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Printed for R. GRIFFITHS :
And Sold by T. Becket and R. A. De Hondt, in the Strand.


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Titles, AUTHORS NAMES, &c. of the Books

and PAMPHLETS contained in this Volume,

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N. B. For REMARKABLE Passages, see the INDEX,

at the End of the Volume,

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BICKERSTAFP's Daphne and Amyntor,

326 A Dress, a Fable, 324 BILLING on the Culture of Car." t o Mr. Pitt, 484 rots,

81 AGRICULTURB and Commerce, a Book of Lamentations for the Loss Poem. 85 of the D. of C.

405 AGRICULTURE. See Dickson. Brief Animadversions on Hervey's ANDREWs on Inoculation, 239 Letters,

158 ANTIDOTE for the Rising Age, 161 Brown's Collection of Laws against ANTININNY's Strictures on Dodd, Forestalling,

27 236 BUCHANAN'S Essay on pronuncia. ASPINWALL's Rodogune, 85


492 Atkins's Reports in Chan. 107 ATTEMPT to reftore Script. Forms of Worship,



N ADOGAN's Harveian Oration,
CALAIS, Seige of,
- Trial for the Murder of,

DEAttie's Judgment of Paris,

33 BEAUME de Vie, Account of, 403 BELLEGARDE's Models of Conver facion,

206 Belloy's Siege of Calais, 83

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CANDID Refutation of the Prin,

ciples, &c. - Review of the New Ade miniftration,

483 A 2 CARRots,

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