Collectanea Curiosa: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts, Relating to the History and Antiquities of England and Ireland, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and a Variety of Other Subjects, Том 1

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Clarendon Press, 1781

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Страница 335 - Convocation: — but among many other considerations, from this especially, because that Declaration is founded upon such a dispensing power, as hath often been declared illegal in Parliament; and particularly in the years 1662 and 1672, and in the beginning of your Majesty's reign...
Страница 92 - If I have any power or credit with you, I pray you let me have a trial of it at this time, in dealing sincerely and earnestly with the king, that sir Walter Raleigh's life may not be called in question.
Страница 388 - ... more especially, that they have a very tender regard to our brethren the Protestant Dissenters; that upon occasion offered, they visit them at their houses, and receive them kindly at their own, and treat them fairly wherever they meet them...
Страница 296 - We have caufed thefe Our letters to be made " Patent. Witnefs Ourfelf at Weftminfter, the " nineteenth of January, in the firfl year of Our
Страница 388 - And in order hereunto, that they take all opportunities of assuring and convincing them, that the Bishops of this church are really and sincerely irreconcilable enemies to the errors, superstitions, idolatries, and tyrannies of the church of Rome ; and that the very unkind jealousies which some have had of us to the contrary, were altogether groundless. And, in the last place, that they warmly and...
Страница 446 - That the thanks of this Houfe be given to the Clergy of the Church of England, who have preached and written againft Popery, and refufed to read (in their Churches) the King's Declaration for Toleration, in oppofition to the pretended difpenfing power, claimed in the late reigne of King James the lid : And have oppofed the illegal Ecclefiaftical Commiflion.
Страница 335 - ... and in the beginning of your Majesty's reign ; and is a matter of so great moment and consequence to the whole nation, both in church and state, that your petitioners cannot, in prudence, honour, or...
Страница 346 - I wrote this petition, and that this is my hand.' Then the lord chancellor asked each of the bishops ; and they all acknowledged their hands, and that they delivered this petition. Then they were commanded to withdraw. After a while, they were called in a third time. Then the lord chancellor told them, ' It is his majesty's pleasure to have you proceeded against for this Stition ; but it shall be with all fairness at Westminster all.
Страница 334 - That the great averseness they find in themselves to the distributing and publishing in all their churches your Majesty's late declaration for liberty of conscience proceedeth neither from any want of duty and obedience to your Majesty, our holy mother, the Church of England, being both in her principles and constant practice unquestionably loyal...
Страница 388 - And, in the last place, that they warmly and most affectionately exhort them to join with us in daily fervent prayer to the God of peace for an universal blessed union of all reformed churches, both at home and abroad, against our common enemies...