Manual of Physical Training for Use in the United States Army

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Страница 92 - At the command march, raise the forearms, fingers closed, to a horizontal position along the waist line; take up an easy run with the step and cadence of double time, allowing a natural swinging motion to the arms.
Страница 20 - Hips level and drawn back slightly; body erect and resting equally on hips; chest lifted and arched; shoulders square and falling equally. Arms and hands hanging naturally, thumb along the seam of the trousers.
Страница 3 - This manual is published for the information and government of the Regular Army and Organized Militia of the United States.
Страница 23 - Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the rear rank, in the order named, move straight to the front, each stepping off so as to follow the preceding man at 4 paces. The command halt is given when all have their distances.
Страница 22 - The instructor then commands-: COUNT OFF. At this command all except the right file execute eyes right, and beginning on the right, the men in each rank count one, two, three, four; each man turns his head and eyes to the front as he counts.
Страница 92 - To resume the quick time: 1. Quick time, 2. MARCH. At the command march, given as either foot strikes the ground, advance and plant the other foot in double time; resume the quick time, dropping the hands by the sides. To Mark Time. 65. Being in march: 1. Mark time, 2. MARCH. At the command march...
Страница 17 - The preparatory command should be given at such an interval of time before the command of execution as to admit of being properly understood; the command of execution should be given at the instant the movement is to commence.
Страница 92 - The instructor, when necessary, indicates the cadence of the step by calling one, two, three four, or left, right, the instant the left and right foot, respectively, should be planted.
Страница 299 - ... is the vanquishing of an opponent. The men are pitted against each other in pairs; age, height, weight, and general physical aptitude being the determining factors in the selection. In the contests in which superiority is dependent upon skill and .agility no restrictions need be placed upon the efforts of the contestants; but in those that are a test of strength and endurance it is well to call a contest a "draw...
Страница 32 - ... 1. Hands on hips, 2. PLACE, 3. QUARTER BEND KNEES. Two counts; repeat 8 to 10 times, Fig. 11. The knees are flexed until the point of the knee is directly over the toes ; whole foot remains on ground ; heels closed ; head and body erect; execute moderately fast, emphasizing the extension; breathe naturally.