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Belgia receives him welcome to her shores ;
And William's death with leffen'd grief deplores :
His prefence only must retrieve that lofs;
Marlborough to her must be what William was.
So when great Atlas, from thefe low abodes
Recall'd, was gather'd to his kindred gods;
Alcides, refpited by prudent Fate,

Sustain'd the ball, nor droop'd beneath the weight.
Secret and swift behold the Chief advance;

Sees half the empire join'd, and friend to France:
The British general dooms the fight; his sword
Dreadful he draws; the captains wait the word.
Anne and St. George the charging hero cries :
Shrill echo from the neighbouring wood replies
Anne and St. George. At that aufpicious fign
The standards move; the adverse armies join.
Of eight great hours, Time measures out the fands;
And Europe's fate in doubtful balance stands :
The ninth, Victoria comes:-o'er Marlborough's head
Confefs'd the fits; the hoftile troops recede :-
Triumphs the Goddess, from her promise freed.
The eagle, by the British lion's might
Unchain'd and free, directs her upward flight:
Nor did fhe e'er with stronger pinions foar
From Tyber's bank, than now from Danube's fhore.
Fir'd with the thoughts which these ideas raise,
And great ambition of my country's praise;
The English Muse should like the Mantuan rise,
Scornful of earth and clouds, fhould reach the fkies,
With wonder (though with envy still) pursued by

human eyes.

But we must change the style — just now I faid,
I ne'er was mafter of the tuneful trade;

Or the fmall genius which my youth could boast,
In profe and bufinefs lies extinct and loft:
Bless'd, if I may fome younger Muse excite ;
Point out the game, and animate the flight;
That, from Marseilles to Calais, France may know,
As we have conquerors, we have poets too;
And either laurel does in Britain grow;

That, though among ourselves, with too much heat,
We fometimes wrangle, when we should debate;
(A confequential ill which freedom draws;

A bad effect, but from a noble caufe ;)
We can with univerfal zeal advance,
To curb the faithlefs arrogance of France;
Nor ever fhall Britannia's fons refuse
To answer to thy Mafter or thy Mufe;
Nor want juft fubject for victorious strains,
While Marlborough's arm eternal laurels gains ;
And where old Spenfer fung, a new Elifa reigns,

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Upon this Paffage in the SCALIGERIANA.


"Les Allemans ne ce foucient pas quel Vin ils boivent pourveu que ce foit Vin, ni quel Latin ils parlent 66 pourveu que ce foit Latin."

WHEN you with High-Dutch Heeren dine,

Expect falfe Latin, and ftumm'd wine :

They never tafte, who always drink;
They always talk, who never think.

Five Years old, 1704;

The AUTHOR then Forty.


LORDS, knights, and 'fquires, the numerous band,

That wear the fair Mifs. Mary's fetters,

Were fummon'd by her high command,
To fhew their paffions by their letters..

My pen amongst the rest I took,

Left those bright eyes that cannot read
Should dart their kindling fires, and look
The power they have to be obey'd.

Nor quality, nor reputation,

Forbid me yet my flame to tell,

Dear five years old befriends my paffion,

And I


write till she can spell.


For, while the makes her filk-worms beds.
With all the tender things I fwear;
Whilft all the house my paffion reads,
In papers round her baby's hair ;-


She may receive and own my flame,

For, though the ftricteft prudes should know it She 'll pafs for a moft virtuous dame,

And I for an unhappy poet.

VI. Then


Then too, alas! when the shall tear
The lines fome younger rival fends,
She 'll give me leave to write, I fear,
And we fhall fill continue friends.


For, as our different ages move,

'Tis fo ordain'd, (would Fate but mend it!) That I shall be past making love,

When she begins to comprehend it.





HE fturdy Man, if he in love obtains,
In open pomp and triumph reigns:

The fubtile Woman, if the should fucceed,
Difowns the honour of the deed.


Though He, for all his boaft, is forc'd to yield,
Though She can always keep the field :

He vaunts his conquefts, the conceals her shame;
How Partial is the voice of Fame !

[blocks in formation]

For the PLAN of a FOUNTAIN,


The Effigies of the QUEEN on a Triumphal Arch ;

The Figure of the DUKE of MARLBOROUGH beneath;


The chief Rivers of the World round the whole Work.


E active streams, where-e'er your waters flow, Let diftant climes and furtheft nations know, What ye from Thames and Danube have been taught, How Anne commanded, and how Marlborough fought.

Quæcunque æterno properatis, flumina, lapfu,
Divifis latè terris, populifque remotis,

Dicite, nam vobis Tamefis narravit & Ister,
Anna quid imperiis potuit, quid Marlburus armis..




S the Cameleon, who is known
To have no colours of his own;
But borrows from his neighbour's hue
His white or black, his green or blue;
And ftruts as much in ready light,
Which credit gives him upon fight,.
As if the rain-bow were in tail
Settled on him and his heirs male;


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