If the Shoe Fits, Wear It

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Learn to heal yourself and others.

Are You a Healer?

Everyone has the ability to heal but most people do not pay attention to this wondrous skill. To heal with energy is to believe the spiritual truism that energy comes first and all else stems from it. Most people believe in the world that they see with their eyes but not the internal world that they feel with their hearts and spirit. It is your energy that creates who you are and what happens to you.

Who can be a healer?

Everyone is a healer. All of us are Light Beings. Each one of us holds the magical key of reaching the healer within, the part of you that is whole and always in touch with the oneness of the universe, which is what we call your Higher Self. Healing is the art of bringing a person's energy back to a true balance. We all have the ability to heal ourselves, and others.

Energetic Healing introduces you to the skills of being able to diagnose to heal; to understand the nature of Karma and Free Will; to heal without taking on the other person's pain, energy or problem; and to heal from a place of neutral cosmic love.

Healing is a very powerful skill. It is the type of skill you will get to practice more than any other skill since people seem always to be encountering one healing problem or another in life! You do not have to become a professional Healer or a full time healer to practice the art of healing. There is always some type of healing to be done. Sometimes it is a healing of a physical problem but it can also be a healing of an emotional, mental or spiritual nature too.

What the Healer learns from Healing:

Healing is the ability to change or shift energy. If you can shift your own energy or someone else's to heal yourself of a physical problem you can also shift your energy to "heal" yourself of an emotional, mental, financial or spiritual problem too. Many people study Energetic Medicine, and go on in life to use these skills to improve their financial situation, to create better relationships with spouses and family members, to change outmoded, rigid or stuck ways of thinking, to clear old emotional patterns and f


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