Basic Field Manual ...: Military courtesy. chapter 2. Personal hygiene. chapter 3. Equipment. chapter 4. Physical training. chapter 5. Map and serial photograph reading. chapter 6. Sketching. chapter 8. Defence against chemical attack. chapter 9. Scouting

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1936

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Страница 18 - seconds of vertical pressure on the lower ribs of the patient the force is felt to be sufficient to compress the parts, then the weight is suddenly removed. If there is danger of not returning the hands to the right position, they may remain lightly in place, but it is usually better to remove the hands entirely.
Страница 9 - (a) Scalp.—Apply pressure with the tips of the fingers in front of the ear just above where the lower jaw can be felt working in its socket. A branch of the temporal artery crosses the temple on a line between the upper border of the ear and the upper border of the eyebrow.
Страница 28 - guide the horse; otherwise, a lean-back may be provided, made of a blanket roll, a pillow, or a bag filled with leaves or grass. If the patient is very weak, the lean-back may be made of a sapling bent into an arch over the cantle of the saddle, its ends securely fastened.
Страница 18 - his hands, with the thumb nearly parallel to the fingers so that the little finger curls over the end of the lowest rib. The lower margin of the hand must be free from the pelvis and resting on the lowest rib. The ribs can be more easily located and the pelvis avoided by operating on the bare back of the patient.
Страница 17 - minutes is generally fatal, but an effort to revive the apparently drowned should always be made unless it is known that the body has been under water for a long time. It is very important that artificial respiration be
Страница 15 - Fracture of the upper arm.—Apply two splints, one in front, and the other behind, if the lower part of the bone is broken ; apply to the inner and outer sides, if the fracture is in the middle or upper part ; support by a sling.
Страница 27 - In lowering the patient the motions are reversed. Should the patient be wounded in such a manner as to require these motions to be conducted from the right side instead of left, as laid down, the change is simply one of
Страница 14 - chance for recovery. All fractures or suspected fracture cases should be handled gently. It Is equally as important to know what not to do as to know what to do. In certain cases immediate movement or transportation Is very detrimental and first-aid treatment should be administered and medical assistance brought to the patient rather than an attempt made to transport him to the
Страница 8 - fingers or anything else. Still holding one roll of the bandage in each hand, apply the compress to the wound, then wrap the bandage around the limb or part and tie the ends together or fasten with safety pins. The second compress
Страница 18 - from the spine and the fingers nearly out of sight. The fingers help some, but the chief pressure is exerted by the heels of the hands, the weight coming straight from the shoulder.