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«he gospel, con. 7. j.eat. 33 tfowit •was adminillred under the law, con. 7. 5 cat. 34. "How un.'sr the gofpei, con. 7. 6. cat. 35. Councils or synods ought to be, con. 31 1 they may be called by the civil magistrate, con. 23 3.31.3. When ministers m,iy meet without the caJI of tlie civil magistrate, coo, 3 I. £. What power councils have, con. 313. What submillion due to their decrees, ibid. Not infallible since the apostles times, con 3 1 4. }3ut their determinations are to be tried by the scriptures, con 1. to. How fir they may meddle in civil assilis, con. 31 j Creation of the world, con 4. 1. cat 15 Of roan, con 4. 2 cat. . 17. Of angels, cat, 16. Creatures. Dominion over the creatures given to man, con*. 4. 2 cat. 17. They are curled far our GkkeSi since the fall, cat. <8- Religious ■worship to be given to no creature, con. 21.2- cat Ioj: Curiosity, Bold and curious searching into God's secrets, discharged, cat. IOJ. curious prying into God's decrees forbidden, cat. 113. curious or unprofitable questions are to be avoided, ibid. The Curse and wrath os God, man liable to it, both by original and actual sin, con. 6. 6. cat. 27. How it may be escaped, co». 7. 3. cat. IJ3. Curling, liniul, cat. 113.


DANCING. Lascivious dancing forbidden, ca:. 1 39. Dead, not to be prayed for, con. 21 4. cat. 183.

Death, being the »ages ofsin, con. 6. 6. cat. 38. 84. It is appointed for all men. cat. 84. How it is an advantage to the righteous, cat. 8c. The state of believers immediately after death, con. 3^. 1. cat. 8<>. fcl the wicked, ibid.

The death of Christ, con. 8 4. eat. 49. In it he saw no corruption, con. 8 4. Cat. ?2- The divine nature having sustained the human from smking under the power of death, cat 38 By his obedience and death, be made a proper, real and full satisfaction to the justice of the r'ather, con 11. 3. cat. 71. Tbro'the virtue of his death and resurrection, heiievers are sanctified, con. 13. r. Believers have fcliowlhip withChriit in his death, con 26. 1. and from his death and resurrection they draw flrength for the mortifying of sin and quickning of grace, cat. 167. The Lord's supper is a memorial of his death, con 29 1. cat. 16S and in that sacrament, wort>hy communicants meditate affectionately on his death and sufferings cat 174. and receive and feed upon all the benefits of his death, con. 29 7. The Decalogue, See commandments. The Decreesof God,thenature,end, extent and properties of them, con. 3. t, 2. car. 12. The decree 0!'predestination, con. 3. 3. 4. of election and reprobation, con 3 5, 6, 7. cat. 13. HowGod executetn his decrees, cat 14. How the doctrine of decrees is to bo handscd, and what use to be made < f them, con. 3. 8. Curious prying into God's decrees, forbidden, cat. 113. Desertion. Wilful desertion, unlawful, cat: 139. Such as cannot be remedied, by the church or civil magistrate, is cause iLfJicknt of dissolving the bond of marriage, con 24. 6.

Despair, lioful, cat. 105. Believers always supported from utter despair, con 18. 4 cat 81.

Devil, all compacts and consulting with him, liniul, cat Ioj.

Diligence in our calling, a duty, cat. 141.

Dipping in baptism, net necessary, Al m 4 Cj-.« con. s8. 3.

D' content at the difpositicns of
Cod's providence, sin.'ul, cat. oj,
11 5. Discontentment wit,: our own
eli^te, sinful, cat. 148. 1

Divorce, lawful in ca!e of adultery a.ter marruge, or of such wilfnl de.vrtion as cannot be remedied, con, 24, r, ()• A pyblick orderly courle of proceeding is to be observed in it, con '24 6

Diim'nion. See sovereignty,, erea ture sin

Dmbting of being in ( brill, may cunfifr with a true interest in him, con 17 3. 18.4- Ca» 81, 172 And therefore should not hinder from partak.ng of the Lord's bup'per, cat. 172.

Drunkenness forbidden, cat 139.

