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Déja jufques à fes portes.
Je voi monter nos cohortes,

La flame & le fer en main :
Et fur les monceaux de piques,

De corps morts, de rocs, de briques,
S'ouvrir un large chemin.


C'en eft fait. Je viens d'entendre
Sur ces rochers éperdus

Battre un fignal pour se rendre ;
Le feu ceffe. Ils font rendus.
Dépoüillez vôtre arrogance,
Fiers enemis de la France,
Et deformais gracieux,
Allez à Liege, à Bruxelles,
Porter les humbles novelles
De Namur pris à vos yeux.

Your ode is fpoilt; Namur is freed;
For Dixmuyd fomething yet is due :
So good court Guifcard may proceed;

But Boufflers, Sir, one word with you.→→→

'Tis done. In fight of these commanders,
Who neither fight, nor raife the fiege,
The foes of France march fafe through Flanders;
Divide to Bruxelles, or to Liege.

Send, Fame, this news to Trianon,

That Boufflers may new honours gain
He the fame play by land has shewn,
As Tourville did upon the main.
Yet is the Marshal made a peer:
O William, may thy arms advance !
That he may lose Dinant next year,
And fo be conftable of France.

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HE merchant, to fecure his treasure,
Conveys it in a borrow'd name :
Euphelia ferves to grace my measure;
But Cloe is my real flame.


My fofteft verfe, my darling lyre,

Upon Euphelia's toilet lay;

When Cloe noted her defire,

That I should fing, that I should play.


My lyre I tune, my voice I raise,
But with my numbers mix my fighs;
And, whilft I fing Euphelia's praise,
I fix my foul on Cloe's eyes.


Fair Cloe blush'd: Euphelia frown'd:

I fung, and gaz'd: I play'd, and trembled: And Venus to the Loves around

Remark'd, how ill we all diffembled.


Prefented to the KING, at his Arrival in HOLLAND, after the Discovery of the CONSPIRACY, 1696.

"Serus in cœlum redeas, diúque

"Lætus interfis populo Quirini :
"Néve te noftris vitiis iniquum

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YE careful angels, whom eternal Fate

Ordains, on earth and human acts to wait;
Who turn with fecret power this restless ball,
And bid predeftin'd empires rife and fall:
Your facred aid religious monarchs own;
When first they merit, then ascend the throne:
But tyrants dread you, left your juft decree
Transfer the power, and fet the people free.
See refcued Britain at your altars bow;
And hear her hymns your happy care avow:
That ftill her axes and her rods fupport
The judge's frown, and grace the awful court;
That Law with all her pompous terror stands,
To wreft the dagger from the traitor's hands;
And rigid Juftice reads the fatal word,
Poifes the balance firft, then draws the fword.
Britain her fafety to your guidance owns,
That the can feparate particides from fons ;
That, impious rage difarm'd, the lives and reigns,
Her freedom kept by him, who broke her chains.

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And thou, great minifter, above the reft Of guardian spirits, be thou for ever bleft; Thou who of old waft fent to Ifrael's court, With fecret aid great David's strong support, To mock the frantic rage of cruel Saul, And strike the useless javelin to the wall. Thy later care o'er William's temples held, On Boyne's propitious banks, the heavenly shield When power divine did fovereign right declare; And cannons mark'd whom they were bid to spare.

Still, bleffed angel, be thy care the fame ! Be William's life untouch'd, as is his fame! Let him own thine, as Britain owns his hand : Save thou the King, as he has fav'd the land !

We angels' forms in pious monarchs view;
We reverence William; for he acts like you;
Like you, commiffion'd to chaftife and bless,
He muft avenge the world, and give it peace.

Indulgent Fate our potent prayer receives;
And ftill Britannia fmiles, and William lives.
The hero dear to earth, by heaven belov'd,
By troubles must be vex'd, by dangers prov'd :
His foes muft aid, to make his fame compleat,
And fix his throne fecure on their defeat.

So, though with fudden rage the tempeft comes; Though the winds roar; and though the water foams; Imperial Britain on the fea looks down,

And fmiling fees her rebel-fubjects frown.

Striking her cliff, the ftorm confirms her power;
The waves but whiten her triumphant shore;

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