Therapeutics and materia medica v.2, Том 2

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Страница 159 - As nitrous oxide in its extensive operation appears capable of destroying physical pain, it may probably be used with advantage during surgical operations in which no great effusion of blood takes place.
Страница 321 - I could also calculate, that if six grains had no effect, twelve could not be deadly, when the stomach had been so well cleared out. Presently my limbs became chill, with a vague feeling of discomfort. But warmth to the feet relieved this, and a sinapism over the whole abdomen was peculiarly grateful when it began to act. Soon afterwards the pulse improved in volume, but not in regularity. I was now able to turn in bed, and happening to get upon the...
Страница 694 - ... inflammation of the spinal cord and its meninges, and we have obtained a greater success than we had dared to hope for. Whatever be the value of our experiments on animals as regards the mode of action of these remedies, it is now certain that they have really a great power in diminishing the amount of blood in the spinal cord and its membranes.
Страница 307 - When the action of the drug is carried to a fatal extent, the individual becomes entirely blind, deaf and speechless. He either retains his consciousness to the last, or is affected with slight wandering delirium, the pupils are dilated, general muscular tremors, or even slight convulsions, supervene ; the pulse becomes imperceptible, both at the wrist and heart ; the temperature of the surface sinks still lower than before, and at length, after a few hurried gasps, death by syncope takes place.
Страница 307 - The sensibility of the surface is still farther diminished ; lancinating pains in the joints are occasionally complained of; the headache, vertigo, and dimness of vision, are aggravated ; the countenance grows pale and anxious ; the muscular feebleness increases ; the voice becomes weak, and the individual is frequently impressed with the dread of approaching dissolution. Occasionally, the pulse is reduced still further in strength and frequency, perhaps falling to 40, or even 36 beats per minute,...
Страница 813 - These poison-eaters (toxicophagi) have a double aim ; first, they wish to give themselves, by this dangerous habit, a fresh and healthy appearance, and a certain degree of embonpoint. Many of the peasant girls, and even the men, have recourse to this expedient from coquetry and a desire to please ; and it is remarkable what success they attain, for the young toxicophagi are distinguished by the freshness of their complexion and by the aspect of flourishing health. The following is one of many instances....
Страница 320 - On getting up in the morning I carefully chewed and swallowed twice as much, viz. the fourth of a seed, which originally weighed forty-eight grains. A slight giddiness, which occurred in fifteen minutes, was ascribed to the force of the imagination ; and I proceeded to take a warm shower bath; which process, with the subsequent scrubbing, might take up five or six minutes more.
Страница 684 - It appears to be injurious to the child at all times; for in every case in which I have seen it exhibited, the child has been stillborn, and in the greater part of them it was not possible to restore it to life.
Страница 111 - ... of alcohol. During the last six months, a great number of persons have drunk of the solution of chloric ether in my laboratory, not only very freely but frequently to the point of intoxication ; and so far as I have observed, it has appeared to be singularly grateful, both to the palate and stomach, producing promptly a lively flow of animal spirits, and consequent loquacity ; and leaving, after its operation, little of that depression consequent to the use of ardent spirits.
Страница 721 - ... notice : Dilated pupils, flushed face, quickened pulse, heat and dryness of the skin, spasm of the facial muscles, convulsions, itching of the nares, nausea rising into the throat, burning red cheeks and lips, and marked abdominal pains.) Dr. Stille, an acute old-school observer, mentions the fact that there is a state of intestinal derangement presenting all the symptoms of lumbricoid ascarides, which is most frequently observed among strumous, feeble children. Then he mentions a list of symptoms...