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Foreign $ 9- Such delivery can only be made, on the requisition of criminals, the duly authorized ministers or officers of the government,

within the jurisdiction of which, the crime shall be charged to

have been committed.

Laws of 1822, 139.

ib. g 10. It shall be the duty of the governor, to require such

evidence of the guilt of the person so charged, as would be necessary to justify his apprehension and. commitment for trial, had the crime charged, been committed within this state.

Laws of 1822, 139.

n>. g 11. The expense of apprehending and delivering such per

son, shall be defrayed by those to whom he shall be delivered.

Laws of 1822, 139.

suits. g 12. Whenever the governor shall receive notice of any suit or proceeding having been commenced, for the recovery of any lands held under a warranty from the people of this [183] state, it shall be his duty to inform the attorney-general, and require him to make every legal or equitable defence, against such suit or proceedings.

n>. g 13. The governor may employ such able counsel and

other persons as he may judge proper, to assist the attorneygeneral in making such defence.

ib- g 14. Such sums of money, as the governor shall certify to

be reasonable and just, for the payment of counsel fees, and other expenses incurred in every such defence, or as an allowance to the attorney-general for his services and expenses therein, shall be paid out of the treasury.

ro. g 15. The governor may also employ such counsel as he

may deem proper, to assist the attorney-general in any suit prosecuted or defended by him, in behalf of this state; and the reasonable compensation of such counsel, to be certified by the governor, shall be paid out of the treasury.

1 R. L, 156, § 3; Ib., 348, § 24.

session g 16. It shall be the duty of the governor to transmit, free of expense, to the executive of each state in the union, three copies of the acts of each future session of the legislature of this state, as soon as the acts shall be*printed, and to request a similar communication to be made to him, of the laws of the several states.

Laws of 1825, 7.

Laws of g 17. Whenever, in pursuance of such request, the statutes other states oj[, other state shall be received by the governor, he shall deposit one copy thereof in the state library, one in the senate chamber and one in the assembly chamber; if but one copy be received, it shall be deposited in the state library.

Laws of 1825, 7.

Expenses. g 18. All expenses incurred in the execution of the duties prescribed by the two last preceding sections, shall be paid out of the treasury.

Laws of 1825, 7.

§ 19. Every provision in the constitution and laws of this a"e" L state, in relation to the powers and duties of the governor, provision, and in relation to acts and duties to be performed, by other officers or persons, towards hini, shall be construed to extend to the person administering, for the time being, the government of the state.

<5 20. The governor shall cause to be kept, in proper books Governor to to be provided for that purpose, a full and complete register te"Srra^9 of all applications or petitions made to him for the discharge pllcaUonsof any duty imposed on him, by the constitution or laws of this state, or for the exercise of any power in him vested; which register so made shall be and remain in the executive chamber and the original papers on which each application or petition is founded shall remain on file in the executive chamber, and, with the register so made, shall be delivered to Ins successor when he shall have been duly qualified. But whenever an application for appointment to office in his gift or nomination, shall be refused by the governor, he may in his discretion deliver to the unsuccessful applicant, his letters, recommendations and petitions in relation thereto.

Laws of 1858, chap. 64.

5 21. The governor shall cause to be provided in his office, Aan^°^ proper books in which shall be entered all applications made to him for the pardon of any prisoner or commutation of any sentence with a record of the same and a list of the official signatures and recommendations in favor of such application, and all the original papers on which such application is founded shall remain on file in the executive chamber.

Laws of 1858, chap. 64.

<5 22. The governor shall cause to be preserved and filed in %?evTMTM his office the judges' reports made to him pursuant to the pro- or judges, visions of the statute, of the testimony on which capital convictions had taken place. He shall also keep a register of the same, in which shall be recorded any action which he may have taken in relation to such convictions, and the same shall remain in the executive chamber.

Laws of 1858, chap. 64.

<5 23. The governor shall also cause to be kept a book containing a statement of his disbursements for the incidental expenUs. expenses of his department: of rewards offered by him for the apprehension of criminals and expenses incurred in sending the reports of courts and copies of the laws of this state to other states, and of all other official expenses and disbursements.

Laws of 1858, chap. 64.

$ 24. The salary of the private secretary is hereby fixed at s»J»neof two thousand dollars per annum, and a further sum of twenty- K^ry six hundred dollars per annum, or so much thereof as may be 5"«. required, shall be allowed to the governor for the payment of

Title*, c]er],s an{j messengers for the executive department, to be paid by the treasurer to the governor, on the warrant of the comptroller.

Laws of 1858, chap. 64.



Seo. 1. Secretary of state to have care of all books and papers deposited in his office.

2. All deeds to state, to be deposited there.

3. To provide books for recording depositions of resident aliens.

4. Copies of papers in his office certified by him, 4c, evidence.

5. Secretary of state to attend legislature, to receive bills that become laws.

6. To cause original laws passed at each session to be bound.

[106] 7. One copy of the laws printed by state printer, to be deposited in his office.

8. To distribute the printed laws and journals of each session.

9. To send four copies to secretary of state of the United States.

10. To deliver one copy to Atheneum in Philadelphia, Boston, New-York and

Albany, and one to Historical society of New-York.

11. To distribute laws of congress in same manner aa laws of this state.

12. New town or county erected, to be furnished with a complete set of laws.

13. Secretary of state to purchase necessary sets of laws for distribution.

14. To transmit to county clerks laws and journals.

15. Also to send the laws to different states.

16. To deliver to county clerks the volumes of reports.

17. To deliver to clerks of new counties a set of reports.

18. To send to county clerks a copy of state prison reports.

19. Also to send lists of licensed hawkers, 4c.'

20. Description in writing of arms of state, and of great and privy seals, and of

seal of secretary of state, to remain public records.

