The poetical works of lord Byron, with notes, Том 9

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Страница 197 - There is some soul of goodness in things evil, Would men observingly distil it out, For our bad neighbour makes us early stirrers, Which is both healthful, and good husbandry : Besides, they are our outward consciences, And preachers to us all ; admonishing, That we should 'dress us fairly for our end.
Страница 264 - Whosoever hath any thing fixed in his person that doth induce contempt, hath also a perpetual spur in himself to rescue and deliver himself from scorn...
Страница 16 - ... The loftier they uplifted me ; and oft, In wantonness of spirit, plunging down Into their green and glassy gulfs, and making My way to shells and sea-weed, all unseen By those above, till they wax'd fearful ; then Returning with my grasp full of such tokens As...
Страница 110 - I accept with feelings of great obligation the flattering proposal of Lord Byron to prefix my name to the very grand and tremendous drama of Cain. I may be partial to it, and you will allow I have cause; but I do not know that his Muse has ever taken so lofty a flight amid her former soarings.
Страница 120 - What had / done in this ? — I was unborn : I sought not to be born ; nor love the state To which that birth has brought me. Why did he Yield to the serpent and the woman ? or. Yielding, why suffer ? What was there in this ? The tree was planted, and why not for him ? If not, why place him near it, where it grew, The fairest in the centre ? They have but One answer to all questions, " 'Twas His will, And He is good.
Страница 196 - Cain is a proud man : if Lucifer promised him kingdom, &c. it would elate him : the object of the Demon is to depress him still further in his own estimation than he was before, by showing him infinite things and his own abasement, till he falls into the frame of mind that leads to the catastrophe, from mere internal irritation, not premeditation, or envy of Abel (which would have made him contemptible), but from the rage and fury against the inadequacy of his state to his conceptions, and which...
Страница 218 - Deformity is daring. It is its essence to o'ertake mankind By heart and soul, and make itself the equal — Aye, the superior of the rest. There is A spur in its halt movements, to become All that the others cannot, in such things As still are free to both, to compensate For stepdame Nature's avarice at first.
Страница 16 - Which kiss'd it like a wine-cup, rising o'er The waves as they arose, and prouder still The loftier they uplifted me...
Страница 123 - Souls who dare use their immortality — Souls who dare look the Omnipotent tyrant in His everlasting face, and tell him that His evil is not good...