Duty to God by the light of nature, con. 21. 1. Duties tequired In the slid commandment, cat. 104 In tin: second, cat 108 In the third, c^t. 112. In the fourth cat 116. Duties of inferiors to their superior con. 23 j. cat .27 What is inquired of superiors, con. 23 2. cat. ■ _>o. Duties of equals, cat. 13,« Duties of the sixth commandment, cat. 135 Of the seventh cat. 158 Of the Jght, cat 14c. Of the'ninth, cat. 144. Of the tenth, cat. 147


Cc!< fustical powers not to be . opp led upon pretence of C!.rislian liberty, con -20 Eccleil.iilical p.'rfcns not exempted from obedience to the civil magistrate, con, 23. 4. Eff.ctual Calling, What, con. 10.1. en;. 67 It is of God's free grace, lint from any thing foreseen in man, con io. 2- cat 67- All the elect, a ; i they only are effectually called, c< r. 01,4. cat. 68 The elect u 't»d to CJuif in their# effectual &l\'.'.<-£, pat. £6.

Election, oijt 0/ God's; mew fr« grace, con 3. 5. cat. 15. rum all eternity in Christ., ibid. Ek-diot not only toetetnal life and glory, but all£1 to the mean- thcreor, coa. a 6 cat. 13. All ti e elect, and they only, are effectually called aid saved, con 3. 6 19. 1. 4. cat. 66Tho' others may be outwardly called by the word, and have tone common operations of the Sp-rir, ibid. Elect infants, and other cl-ct perlons who are incapable of being called by the word how laved, cx-n. 10. 3. What u'e to be made of the doctrine of electon, cm. 4. 8 And how men may be assured cf their eternal election, ibid. See afiiirance. Envy, sinful, cat. 128, 136, (47,' IAS' M8

Equals, their duties and fin* cat. 131, I32-'

Equivocation, sp'.akirg the truth 1a doubtful and equivocal exprfffi na. to the prejudice of truth or justice, sinful, cat 14J

Eucharist See Lord's Supper.

Exaltation of Christ, con. 8 4. cat. Ji. In his relurrecticn, cat. 57 n his ascension, cat. 53 In his fitting at the right hand of God. cat. f^. In his coming to judge the world, cat. 56.

Sell-Examination, cat 171. Excommunication, con .0 2, J>4Expiaticn. Sin cannot be expiated but by the blood of Christ, Cu.ij »• E

FAITH, what, con. 14. 2 cat. 7 >. God Teqoireth nothing of sinners that they may be justified, but faitn in Christ, con. 1 1. 1 cat. 61 Which he rtquireth as the condition to interest r'lem in the mediator of the cpvenant of grace, cat. 33. It justifies a sinner in the si^M ol God only as it is an instrument by wh ch l\jr receiveth C hrist and h'S righteousness, con. 11. 3. cat 7;


F"aitti is the gfft of God, con. u I cat 7i. 't bung the work of the Sp.rit; con 14 r cat 5y. 72 It' is oruinanly wrought by the ministry of the word, con. 14 1 Inertaed and strengthned by the word, sacrament? and prayer, ibid. Often weakntil, but aluay's gets the victory, con 14 3. Crowing up in many to a full assurance, ctn 1 ^ 13. cat to Go>-d works the fruit and evidence of true faith, con. 16 2 cat 52 Which is never alone, but always accompanied w rh all other saving graces, ard is no de.ad faith, but worketh by love, con 1 1 2. cat 73 Fall of Man, the nature and effects of it, con. 6 cat ai> 23, 2$, 27, 2tJ. 29. Why permuted, con. 6. 1 H'AV all mankind concerned in it, con 6: 3- cat 22. F'M">c away, lee prefeverance. Vamily worship daily, uq ied of CiOt}, con 21. 6. Falling, Religious fairing, a duty, cat ic8. bo'imn fasti rg a part ot rtligitnil worlh p. con- 21 5. Fellowship, See communion, foreknowledge, all things enme to pass infallibly aco rding to the foreknowledge of God con, 5. 2. r rg'venefs, Sec pardon. Fornication committed after contract r>f marriage, a just ground of dissolving the contract con 24 - J. Fortune. Vo ascribe any thing to fortune, is sinful, cat ic5■ Ftie will. See will. Fiugality, a duty, cat 141. G

GAMING Wasteful gaming forbidden, cat 142. Gloiy The communion in glory with Christ, which believers enjoy in this life, cat 83 con. 18 1, 2, 3 immediately after death, con32. t cat. R6. At th'e icfurrection anil day or judgment, con. 32. 3 33 2. cat. fcy. 93.

