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Into the vortex of one State to draw

85 The whole mix'd Force, and Liberty, on earth; To conquer Tyrants, and set Nations free:

Already have I given, with Aying touch, A broken view of this my amplest reign. Now, while its first, laft, periods you survey, go Mark how it lab'ring rose, and rapid fell.

When Rome in noon-tide empire grasp'd the world,
And, soon as her refifless legions thone,
The nations stoop'd around ; tho' then appear'a
Her grandeur most, yet in her dawn of power, 95
By many a jealous equal people press'd,
Then was the toil, the mighty struggle then ;
Then for each Roman I ap Hero told ;
And every passing fun, and Latian scene,
Saw patriot virtues then, and awful deeds, ICO
That or furpass the faith of modern times,
Or, if believ'd, with facred horror strike.

For then, to prove my most exalted power,
I to the point of full perfe&tion push's,
To fondness and enthusiastic zeal,

The great, the reigning passion of the Free;
That godlike paflion! which, the bounds of Self
Divinely bursting, the whole public takes
Into the heart enlarg'd, and burning high
With the mix'd ardor of unoumber'd Selves; I10
Of all who safe beneath the Voted Lairs
Of the fame parent state, fraternal, live. i
From this kind Sun of Moral Nature flow'd
Virtues, that shine the light of human kind,
And, ray'd thro' story, warm remotest time.. IBS
These Virtues too, reflected to their source,
Encreas’d its flame. The focial charm went round,
The fair idea, more attractive still,



As more by Virtue mark'd ; till Romans, all
One band of friends, unconquerable grew.

Hence when their Country rais'd her plaintive voices
The voice of pleading Nature was not heard ;
And in their hearts the father's throbb’d no more :
Stern to themselves, but gentle to the whole..
Hence sweetened Pain, the luxury of toil ; 125
Patience, that baffled fortune's utmost rage;
High-minded Hope, which at the lowest ebb,
When Brennas conquer’d, and when Cannae bled,
The bravest' impulfe felt, and feorn'd despair.
Hence Moderation a new conqueft gain'd ; 130
As on the vanquish'd, like descending heaven,
Their dewy mercy drop'd, their bounty beam'd,
And by the labouring hand were crowns bestow'd.
Fruitful of men, hence hard laborious life,
Which no fatigue can quell, no season pierce. 135
Hence INDEPENDENCE, with his Little pleas'd
Serene, and self-fufficient, like a God ;
In whom CORRUPTION could not lodge one charm,
While he his honeft Roots to Gold preferr'd ;
While truly rich, and by his Sabine field,

140 The Man maintain'd, the Roman {plendor all Was in the public wealth and glory plac'd : Or ready, a rough Swain, to guide the plough; Or elfe, the purple o'er his foulder thrown, In long majestic flow, to rule the state,

145 With Wisdom's purest eye.; or, clad in steel, To drive the steady battle on the foe. Hence every passion, even the proudest, stoop'd To common good : CAMILLUS, thy revenge ; Thy glory, FAPIUS. All submissive hence, 150 Consuls, Dictators, still resign'd their sule, The very moment that the laws ordain'd.



Tho' Conquest o'er them clap'd her eagle-wings,
Her laurels wreath'd, and yoke'd her snowy steeds
To the triumphal car ; soon as expir’d

The latest hour of fway, taught to submit,
(A harder lesson that, than to command)
Into the private Roman sunk the Chief,
If Rome was serv'd, and glorious, careless they
By whom. Their country's fame they deem'd their own;
And, above envy, in a rival's train

16. Sung the loud Ios by themselves deserv'd. Hence matchless courage. On Cremera's bank, Hence fell the Fabil; hence the Deci dy'd; And CURTIUS plung'a into the flaming gulph.

163 Hence REGULUS the wavering fathers form d, By dreadful counsel never given before: For Roman honour fue'd, and his own doom. Hence he sustain'd to dare a death prepar'd By Punic rage. On earth his inanly look 170 Relentless fix'd, he from a laft embrace,By chains polluted, put his wife alide, His little children climbing for a kifs ; Then dumb, thro' rows of weeping wondering friends, A new illustrious exile! press'd along.

175 Nor lels impatient did he pierce the crouds Opposing his return, than if, escap'd From long litigious fuits, he glad forsook The noily town a while and city cloud, To breathe Venafrian or Tarentine air.

180 Need I these high particulars recount? The meanest bolom felt a thirst for fame; Flight their worst death, and shame their only fear, Life had no charms, nor any terrors fate, When Rome and Glory call’d. But, in one view, 185 Mark the rare boast of these unequal'd times.


Ages revolv'd, unfully'd by a crime:
Area reign'd, and scarcely needed laws
To bind a race elated with the pride
Of virtue, and disdaining to defcend

To meanness, mutual violence, and wrongs.
While war around them raged, in happy ROME
All peaceful smild, all fave the passing clouds
That often hang on Freedom's jealous brow;.
And fair unblemith'd centuries elaps'd, :

195 When not a Roman bled but in the field. Their virtue such, that an unbalanc'd state, Still between Noble. and Plebeian tost, As flow'd the wave of fluctuating power, Was thence kept firm, and with triumphant prow 200 Rode out the storms. Oft.tho' the native feuds, . That from the first their constitution shook, (A latent ruin, growing as It grew) Stood on the threatening point of civil war. Ready to rush: yet could the lenient voice 2015 Of wisdom, foothing the tumultuous soul, Those fans of virtue calm. Their generous heartsing Unpetrify'd by Self, so naked lay And sensible to Truth, tbat o'er the rage. Of giddy faction, by oppression swellid, Prevail'd a simple fable, and at once To peace recover'd the divided state. But if their often-cheated, hopes refus'd, The foothing touch; still, in the love of Rome, The dread Dictator found a fure resource. 215 Was she assaulted ?: was her glory stain'a ? One common quarrel wide enfiam'd the whole. Foes in the Forum in the Field were friends, By focial danger bound; each fond for each, And for their dearest country all, to die.


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Thus up the hill of empire flow they toil'd : Till, the bold fummit gain'd, the thousand statesOf proud ITALIA blended into one; Then o'er the 'nations they refiftless rulh'd, And touch'd the limits of the failing world: 225

Let Fancy's eye the distant lines unite. See that which borders wild the western main, Where storms at large resound, and tides immense: From Caledonia's dim coerulean coast, And moist Hibernia, to where Atlas, lodg'd 230 Amid the restless clouds and leaving heaven, Hangs o'er the deep that borrows thenee its name: Mark that oppos'd, where first the springing morn Hér roses sheds, and shakes around her dews: From the dire desarts

by the Caspian lav'd, 235 To where the Tygris and Euphrates, join'd, Impetuous tear the Babylonian plain; And blest Arabia aromatic breathes: See that dividing far the watry north, Parent of foods! from the majestic Rhine; 240 Drunk by Batavian meads, to where, seven-mouth'd, In Euxine waves the flashing Danube roars ;, To where the frozen Tanais scarcely.stirs The dead Meotic pool, or the long * Rha,. In the black + Scythian sea his torrent throws. 245 Latt, that beneath the burning zone behold. See where it runs from the deep loaded plains Of Mauritania to the Lybian fands, Where Ammon lifts amid the torrid: waste A verdant ise, with shade and fountain fresh; 250 And farther to the full Egyptian shore, To where the Nile from Ethiopian clouds, His never-drain'd ethereal urn, descends. The ancient name of the Volga + The Caspian ca.


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