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Nor would exchange with Jove, to hide the skies
In darkning clouds, the power to close her eyes :
Eyes, which fo far all other lights control,
They warm our mortal parts, but thefe our foul!

Let her free spirit, whofe unconquered breast
Holds fuch deep quiet, and untroubled rest,
Know, that though Venus and her fon fhould fpare
Her rebel heart, and never teach her care;
Yet Hymen may in force his vigils keep;
And, for another's joy, fufpend her sleep.


Of the Mif-report of her being painted.

S when a fort of wolves infeft the night,

With their wild howlings at fair Cynthia's light; The noise may chafe fweet flumber from her eyes, But never reach the miftrefs of the skies: So, with the news of Sachariffa's wrongs, Her vexed fervants blame thofe envious tongues : Call Love to witness, that no painted fire Can fcorch men fo, or kindle fuch defire: While, unconcerned, the feems mov'd no more With this new malice, than our loves before; But, from the height of her great mind, looks down On both our paffions, without fmile or frown. So little care of what is done below

Hath the bright dame, whom Heaven affecteth fo! Paints her, 'tis true: with the fame hand which spreads Like glorious colors through the flowery meads;: When lavish nature with her beft attire

Clothes the gay fpring, the feafon of defire.

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Paints her, 'tis true, and does her cheek adorn,

With the fame art wherewith fhe paints the morn:
With the fame art, wherewith she gildeth fo
Thofe painted clouds which form Thaumantias' bow.

Of her paffing through a Crowd of People."

As mold Chaos (heaven with earth confus'd,

And stars with rocks together crush'd and bruis'd)

The Sun his light no further could extend

Than the next hill, which on his fhoulders lean'd:
So in this throng bright Sacharissa far'd,
Opprefs'd by those who ftrove to be her guard:
As fhips, though never so obfequious, fall
Foul in a tempeft on their Admiral.

A greater favor this disorder brought
Unto her fervants, than their awful thought
Durft entertain, when thus compell'd they preft
The yielding marble of her fnowy breast.
While Love infults, disguised in the cloud,
And welcome force, of that unruly crowd.
So th' amorous tree, while yet the air is calm,
Juft diftance keeps from his defired Palm :
But when the wind her ravish'd branches throws
Into his arms, and mingles all their boughs;
Though loth he seems her tender leaves to prefs,
More loth he is that friendly storm should cease;
From whofe rude bounty he the double use
At once receives, of pleasure and excufe.

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The Story of PHOEBUS and DAPHNE applied.

HYRSIS, a youth of the infpired train,

Fair Sacharissa lov`d, but lov'd in vain:
Like Phœbus fung the no lefs amorous boy;
Like Daphne fhe, as lovely, and as coy!
With Numbers he the flying Nymph purfues;
With Numbers fuch as Phoebus' self might use!
Such is the chace, when love and fancy leads,
O'er craggy mountains, and through flowery meads;
Invok'd to testify the lover's care,

Or form fome image of his cruel Fair.

Urg'd with his fury, like a wounded deer,
O'er these he fled; and now approaching near,
Had reach'd the Nymph with his harmonious Lay,
Whom all his charms could not incline to stay.
Yet, what he fung in his immortal strain,
Though unsuccessful, was not fung in vain! .
All, but the Nymph that should redress his wrong,
Attend his paffion, and approve his song.
Like Phoebus thus, acquiring unfought praise,
He catch'd at love, and fill'd his arms with bays.


ARCADIA juvenis Thyrfis, Phœbique facerdos,

Ingenti fruftra Sacharissæ ardebat amore.

Haud Deus ipfe olim Daphni majora canebat;
Nec fuit afperior Daphne, nec pulchrior illâ :
Carminibus Phœbo dignis premit ille fugacem
Per rupes, per faxa, volans per florida vates


Pafcua: formofam nunc his componere Nympham,
Nunc illis crudelem infanâ mente folebat.

Audîît illa procul miferum, cytharamque fonantem;
Audîît, at nullis refpexit mota querelis!
Ne tamen omnino caneret defertus, ad alta
Sidera perculfi referunt nova carmina montes.
Sic, non quæfitis cumulatus laudibus, olim
Elapsâ reperit Daphne fua laurea Phoebus.



AY, lovely Dream! where couldst thou find
Shades to counterfeit that face?

Colors of this glorious kind

Come not from any mortal place.

In heaven itfelf thou fure wert dreft
With that angel-like difguife:
Thus deluded am I bleft,

And fee my joy with clofed eyes.

But ah! this image is too kind

To be other than a dream:

Cruel. Sachariffa's mind

Never put on that fweet extreme!

Fair Dream! if thou intend'st me grace,
Change that heavenly face of thine;

Paint defpis'd love in thy face,
And make it to appear like mine.

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Pale, wan, and meagre let it look,
With a pity-moving shape;

Such as wander by the brook

Of Lethe, or from graves escape.

Then to that matchlefs Nymph appear,
In whose shape thou shinest so;
Softly in her fleeping ear,

With humble words exprefs my woe.

Perhaps from greatness, state, and pride,
Thus furprised she may fall:

Sleep does difproportion hide,

And, death refembling, equals all.

Servant to SACHARISSA.

AIR fellow-fervant! may your gentle ear


Prove more propitious to my flighted care,
Than the bright dame's we ferve: for her relief
(Vex'd with the long expreffions of my grief)
Receive thefe plaints: nor will her high disdain
Forbid my humble Mufe to court her train.

So, in those nations which the fun adore,
Some modeft Perfian, or fome weak-eyed Moor,
No higher dares advance his dazzled fight,
Than to fome gilded cloud, which near the light
Of their ascending God adorns the east,
And, graced with his beams, out-fhines the rest.


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