21. What papers to be sealed with privy seal.

22. Deputy secretary, his powers and duties.

General S The secretary of state shall have the custody of all duties. flje books, records, deeds, parchments, maps, and papers, now deposited, or that may hereafter be deposited or kept, in his office; and shall, from time to time, make such provision for the arrangement and preservation thereof, as he may deem necessary.

State deeds. <5 2. All deeds and conveyances, other than mortgages, belonging to the people of this state, shall be deposited in the office of the secretary of state.

1 R. L., 477, § 10.

Books for § 3. The secretary of state shall provide proper books, for recor ng. ^ recording of the depositions or affirmations required by law, to be made by resident aliens, desirous to take and hold real estate; and shall record the same in such books.

Laws of 1825, 427, § 2.

copies. § 4. All copies of records and papers in the office of the secretary of state, certified by him, and authenticated by the seal of his office, shall, in all cases, be evidence, equally and in like manner, as the original.

Laws of 1825, 427, § 2; 1 B. L, 527, § 35.

Laws. § 5. The secretary of state shall attend at every session of the legislature, for the purpose of receiving hills which shall T E 1 have become laws.

1 B. L., 458, § 1.

§ 6. Immediately after each session of the legislature, the Lawfc secretary of state shall cause the original laws passed at such session, together with such certified copies of concurrent resolutions as shall have been delivered to him, to be bound together in a volume, of such size as he shall think proper; and he shall also cause the title thereof, with the session at which the same shall have been passed, to be written oi printed on the back of such volume.

1S.L, 458, g 2.

§ 7. He shall deposit in his office, one copy of the laws d«M printed by the state printer, having first examined and com- Ibpared the same with the original laws on file, and noted at the end of each act any error or omission that may be found in the printed copy; and shall cause the title thereof, with the session at which the same shall have passed, to be written or printed on the back of such volume.

1 R. L., 458, § 2.

§ 8. The secretary of state shall distribute the printed laws j^^£d and journals of each session, immediately after their publication, as follows:

1. To the clerk of the senate, for the use of the senate, eight copies.

2. To the clerk of the assembly, for the use of the assembly, twenty copies.

3. To each of the following officers and persons, namely: the governor, the lieutenant-governor, the members of the senate and assembly, the chancellor, the justices of the supreme court, the circuit judges, the comptroller, the treasurer, the surveyor-general, the attorney-general, the librarian of the state library, for the use of the library, the commissarygeneral, the adjutant-general, and the several county clerks, one copy.

4. To each of the following officers, namely: town clerks, district attornies, and supervisors' clerks, one copy of the laws, without the journals.

§ 9. The secretary of state shall transmit four copies of the Law8» printed laws of each session, immediately after their publication, to the secretary of state of- the United States.

Laws of 1820, 18.

2 10. He shall also deliver to the atheneum of the city of lbPhiladelphia, and to the atheneum of the city of Boston, or to such person as they shall respectively direct, a copy of the printed laws passed at each future session of the legislature; and in like manner to the atheneums of the cities of NewYork and Albany, and the historical society of the city of New-York, one copy both of the laws and journals.

Laws of 1820, 7.

Acuof11 §11- He shall also cause the acts of the congress of the congress. United States, which may be received at his office, to be distributed in the same manner as the laws of this state are directed to be distributed.

1 R. L., 484, § 13.

New county g 12. Whenever a new county or town shall be erected, the ^ secretary of state, shall transmit to the clerk of such county

or town, a complete set of the laws of this state, commencing

with the revised laws passed at this session of the legislature,

and including the laws subsequently passed. n>. g 13. The secretary of state shall be authorised under the

direction of the governor, to purchase, from time to time, as [168] many sets of the laws of this state, as may be necessary for

the supply of new counties and towns, and for other objects

reqiiired by law.

Laws of 1818, 234.

Laws and g 14. The secretary of state, as soon as may be, after the journals. iaws journals of each session have been deposited in his office, shall transmit, in boxes, at the expense of the state, to each county clerk, the requisite number of laws and journals intended for the use of such county, and required to be distributed to the members of the legislature residing therein, and to the other officers in such county entitled thereto.

Laws of 1815, 280, § 5.

Laws for g 15. He shall also put up in boxes, the laws directed to be otter states gen^ 0y ^ne governor to the several states in the union, and

shall transmit the same, at the expense of the state, in such

manner as the governor shall direct.

Laws of 1815, 280, § 5.

Reports, g 16. He shall, from time to time, deliver to such of the county clerks as shall be entitled thereto, such copies of the reports published by the state reporter, as shall have been deposited in his office for that purpose by the reporter.

1 R. L., 320, § 10.

ib. g 17. He shall also procure, at the expense of this state,

and deliver to the clerk of each county hereafter erected, a complete set of the'reports of the supreme court, of this state, for the use of the county courts of such county.

Laws of 1824, 74.

state g 18. The secretary of state shall, annually, on or before

the first Tuesday of May, transmit to each of the county clerks in this state, a copy of the reports received by him, for the preceding year, from the agents of the several state prisons in this state.

Laws of 1819, 90, § 15; 2 R. L, 229, § 3.

pediers, &c g 19. He shall, on or before the tenth day of May, in each year, transmit to each county clerk in this state, a certified

prison report!),

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