni

power of the county. 459

proceedings against rosisters, . n, 460
military force from other counties,

n, 460

proceedings on process against sheriffs,

II, 460

process how executed, H 461

imprisonment of sheriff on arrest,

n, 461

escape; liberties of jail, 4c, .. n> iS1
proceedings where sheriff is plaintiff, n, 462
to execute process in special proceed-
ings, n, ,671

to attend juries in such proceedings, u, 672

fines for neglect therein H "*

attachment against for not returning
warrant of comptroller, 4c, .... H
not liable for obeying order for dis-
charge of prisoner on habeas corpus,

n, 592

penalty on, for refusing copy of war-
rant of commitment, 4c, H "*

fees for services rendered the state,

I, 192, 352

Sheriffs, fees: nan
for their services in civil cases, n, 663

in criminal cases, II, 178

for summoning jury in case of ab-
sconding or insolvent debtors, II, 39
for sorviees in justices' courts,. n, 274
when to suspend execution of insane

convicts, n, 678

proceedings for that purpose, . n, 678
punishment for refusing to apprehend

criminals, n, 106

willfully, Ac., omitting to execute pro-
cess, II, 106

willfully refusing to receive prisoners, II, 106
willfully suffering offenders to escape, H, 706
receiving reward to suffer escape of

any prisoner, n, 106

to forfeit office for certain offences,. D, 106
to receive from clerks copies of sen-
tences on conviction, II, 164

also of sentences to state prison, .. II, 164
their authority while conveying pris-
oners to state prison, n, 164

to command assistance in criminal

cases, n, 111

may convey prisoners arrested, through

other counties in certain cases,.. u, 774
other duties and powers,

in respect to warrants against ab-

sconding debtors, n, 14

ib. against officers for books and

papers, I, 114

ib. against collector of taxes,... 1, 372

ib. against collectors of tolls I, 238

elections general and special, I, 121, 130, 141

intruders on public lands, I, 80

drawing of jurors, II, 432

summoning thereof, II, 432

warrants against occupants of certain

state lands, I, 206

disturbers of religious meetings,.... \, 621

wrecked property, I, 644

Sheriffs' bonds, actions upon, n, 498

proceedings and pleadings therein,. n, 499

costs against relator, n, 439

defence of sureties in suit, II, 500

executions how to issue, n, 600

distribution of moneys to several par-
ties, II, 500

Ships and vessels, demands against, n, 515

Shows, exhibition of, I, 612

Sick persons, non-residents, I, 398

Sittings in city and county of New York, n, 213

Skins, keeping of, I, 390

/Slander, actions for, within what time to bo

brought, II, 301

Slavery cannot exist in this state, I, 611

Slaves not to be brought into this state,, i, 610

consequences of bringing, &c., I, 610

exception as to travelers, &c, I, 611

penalty for selling persons as I, 610

exportation of persons held as, .... I, 610
children of, how long held to service, n, 162
regulations concerning, I, 610, n, 162

escaping from other states into this,

may be reclaimed, and how, I, 610, n, 680

procecdiugs thereon, II, 680

not to be taken in this state, except as

herein authorized, II, 582

penalties for violating statute, H, 582


Soccag% provisions rcspectingguardians in, rm
to apply to certain statutory guardians

now created, I, 666

rights, &c, of such guardian, I, 161, n, 159

Soldiers, quartering of, I, 83

nuncupative wills by, H, 61

Sole-leather, inspectors of, how appointed, I, 89

Solicitors, I, 88, 98

how removed, &c., I, 88, 89

oaths of office, I, 110, n, 298

certain officers not to practise as,... 1, 99
provisions concerning their duties, privi-
leges and liabilities, n, 285, 291

Solitary cells, in county jails, when to bo

constructed I, 341

Sovereignty of state I, 19

to be maintained, ic., I, 19

Speaker of Assembly, to be chosen, I, 86

a commissioner of land office, I, 103

may administer oath of office, I, 109

duty of, as to treasurer's sureties,.. I, 117

Special bail, n, 349, 394

[See Sail.]

Special elections, I, 117, 321

Special juries, n, 435

Special verdicts, n, 439

Special motions, II, 515

Special justices for .New York, how ap-
pointed, &c, I, 88, 100

where to reside, I, 92

their authority in cases of forcible en-
tries and detainers, II, 523

in removing tenant in certain

cases, II, 628

Special justices' courts in cities, II, 233

Special sessions, courts of, out of New York,

by whom held, n, 233

what criminal charges may be tried

by, II, 735

in what cases, D, 130

how convened, n, 137

custody of prisoner in meantime,.. II, 137

proceedings, trial by court, n, 737

trial by jury, when and how had,.. n, 737

drawing jury, oath, verdict, II, 738

punishment on conviction, u, 139

when complainant to pay costs, ... n, 739

payment how compelled, II, 739

in New York, by whom held,. It, 233, 139
what accusations may be tried

by, n, 140

in what cases to proceed, H, 140

proceedings, trial II, 140

appeal on conviction, n, 140

proceedings by general sessions, II, 140
courts of, generally, provisions concern-
ing, lie,, n, 141

fees of members of court, n, 775

fines imposed by, how applied, II, 741
suits for neglect to pay over,.. n, 141
witnesses how compelled to attend

before, n, 742

jurors, penalty for not attending, II, 742
witnesses and jurors not to have

fees, II, 142

conviction, when to be certified

and filed, ic., II, 142

its effect as evidence, n, 142

certiorari upon judgments of,.. p, 142
[See Certiorari.]

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