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Sect. I. The Fragments of the Creed in Irenæus.--2. The Creed of Origen.

-3. The Fragments of the Creed in Tertullian.-4. The Fragments of
the Creed in Cyprian.-5. The Creed of Gregory Thaumaturgus.-6.
The Creed of Lucian the Martyr.-7. The Creed of the Apostolical Con-
stitutions.-8. The Creed of Jerusalem.-9. The Creed of Cæsarea in
Palestine.-10. The Creed of Alexandria.-11. The Creed of Antioch.
-12. The Roman Creed, commonly called the Apostles' Creed.-13. The
Creed of Aquileia.—14. The Nicene Creed, as first published by the
Council of Nice.-15. The Creeds in Epiphanius, completing the Nicene
Creed.-16. The Nicene Creed was completed by the Council of Con-
stantinople, Anno 381.-17. Of the use of the Nicene Creed in the An-
cient service of the Church : and when it was first taken in to be a part
of the Liturgy in the Communion-Office.-18. Of the Athanasian Creed.

Sect. 1. The Errors and Pretences of the Romanists upon this Point.-

2. This Discipline not strictly observed in the very first Ages of the

chontici.-3. And the Seleucians and Hermians.-4. And Manichees
and Paulicians.-5. What opinion the Messalians or Euchites bad of

Of the ancient form of Baplism: and of such Heretics as

altered or corrupted it.

were anciently allowed to be baptised. Where particularly

of Infant-Baptism.

Sect. 1. Why the question about the Administrators of Baptism is here

omitted.-2. Who were anciently reckoned the proper subjects of Bap-

tism. Where of the corrupt Custom of baptising inanimate things, as

Bells in the Roman Church.-3. Baptism not to be given to the dead.

4. Nor to the Living for the Dead. Where of the Apostles meaning,

of being baptised for the Dead, 1 Cor. xv. 29.-5. Proofs of Infant-

Baptism from the ancient records of the Church.—6. From Clemens

Romanus and Hermes Pastor.–7. From Justin Martyr.–8. And the

Author ofthe Recognitions, contemporary with Justin Martyr.-9. From

Irenæus.-10. And Tertullian.m]l. And Origen.-12. And Cyprian, with

the Council of Carthage under him.-13. Infant-Baptism not to be de-

layed to the eighth day, after the example of Circumcision. Nor till

three Years, as Gregory Nazianzen would have had it.- 14. Yet in

some Churches it was deferred to the Time of an approaching Festival.-

15. A resolution of some questions concerning Infant-Baptism. Whether

children might be baptised, when only one Parent was Christian ?-

16. Whether the Children of excommunicated Parents might be bap-

tised ?-17. Whether exposed Children, whose Parents were unknown,

might be baptised ?-18. Whether the Children of Jews or Heathens

might be baptised in any Case whatsoever ?–19. Whether Children,

born while their Parents were Heathen, might be baptised.

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Sect. 1. The Consecration of the Water made by Prayer.-2. An an-

cient Form of this Prayer in the Constitutions, -- 3. The Sign of the

Cross used in this Consecration.-4. The Effects and Change wrought

by this Consecration, the same as in the Bread and Wine is the Èu-

charist.-5. How far these prayers of Consecration reckoned necessary

in the Church.

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