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him to move from place to place with extraordi- began lo utter yells of disapprobation. Peterbonary frequency, and always as if in a hurry; but, rough looked from the window and exclaimed, as has been well observed in the passage already “Gentlemen, I will prove to you that you are quoted from lord Orford's “ Noble Authors," mistaken ; and that I am not the duke of Marlbo

even particularities were becoming in him, as rough. In the first place, I have but five guineas he had a natural ease that immediately adopted in my pocket; in the next, they are very much and saved them from the air of affectation.” We at your service.” So saying, he threw the money cannot, therefore, be surprised to find that he suc

among them,and their yells were instantly changed ceeded in attaching to himself all persons among to shouts of applause. But we have better proof whom he chose familiarly to converse : or that, of the liberality of lord Peterborough than is afforduniting to these elegances of manner a pleasing ed here. His refusal to accept compensation for countenance, and a light though rather diminutive the loss of his baggage in Spain, the promptitude figure, he should have been a great favourite with with which he was ever ready to expend his last that sex to which he professed especial devotion. shilling in the public service; these, with a variety

Peterborough was generous, even to profusion ; of acts of private beneficence, bear full testimony and, as a necessary consequence, always in em- to his open-heartedness. He was a strange combarrassed circumstances. The common people, pound of great and little qualities ; of magnanimity of course, esteemed him highly on this account; and meanness; of patriotism and party prejudice: for there is no quality which more surely wins the forming altogether at once the most selfish and hearts of the multitude ; and they did not fail, es- the most disinterested public character of his own, pecially towards the end of queen Anne's reign, or, perhaps, of any other age. to draw many and invidious comparisons between Peterborough was twice married: first, to Carey, his conduct in money matters, and that of the illus- daughter of sir Alexander Frazer, who died in the trious Marlborough. That Peterborough felt the year 1709, after bringing him two sons and two advantage which he so far possessed over his rival, daughters; and next, in 1735, only a few months and was not always careful to use it with modera- previous to his decease, to Anastasia Robinson, a tion, the following anecdote will show :-It chanc- celebrated singer at the theatre. Of the latter ed, after Marlborough had fallen into disgrace, that union he was himself evidently ashamed; and it a crowd, mistaking Peterborough's carriage for is more than once painfully alluded to by his corthe duke's, surrounded it in a hostile manner, and respondents who survived him.

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The writer of this trifling volume was suddenly sentenced, in the cold evening of his life, to drink the mineral waters of one of the bubbling springs, or brunnens, of Nassau. In his own opinion, his constitution was not worth so troublesome a repair; but, being outvoted, he bowed and departed.

On reaching the point of his destination, he found not only water-bibbing-bathing-and ambulation to be the orders of the day, but it was moreover insisted upon, that the mind was to be relaxed inversely as the body was to be strengthened. During this severe regimen, he was driven to amuse himself in his old age by blowing, as he toddled about, a few literary Bubbles. His hasty sketches of whatever chanced for the moment to please either his eyes, or his mind, were only made--because he had nothing else in the whole world to do; and he now offers them to that vast and highly respectable class of people who read from exactly the self-same motive.

The critic must, of course, declare this production to be vain-empty-light-hollow --superficial. ..... but it is the nature of Bubbles to be so.

of trunks, black portmanteaus, and gaudy carpet bags which had threatened at first to obstruct my prospect were rapidly stowed away; and, as the vessel, hissing and smoking, glided, or rather scuffled, by Deptford, Greenwich, Woolwich, etc., a very motley group of fellow-passengers were all occupied in making remarks of more or less im portance. Some justly prided themselves on being able to read aloud inscriptions on shore, which others had declared, from their immense distance, to be illegible ;-some, bending forward, modestly asked for information ; some, standing particularly upright, pompously imparted it; at times, wondering eyes, both male and female, were seen radiating in all directions; then all were concentrated on an approaching sister steam-boat, which, steering an opposite course, soon rapidly passed us ; the gilt figure at her head, the splashing of the paddles, and the name written on her stern, occasioning observations which burst into existence nearly as simultaneously as the thunder and lightning of heaven ;-handkerchiefs were waved,and bipeds of both sexes seemed to be delighted, save and except one mild, gloomy, inquisitive little man, who went bleating like a lamb from one fellowpassenger to another, without getting even from me any answer to his harmless question," whether we had or had not passed yet the men hanging in chains ?"

As soon as we got below Gravesend, the small volume of life which, with feelings of good-fellowship to all men, I had thus been calmly reviewing, began to assume a graver tone; and, as page after page presented itself to my notice, I observed that notes of interrogation and marks of admiration were types not so often to be met with, as the comma, the colon .. and, above all .. the full stop.

The wind, as it freshened with the sun, seemed to check all exuberance of fancy; and, as the puny river-wave rose, conversation around me lulled and lulled into a dead calm. A few people, particularly some ladies, suddenly at last broke silence, giving utterance to a mass of heavy matter-of-fact ejaculations, directed rather to fishes than to men. Certain colours in the picture now began rapidly to alter—the red rose gradually looked like the lily -brown skin changed itself into dirty yellow, and I observed two heavy cheeks of warm, comfortable, fat flesh gradually assume the appearance of cold wrinkled tallow. Off Margate, a sort of hole-andcorner system very soon began to prevail, and one human being after another slowly descending heels

“ The earth hath bubbles, as the water has, And these are of them."

Macbeth, Act I., Scene 3.



