Kirby's Wonderful and Scientific Museum: Or, Magazine of Remarkable Characters, Том 4

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R. S. Kirby, 1820

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Страница 183 - At length the whole face was disengaged from its covering. The complexion of the skin of it was dark and discoloured. The forehead and temples had lost little or nothing of their muscular substance ; the cartilage of the nose was gone ; but the left eye, in the first moment of exposure, was open and full, though it vanished almost immediately ; and the pointed beard, so characteristic of the period of the reign of King Charles, was perfect.
Страница 180 - A square opening was then made in the upper part of the lid, of such dimensions as to admit a clear insight into its contents. These were, an internal wooden coffin, very much decayed, and the Body, carefully wrapped...
Страница 184 - When the head had been entirely disengaged from the attachments which confined it, it was found to be loose, and without any difficulty was taken up and held to view.
Страница 106 - ... rapid. With respect to numbers consisting of two figures, he would raise some of them to the sixth, seventh and eighth power, but not always with equal facility; for the larger the products became, the more difficult he found it to proceed. He was asked the square root of 106,929, and before the number could be written down he immediately answered 327.
Страница 104 - Arabic numerals, and without having given any particular attention to the subject, possesses, as if by intuition, the singular faculty of solving a great variety of arithmetical questions by the mere operation of the mind, and without the usual assistance of any visible symbol or contrivance.
Страница 405 - ... beginning to the end of their course had done nothing else ? Can I believe that they paused upon the consummation of their work from any motive but a dread of its consequences to themselves ; a recollection tardy, indeed, but appalling, that " Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed?
Страница 183 - Spectators of this interesting sight were well prepared to receive this impression ; but it is also certain, that such a facility of belief had been occasioned by the simplicity and truth of Mr. Herbert's Narrative, every part of which had been confirmed by the investigation, so far as it had advanced : and it will not be denied that the shape of the face, the forehead, an eye, and the beard, are the most important features by which resemblance is determined.
Страница 180 - The vault is covered by an arch, half a brick in thickness, is seven feet two inches in width, nine feet six inches in length, and four feet ten inches in height, and is situated in the centre of the choir, opposite the eleventh knight's stall, on the sovereign's side. On removing the pall, a plain leaden coffin, with no appearance of ever having been inclosed in wood, and bearing an inscription ' KING CHARLES, 1648,' in large, legible characters, on a scroll of lead encircling it, immediately presented...
Страница 303 - ... those which are common to the tropical tempest. It apparently slumbered in primeval solitude and tranquillity, and from the luxuriant vegetation and growth of the forest which covered its sides from the base nearly to the summit, seemed to discountenance the fact, and falsify the records, of the ancient volcano.
Страница 305 - ... copper colour, suffused with fire. Scarcely had the day closed, when the flame burst at length pyramidically from the crater through the mass of smoke ; the rolling of the thunder became more awful and deafening ; electric flashes quickly succeeded, attended with loud claps, and now, indeed, the hurly-burly began. Those only who have witnessed such a sight can form any idea of the magnificence and variety of the lightning and electric flashes : some forked zig-zag, playing across the perpendicular...