Propaganda and the Ethics of Persuasion

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Broadview Press, 2.08.2002 г. - 328 страници
This book aims to develop a sophisticated understanding of propaganda. It begins with a brief history of early Western propaganda, including Ancient Greek classical theories of rhetoric and the art of persuasion, and traces its development through the Christian era, the rise of the nation-state, World War I, Nazism, and Communism. The core of the book examines the ethical implications of various forms of persuasion, not only hate propaganda but also insidious elements of more generally acceptable communication such as advertising, public relations, and government information, setting these in the context of freedom of expression. Propaganda and the Ethics of Persuasion examines the art of persuasion but it also hopes to establish a "self-defense" resistance to propaganda. As Jacques Ellul warned in 1980, any new technology enters into an already existing class system and can be expected to develop in a way favourable to the dominant interests of that system. The merger of AOL and Time-Warner confirms the likelihood of corporate interests dominating the future of the Internet, but the Internet has also opened up new possibilities for a politically effective counter-culture, as was demonstrated at the meeting of the World Trade Organization in Seattle in late 1999 and numerous similar gatherings since.

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ONE Why Study Propaganda?
TWO History of Propaganda
An Analysis
Some Classical Arguments
SEVEN The Question of Controls
EIGHT Propaganda Democracy and the Internet
Selected Bibliography
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Randal Marlin is an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Carleton University. He has explored philosophical questions relating to propaganda since the 1970s, teaching a course, "Truth and Propaganda," cross-listed with Journalism and Mass Communication. He has also published a book, a collection of essays, and numerous academic and popular articles relating to the topic. He has served for many years on the executive of the Civil Liberties Association, National Capital Region, currently as president.