I Pledge Allegiance: A Recommitment to America

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Simon and Schuster, 2006 - 64 страници
I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG... How many times did you recite it? OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA... Who could forget the rhythmic words that instilled in your heart loyalty and patriotism that would last a lifetime? AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS... No other nation offers more blessings from freedom, more promise for the future. ONE NATION UNDER GOD... In times of tragedy, in the building of dreams, it is to our Creator we look. INDIVISIBLE... The awesome unity inspired by our nations pledge to freedom unites our hearts as one. WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Open the pages of this book and take an adventure through the heart of America guided by the inspirational words of one of the most important declarations in history. Whether for yourself or someone you love, this powerful book will stir in you a recommitment to the daring dream that is America.

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of the United States of America
one Nation

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