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Could prayers or fighs the dauntless hero move? Arm'd with Heaven's juftice, and his people's love, Through the first waves he wing'd his venturous way, And on the adverfe fhore arofe,

(Ten thoufand flying deaths in vain oppose).
Like the great Ruler of the day,

With strength and swiftnefs mounting from the fea :.
Like him all day he toil'd; but long in night
The god had eas'd his wearied light,

Ere vengeance left the ftubborn foes,
Or William's labours found repose !
When his troops faulter'd, ftept not he between?
Reftor'd the dubious fight again,

Mark'd out the coward that durft fly,
And led the fainting brave to Victory!

Still as he fled him, did he not o'ertake

Her doubtful course, ftill brought her bleeding back ›-
By his keen fword did not the boldest fall ?-
Was he not king, commander, foldier, all?-
His dangers such as, with becoming dread,
His fubjects yet unborn fhall weep to read?
And were not thofe the only days that e'er

The pious prince refus'd to hear
His friends' advices, or his fubjects' prayer?


Where'er old Rhine his fruitful water turns,.
Or fills his vaffals' tributary urns;

To Belgia's fav'd dominions, and the fea,
Whofe righted waves rejoice in William's fway;

Is there a town where children are not taught,
Here Holland profper'd, for here Orange fought;
Through rapid waters, and through flying fire,

Here rush'd the prince, here made whole France retire? By different nations be his valour bleft,

In different languages confeft;

And then let Shannon speak the rest:
Let Shannon fpeak, how on her wondering fhore,
When Conqueft hovering on his arms did wait,
And only afk'd fome lives to bribe her o'er;
The god-like man, the more than conqueror,
With high contempt fent back the fpecious bait;:
And, fcorning glory at a price too great,
With fo much power, fuch piety did join,
As made a perfect virtue foar

A pitch unknown to man before;
And lifted Shannon's waves o'er thofe of Boyne.

Nor do his fubjects only share

The profperous fruits of his indulgent reign;
His enemies approve the pious war,

Which, with their weapon, takes away their chain.
More than his fword his goodness ftrikes his foes;
They blefs his arms, and figh they muft oppofe..
Juftice and freedom on his conquefts wait;
And 'tis for man's delight that he is great :
Succeeding times fhall with long joy contend,
If he were more a victor, or a friend :

So much his courage and his mercy ftrive,

He wounds, to cure; and conquers, to forgive..



Ye heroes, that have fought your country's cause,
Redrefs'd her injuries, or form'd her laws,
To my adventurous fong just witness bear,
Affift the pious Mufe, and hear her swear ;
That 'tis no Poet's thought, no flight of youth,
But folid ftory, and severest truth,
That William treasures up a greater name,
Than any country, any age, can boast:
And all that ancient ftock of fame
He did from his fore-fathers take,

He has improv'd, and gives with interest back ;
And in his conftellation does unite

Their scatter'd rays of fainter light :

Above or Envy's lash, or Fortune's wheel
That fettled glory fhall for ever dwell:
Above the rolling orbs, and common sky,
Where nothing comes that e'er fhall die.

Where roves the Mufe? Where, thoughtless to return,
Is her fhort-liv'd veffel borne,

By potent winds too fubject to be tost,

And in the fea of William's praises loft?

Nor let her tempt that deep, nor make the fhore,
Where our abandon'd youth fhe fees,
Shipwreck'd in luxury, and loft in eafe;
Whom nor Britannia's danger can alarm,

Nor William's exemplary virtue warm:
Tell them, howe'er, the king can yet forgive
Their guilty floth, their homage yet receive,
And let their wounded honour live:

But fure and fudden be their just remorse;
"Swift be their virtue's rife, and ftrong its courfe ;
For though for certain years and destin'd times,
Merit has lain confus'd with crimes;

Though Jove feem'd negligent of human cares,
Nor fcburg'd our follies, nor return'd our prayers,
His juftice now demands the equal fcales,
Sedition is fupprefs'd, and truth prevails :
Fate its great ends by flow degrees attains,
And Europe is redeem'd, and William reigns.

HYMN to the SUN. Set by Dr. H. PURCELL. And intended to be fung before their MAJESTIES on New-year's day, 1693-4.


LIGHT of the world, and ruler of the year,

With happy fpeed begin thy great career;

And, as thou doft thy radiant journies run,
Through every distant climate own,

That in fair Albion thou haft feen

The greatest prince, the brighteft queen, That ever fav'd a land, or bleft a throne,

Since first thy beams were fpread, or genial power was known.


So may thy godhead be confeft,
So the returning year be blèft,


As his infant months beftow

Springing wreaths for William's brow;
As his fummer's youth shall shed
Eternal fweets around Maria's head.
From the bleffings they beftow,

Our times are dated, and our æra's move:
They govern and enlighten all below,
As thou doft all above.


Let our hero in the war

Active and fierce, like thee, appear:

Like thee, great fon of Jove, like thee
When, clad in rifing majefty,

Thou marchest down o'er Delos' hills confeft,
With all thy arrows arm'd, in all thy glory dreft.
Like thee, the hero does his arms employ,

The raging Python to destroy,

And give the injur'd nations peace and joy.


From fairest years, and time's more happy stores,
Gather all the finiling hours ;

Such as with friendly care have guarded
Patriots and kings in rightful wars;
Such as with conqueft have rewarded
Triumphant victors' happy cares ;

Such as ftory has recorded
Sacred to Naffau's long renown,
For countries fav'd, and battles won.

V. March

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