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Month after month passed away, and in Autumn

the ships of the merchants Came with kindred and friends, with cattle and

corn for the Pilgrims. All in the village was peace; the men were intent

on their labors, Busy with hewing and building, with garden

plot and with merestead, Busy with breaking the glebe, and mowing the

grass in the meadows, Searching the sea for its fish, and hunting the

deer in the forest. All in the village was peace; but at times the

rumor of warfare Filled the air with alarm, and the apprehension

of danger. Bravely the stalwart Miles Standish was scouring

the land with his forces, Waxing valiant in fight and defeating the alien


Till his name had become a sound of fear to the

nations. Anger was still in his heart, but at times the re

morse and contrition Which in all noble natures succeed the passionate

outbreak, Came like a rising tide, that encounters the rush

of a river, Staying its current awhile, but making it bitter

and brackish.

Meanwhile Alden at home had built him a new

habitation, Solid, substantial, of timber rough-hewn from the

firs of the forest. Wooden-barred was the door, and the roof was

covered with rushes; Latticed the windows were, and the window

panes were of paper, Oiled to admit the light, while wind and rain were excluded.

. There too he dug a well, and around it planted

an orchard: Still may be seen to this day some trace of the Close to the house was the stall, where, safe and

well and the orchard.

secure from annoyance, Raghorn, the snow-white steer, that had fallen to

Alden's allotment In the division of cattle, might ruminate in the

night-time Over the pastures he cropped, made fragrant by

sweet pennyroyal.

Oft when his labor was finished, with eager

feet would the dreamer Follow the pathway that ran through the woods

to the house of Priscilla, Led by illusions romantic and subtile deceptions

of fancy, Pleasure disguised as duty, and love in the sem

blance of friendship. Ever of her he thought, when he fashioned the

walls of his dwelling; Ever of her he thought, when he delved in the

soil of his garden; Ever of her he thought, when he read in his Bible

on Sunday Praise of the virtuous woman, as she is described

in the Proverbs,


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