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mtB 4 be incorporated in this state, shall be subject to the visitation of the superintendent of common schools. Dntie. of g 2. It shall be the duty of the superintendent, as such visiter, Boperinten- } Ijiq inquire from time to time into the expenditures of each institution, and the systems of instruction pursued • therein respectively:

2. To visit and inspect the schools belonging thereto, and the lodgings and accommodations of the pupils:

3. To ascertain, by a comparison with other similar institutions, whether any improvements in instruction and discipline can be made; and for that purpose to appoint from time to time suitable persons to visit the schools:

4. To suggest to the directors of such institution, and to the legislature, such improvements as he shall judge expedient:

5. To make an annual report to the legislature on all the matters before enumerated, and particularly as to the condition of the schools, the improvement of the pupils, and their treatment in respect to board and lodging.

Laws of 1827, 16; see Laws of 1832, ch. 223.



Sbo. 1. Trustees, a corporation for certain purposes.

2. Trustees to give bond.

3. Their powers aud duties.

4. Auditors of town to report upon accounts of trustees.
5 & 6. Lands and money, bow disposed of.

7. When the share of any town is to be paid to supervisor, Ac.

Trasteesa g 1. The trustees elected in any town in this state, having t?o'n>.or* lands assigned to it, for the support of the gospel or of schools, or of both, shall be a corporation for the purposes of their office, by the name of "The trustees of the gospel and school lot" in that town for which they are elected.

Laws of 1846, ch. 186, abolished this office of Trustee and enacted that all its powers and duties should be exercised by the town superintendent, and by Laws of 1856, ch. 179, by the supervisors.

bono!" S 2- Before they enter on the duties of their office, they n * shall execute a bond to the supervisor of the town, in such penalty and with such sureties as such supervisor shall approve, for the faithful performance of such duties. Thlfr981 § 3. The trustees, besides the ordinary powers of a corporagowers ana tion, shall have power, and it shall be their duty, ut>C8 l. To take and hold possession of the gospel and school lot of their town:

2. To lease the same for such time not exceeding twentyone years, and upon such conditions as they shall deem expedient:

3. To sell the same with the advice and consent of the inhabitants of the town, in town-meeting assembled, for such price and upon such terms of credit as shall appear to them most advantageous:

4. To invest the proceeds of such sales in loans, secured by im" * bond and mortgage upon unincumbered real property of the value of double the amount loaned:

5. To purchase the property so mortgaged upon a foreclosure, and to hold and convey the property so purchased whenever it shall become necessary:

6. To re-loan the amount of such loans repaid to them, upon the like security:

7. To apply the rents and profits of such lots, and the interest of the money arising from the sale thereof, to the support of the gospel and schools, or either, as may be provided by law, in such manner as shall be thus provided:

8. To render a just and true account of the proceeds of the sales and the interest on the loans thereof, and of the rents and profits of such gospel and school lots, and of the expenditure and appropriation thereof, on the last Tuesday next preceding the annual town-meeting in each year, to the board of auditors of the accounts of other town officers:

9. To deliver over to their successors in office, all books, papers and securities relating to the same, at the expiration of their respective offices: and,

10. To take therefor a receipt, which shall be filed in the clerk's office of the town.

g 4. The board of auditors in each town, shall annually Accounts, report the state of the accounts of the trustees of the gospel and school lots in that town, to the inhabitants thereof, at their annual town-meeting.

g 5. Whenever a town having lands assigned to it for the i**** «t support of the gospel or of schools, shall be divided into two divided, or more towns, or shall be altered in its limits by the annexing of a part of its territory to another town or towns, such lands shall be sold by the trustees of the town, in which such lands were included immediately before such division or alteration; and the proceeds thereof, shall be apportioned between the towns interested therein, in the same manner as the other public monies of towns, so divided or altered, are apportioned.

g 6. The shares of such monies, to which the towns shall [49»] be respectively entitled, shall be paid to the trustees of the gospel and school lots of the respective towns, and shall w °m P* thereafter be subject to the provisions of this Title.

g 7. If in either of such towns, trustees of gospel and n>.
school lots shall not have been chosen, or there be none in
office, the share of such town shall be paid to the supervisor;
and the town, at its next annual town-meeting, and annually
thereafter, shall choose such trustees in the same manner as
if gospel and school lots had originally been assigned to it;
which trustees shall have charge of the monies so paid to the
supervisor, and shall be subject to all the duties and liabilities,
and possess all the powers imposed or conferred in this Title.

See Laws of 1845, ch. 288; 1829, ch. 287. Thig Title was compiled from
the following sources: 1 R. L., 219, 221 4 222; Session Laws of
1813, ch. 100; Laws of 1821, 239, § 4; and Laws of 1826, 23.

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Seo. 1. Designation of the fund; interest appropriated.
2*3. Commissioners of the fund, term of office, 4c

4. To give bonds.

5. Their powers and duties.

6. Trustees of common schools in Lewiston, to give bond, Ac.
1. Who to sue for breach of bonds.

g 1. The property now belonging to the Lewiston school fund, shall remain a continual fund, the interest of M'hich shall be inviolably appropriated to the support of common schools, in the village of Lewiston, under the direction of the commissioners of the Lewiston school fund for the time being.

g 2. The commissioners of the Lewiston school fund, shall not exceed three in number, and shall hold their offices for two years, and until others shall be appointed. In case of vacancies in office of such commissioners, the vacancies shall be filled, and all appointments hereafter be made, by the governor and senate, in the same manner that other appointments are made.

