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“Men, patriots, chiefs and citizens are form'd.

“ Lo! JUSTICE, like the liberal light of heaven, « Unpurchas'd, shines on all, and from her beam, Appalling guilt, retire the savage crew, “ That prowl.amid the darkness they themselves 613 " Have thrown around the laws. Oppression grieves: « See! how her legal Furies bite the lip, " While Yorks and Talbots their deep fnares detect, " And seize swift justice thro' the clouds they raise.

“ See ! social LABOUR lifts his guarded head, 620 " And nven not yield to government in vain. From the sure land is rooted ruffian force, " And the leud nurse of villains, idle waste ; 6.Lo! raz'd their haunts, down dash'd their maddening

bowl, “ A nation's poison ! beauteous order reigns! Manly fubmission, unimposing toil, « Tride without guile, civility that marks *From the foul herd of brutal llaves Tay fons, “ And fearless peace. Or should affronting war “ To now but dreadful vengeance rouze the just, 630 “ Unfailing fields of Freemen I behold ! « That know, with their own proper arm, to guard “ Their own blest isle against a leaguing world. “ Despairing Gaul her boiling youth reftrains, “ Diffolv'd her dream of universal Sway: 635 « The winds and feas are BRITAIN's wide domain ; “ And not a fail, but by permiffion, spreads.

“Lo ! fwarıning southward on rejoicing funs,

Gay COLONIES extend; the calm retreat • Of undeserv'd distress, the better home 6-40 « Of those whom bigots chafe from foreign lands. “ Not built on Rapine, Servitude and Woe, “ And in their turn some petty tyrant's prey;

o But,

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“ But, bound by focial Freedom, firm they rise ;
“ Such as, of late, an OGLETHORPE has form’d, 645

And, çrouding round, the charm'a Savannah sees.
“ Horrid with want and misery, no more

Our streets the tender passenger afflict.
“ Nor shivering age, nor sickness without friend,
« Or home, or bed to bear lis burning load, 650
" Nor-agonizing infant, that ne'er earn'd
“ Its guiltlefs pangs, I see! The stores, profuse,
" Which British bounty has to these assign'd,
No more the facrilegious riot fwell
« Of cannibal devourers! Right apply'd,
“ No starving wretch the land of Freedom stains:
“ If poor, employment finds; if old demands,
“ If fick, if maim'd, his miserable due;
" And will, if young, repay the fondest care.
“ Sweet sets the sun of stormy life, and fweet · 660
“ The morning shines, in Mercy's dews array'd.
* Lo! how they rise! THESE FAMILIESOF HEAVEN!
** That! chief, '(but why-ye Bigots! whý fo late?)
66 Where blooms and warbles glad a rising age:
“ What smiles of praife! And, while their fong ascends,
“ The listening seraph lays his lute aside. 666

“ Hark! the gay Muses raise a nobler strain,
« With active nature, warın impassion'd truth,
« Engaging fable, lucid order, notes
*« Of various string, and heart-felt image fill’d. 670
“ Behold! I see the dread delightful School
“ Of temper'd Passions, and of polish'd Life,
" Restor’d: behold! the well-dissembled scene
o Calls from imbellish'd eyes the lovely tear,
Or lights up mirth in modest cheeks again.
« Lo! vanilh'd Monster-land. Lo! driven

* Ao hospital for foundlings.

6: Those


« Those that Apollo's facred walks profane: “ Their wild creation scatter'd, where a world “ Unknown to Nature, Chaos more confus'd, 6.0'er the brute scene * its Ouran.Outangs pours; 680 “ Detested forms! that, on the mind imprest, “ Corrupt, confound, and barbarize an age.

« Behold! all thine again the SISTER-ARTS, “Thy graces they, knit in harmonious dance, «Nurs'd by the treafure from a nation drain'd

685 “ Their works to purchase, they to nobler rouze " Their untamed genius, their unfetter'd thought; “Of pompous tyrants, and of dreaming monks, 66 The gaudy tools, and prisoners, no more.

“ Lo! numerous Domes a BURLINGTON confess: « For Kings and Senates fit, the Palace see! 691 “ The Temple breathing a religious awe: « Even framed with elegance the plain Retreat, “ The private dwelling. Certain in his aiin, “ Taste never idly working, faves.expence. 695

“ See ! SYLVAN SCENES, where Art, alone, pretends 6 To dress her Mistress, and disclose her charms: • Such as a Pope in miniature has shown; « A BATHURST O'er the widening + forest spreads; “ And such as form a RICHMOND, CHISWICK, Stowe.

August, around, what PUBLIC WORKS I fee! 701 “ Lo! stately Streets, lo! squares that court the breeze, « In spite of those to whom pertains the care,

Ingulphing more than founded Roman ways, « Lo! ray'd from cities o'er the brighten'd land, 705 “ Connecting sea to sea, the solid Road. • Lo! the proud Arch (no vile exactor's stand)

* A creature which, of all brutes, most resemblesi man.“ See Dr Tyfon's treatise on this animal.

Okely woods, near Cirexcefler.

“ With easy sweep bestrides the chafing flood. “ See ! long Canals, and deepened Rivers join “ Each part with each, and with the circling main 710 « The whole enliven'd ille. Lo! Ports expand, 66 Free as the winds and waves, their sheltering arms. « Lo! streaming comfort o'er the troubled deep, « On every pointed coast the Light-house tow'rs ; “ And, by the broad imperious Mole repellid, 715 “ Hark! how the baffled storm indignant roars.”

As thick to view THESE VARIED WONDERS rose, Shook all my soul with transport, unassurd, The Vision broke; and, on my waking eye, Rush'd the still RUINS of dejected ROME. 720

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