By the time I reached the Custom-house Stairs, the paddles of the Rotterdam steam-boat were actually in motion, and I had scarcely hurried across a plank, when I heard it fall splash into the muddy water which separated me farther and farther from the wharf. Still later than myself, passengers were now seen chasing the vessel in boats, and there was a confusion on deck, which I gladly availed myself of, by securing, close to the helmsman, a corner, where, muffled in the ample folds of an old boatcloak, I felt 1 inight quietly enjoy an incognito : for, as the sole object of my expedition was to do myself as much good and as little harm as possible, I considered it would be a pity to wear out my constitution by any travelling exclamations in the Thames.

The hatches being now opened, the huge pile

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foremost, vanished from deck into a sub-stratum, slowly returned to my nook, and all being obscure, or infernal region, where there was moaning and except just the red, rough countenance of the groaning and gnashing of teeth ; and, as head helmsman, feebly illuminated by the light in the after head thus solemnly sunk from my view, I binnacle, I laid myself down, and sometimes nodgradually threw aside the folds of my ægis, until ding a little and sometimes dozing, I enjoyed for finding myself alone, I hailed and inhaled with

many hours a sort of half sleep, of which I stood pleasure the cool fresh breeze which had thus in no little need. caused me to be left, as I wished to be, by myself. As soon as we had crossed the Briell, the vessel

The gale now delightfully increased—(ages ago being at once in smooth water, the passengers I had been too often exposed to it to suffer from successively emerged from their graves below, its effect);-and, as wave after wave became

until, in a couple of hours, their ghastly countotipt with white, there flitted before my mind a nances all were on deck. hundred recollections chasing one another, which A bell, as if in hysterics, now rang most vioI never thought to have re-enjoyed ;-occasionally lently, as a signal to the town of Rotterdam. The they were interrupted by the salt spray, and as it word of command, “STOP HER!” was loudly dashed into my face, I felt my grizzled eyebrows vociferated by a bluff, short, Dirk Halteraickcurl themselves up as if they wished me once looking pilot, who had come on board off the again to view the world in the prismatic colours of Briell. “Stop her!” was just heard saintly echoed “Auld lang syne.” Already was my cure half from below, by the invisible exhausted sallow effected, and the soot of London, being thus wash- being who had had, during the voyage, charge of ed from my brow, I felt a re-animation of mind the engine. The paddles, in obedience to the and a vigour of frame which made me long for the mandate, ceased—then gave two turns-ceased, moment when, like the sun bursting from behind -turned once again-paused, -gave one last a cloud, I might cast aside my shadowy mantle : struggle, when, our voyage being over, the vessel's however, I never moved from my nook, until the side slightly bumped against the pier. darkness of night at last encouraging me, without With a noise like one of Congreve's rockets, the fear of observation, to walk the deck, “ I paced now useless steam was immediately exploded by along upon the giddy footing of the hatches,” till the pale being below, and, in a few seconds, half tired of these vibrations, I stood for a few moments the passengers were seen on shore, hurrying in at the gangway.

different directions about a town full of canals and There was no moon—a star only here and there spirit-shops. was to be seen; yet, as the fire-propelled vessel “Compared with Greece and Italy–Holland cut her way, the paddles, by shivering in succes- is but a platter-faced, cold-gin-and-water country, sion each wave to atoms, produced a phosphoric after all !” said I to myself, as I entered the great sparkling, resembling immense lanterns at her gate of the Hôtel des Pays-Bas ; "and a heavy, side ; and while these beacons distinctly proclaim- barge-built, web-footed race are its inhabitants,” I ed where the vessel actually was, a pale shining added, as I passed a huge amphibious wench on stream of light issued from her keel, which, for a the stairs, who, with her stern towards me, was ship’s length or two, told fainter and fainter where sluicing the windows with water : "however, there she had been.

is fresh air, and that, with solitude, is all I here The ideas which rushed into the mind, on con- desire !” This frail sentimental sentence was hard. templating by night, out of sight of land, the sea, ly concluded, when a Dutch waiter (whose figure I are as dark, as mysterious, as unfathornable, and will not misrepresent by calling him “garçon") as indescribable as the vast ocean itself. One sees popped a long carte, or bill of fare, into my but little-yet that little, caught here and there, hands, which severely reproved me for having so much resembles some of the attributes of the many other wants besides those so simply expressGreat Power which created us, that the mind, ed in my soliloquy. trembling under the immensity of the conceptions As I did not feel equal to appearing in public, I it engenders, is lost in feelings which human beings had dinner apart in my own room; and, as soon as cannot impart to each other. In the hurricane I came to that part of the ceremony called dessert, which one meets with in southern latitudes, most I gradually raised my eyes from the field of battle, of us have probably looked in vain for the waves until, leaning backwards in my chair to ruminate, which have been described to be “ mountain I could not help first admiring, for a few moments, high;” but, though the outline has been exagge- the height and immense size of an apartment, in rated, is there not a terror in the filling in of the which there seemed to be elbow-room for a giant. picture which no human artist can delineate ? and Close before the window was the great river in the raging of the tempest—in the darkness upon whose glassy surface I had often and often which the lightning makes visible—who is there been a traveller ; and, flowing beneath me, it ocamong us that has not fancied he has caught a curred to me, as I sipped my wine, that in its shadow of the wrath, and a momentary glimmer- transit, or course of existence, it had attained at ing of the mercy, of the Almighty ?

Rotterdam, as nearly as possible, the same period Impressed with these hackneyed feelings, I in its life as my own. Its birth, its froward infan


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