5 3. All such commissioners hereafter to be appointed, shall continue in office for two years, and until others shall be appointed; unless in cases of appointments to fill vacancies, where the term shall expire with that of the other commissioners.

<$ 4. Every person hereafter appointed a commissioner of the Lewiston school fund, shall, before he enters on the duties of his office, give to the trustees of the corporation of the village of Lewiston, a bond, in the penalty of fifteen thousand dollars, with two or more sureties, conditioned that he shall faithfully execute the duties of his office, which bond shall be deposited with the clerk of the said corporation.

§ 5. The commissioners of the Lewiston school fund shall have power, and it shall be their duty,

1. To sell or lease the lots of laud in the village of Lewiston, belonging to the said fund, on such terms as they may judge most conducive to the interest of the fund:

2. To certify to the commissioners of the land-office, on receiving payment for such sales, a description of the land sold, the price, the time when sold, the names of the purchasers, and that the consideration money and interest has been fully paid:

3. To loan all monies which may come to their hands belonging to the fund:

4. To take a bond on making such loans, to themselves as such commissioners, secured by a mortgage on unincumbered real property, of at least double the value of the sum loaned, exclusive of buildings:

5. To collect all bonds and mortgages, or other debts, due to the fund:

6. To pay over to the trustees of common schools in the 1 said village, all monies received by the commissioners for interest on loans, or rents of land belonging to said fund:

7. To keep suitable books and accounts of all matters relating to the management of said fund, which shall be open to the inspection of the inhabitants of the village, at «all reasonable times: and,

8. To deliver, at the expiration of their several offices, to the remaining commissioners, or their successors in office, all the books and papers relating to said fund.

§ 6. Before the trustees of common schools, in said village, ^e"^dt0 shall be entitled to receive such monies from the commissioners, the trustees shall execute a bond to the supervisor of the town of Lewiston, in such penalty and with such sureties as the supervisor shall approve, conditioned that the trustees shall faithfully apply such monies towards the support of schools in the village of Lewiston, for the benefit of such of its inhabitants as shall have resided in the village at least / six months; and shall render a just and true account of the expenditure of such monies, to the supervisor, when required.

§ 7. It shall be the duty of the trustees of the corporation to oe of the village of Lewiston, in case of any breach of the condition of the bond given by such commissioners, and of the supervisor of the town of Lewiston, in case of any breach of the condition of the bond given by the trustees of common schools for the village of Lewiston, to sue for and recover on said bonds, all damages which may have accrued by such breaches, for the use of said schools.

This Title is a revision of the act of 1826. Laws of 1826, 239.


Of Highways, Bridges, and Ferries.

(Took effect January 1,1828 )

Title 1. — Of highways and bridges.
Title 2. — Of the Regulation of ferries.



Art. L — Of the officers entrusted with the care and superintendence of highways and bridges; and their general powers and duties.

Art. 2. — Of the persons liable to work on highways, and the making of assessments therefor.

Art. 3. — Of the duties of overseers in regard to the performance of labor upon highways, and of the performance of such labor, or the commutation therefor.

Art. 4. — Of the laying out of public and private roads, and of the alteration or

discontinuance thereof. Art. 5. — Regulations and penalties concerning the obstruction of highways, and

encroachments thereon.

'■ Art. 6. — Of the erection, repairing, and preservation of bridges.
Art. 7. — Miscellaneous provisions of a general nature.


BfiO. 1. Commissioners to have care of highways and bridges.

2. They have power to lay out and discontinue roads.

3. To account to auditors of town accounts.

4. To deliver statement of improvements necessary.

5. They shall cause mile-stones to be erected.
6 A 7. Duties of overseers of highways.

8. When to make new assessment.

9. Commissioners to cause guide-posts to be erected.

10. Overseers to keep them in repair.

11. Commissioners may procure a scraper, 4c.

12. If monies are insufficient, deficiency assessed.

13. Compensation of overseers for excess of work.

14. If office of overseer vacant, commissioners to fill it

15. Commissioners to cause warrant to be filed.

16. Penalties on overseers for neglect of duties.

17. . Commissioners may prosecute for neglect of duty.

18. Commis8iouers to forfeit $10 for refusing to prosecute.

oommis- § 1. The commissioners of highways in the several towns ttetr'duty. in this state, shall have the care and superintendence of the highways and bridges therein; and it shall be their duty,

1. To give directions for the repairing of the roads and bridges, within their respective towns:

2. To regulate the roads already laid out, and to alter such of them as they, or a majority of them, shall deem inconvenient:

3. To cause such of the roads used as highways, as shall have been laid out but not sufficiently described, and such as

13<«] shall have been used for twenty years but not recorded, to be ascertained, described, and entered of record in the town clerk's office:

4. To cause the highways, and the bridges which are or may be erected over streams intersecting highways, to be kept in repair:

5. To divide their respective towns into so many road districts as they shall judge convenient, by writing under their hands, to be lodged with the town clerk, and by him to be entered in the town book; such division to be made annually, if they shall think it necessary, and in all cases to be made at least ton days before the annual town-meeting:

6. To assign to each of the said road districts, such of the inhabitants liable to work on highways, as they shall think proper, having regard to proximity of residence as much as may be; provided however, that whenever the commissioners of any town shall have neglected, for the period of one year, at any time after any public road or highway shall have been laid out, and title thereto acquired by due process of law to


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