The glory of God, the end of his de" crees, con. 3. 3. cat. .2 The glory of!.is grace the end of election, con. 2 j. cat 13: 1 he glory of his juilice the end of the decree of reprobation, con. 3 7. cat. 13. The . glory of his eternal power, wisdom and goodness, the end of the creation, con 4. 1 The manisestati; on of the glory of his wildom power, juilice, goodness and mercy, is the end of all God's works of providence, cm. 5. 1. cat 18. The end of God's appointing the last judgment is the manifestation of the glory of his mercy and justice, con. 32- 10. To glorify Gud is the chief end of man, cat. 1. Gud is glorified by goo'd works, con. 16. 2 Gluttony, a fin, cat. 139. God. The light of nature Iheweth that there is a God, con. 21 t. cat, 2. What it declares concerning him, and of our duty to him, con. t-. 1. 2i.f.. It is not sufficient to give that knowledge of God and of his will, which is necessary un- . to salvation, con. 1 t.clt 5. The attributes or perfections of God, con. 2 1. 2 cat. 7. 101. Theie i-- but one only God, con 2. 1 ■ cat 8- There are three persons in the God head, distinguished by personal properties, con. 2. 3. cat 9. 10. The co-equality of the persons proved, cat 1 1. To him is due from all his creatures, whatsoever worship, service or obedience he is pleased to require, con. 2. 2. Our duty to God, cat. 104, 10", 112, 116- What contrary to it, cat. 105. 109, 113, 119. Religions worship is to be given to God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and to him alone; and that only in the meditation of Christ, con. 21.. 3. cat. 79. r8i. God is to be wor. shipped in that way only which he hath imkituted in the scriptures,


con. i. i. cat. 109^' To glorify Heaven, the state os the blessed, coc

God and lully to enjoy him s'»r e- 32. 1. 33. 2. cat 86. 90.

ver is the chief end of man, cat. I, Hell, the (late of the damned, can.

Good works. See works. ;s. 1. 33, 3. cat. 29, S6. 89. I he

Gospel. Hov/ the covenant ef grace meaning of these *ords in ti;

is adniinilicred under the golpel, creed, He descended into hc£

con. 7. 6. cat. 3J. Without the cat. 50

gospel no salvation, cat. 60 con Hereticks to be rejected, cat. ;»$.

10 4, In it Christ doth not dissolve, Holiness. God is most holy in all an

b;;t strengthen the obligation to the counsels, works and command,

obedience of the moral law, con. -on. 2. 2 Man was created bc-i;

19. 5. Believers under the gospel alter the image of God, coo. 4). 1.

have a greater boldness of access to cat. 17. Hut by the ta'i he becam:

the throne of grace, than believers wholly defiled, con. 6. 3 BeiicTc:

under the law did ordinarily par- are by the sanctilyang Ipirit el

take <Jf, con. 20. 1. Christ, quickened and Itrengthes-c

Government. See church, magistrate. 10 the practice of holiness, con 13.

The Grace of God Election of Cod's 1, 3. <:at. 75. and are made ptiniere free grace, con. 3. 5. cat 13. fectly holy in heavea, coo. 52. 1. How the grace of God is manifested cat 86,90 See sonctincauon. in the second covenant, con. 7 3. The Holy Ghost equal with the Facat. 32 Effectual calling is of ther, con. 2. 3. cat. 11. He u God's free and special grace, con. promised to the elect in the co«10 3. cat. 67. justification is only nant of grace, con. 7 3. cat. $2. of free grace, con. 11 3. cat. 79. By him they are united to Chrill, 7 1. adoption is an act of free grace, con. 26 !• For by him the recon. 12. cat. 74. The communion demptian purchased by Christ is in grace which believers have with applied to them, con. 8 8 11.4. Christ, cat. 69 alj seving graces cat 58, $9. By him they arc elJrVc.ire the work of the Spirit, con. 13. tually called, coo. 10. I. cat. 47. 14. and 15. cat. 33, 72, 7$, 74, and have faith wrought in their 77. and do always accompany hearts, con. 14. 1. cat 59. 72. He faith, con- j 1. 2. cat. 73. Perse- is given to them in adoption, coo. verance in grace, con. 17 cat.-79 12 cat. 74. and applying the Increase in grace, con. 13. 1, 3 death and resurrection of Chrirt t» cat. 75, 77, assurance oi' grace, them, by his powerful operation, con. |8. cat. 80. 81. they are sanctified, coo. 13, 1. cat.

H 7J. Having repentance wrought,

HARDEN. Why ar-rl how fin- and all other saving graces iodised ners are hardened, con. j. 6. into their hearts, con 13. i.eau Believers may have their hearts 32. Jj, 76. 77. Through tlie canhardened, con 17. 3, tinual supply ot strength from htm, Head. The elect are inseparably u- believers grow in grace, con. 15. nited to Christ as their head, con. 3. *at. 7; The outward roans 2j. 1. .26. 1. cat. 64.66. He is the are by him made effectual to the only headof the church, cos -55. 6. elect for salvation, cno. 7. {,6. »f. Hearing What is required os those 3. eat ijj.l^i. Prayer is to be that hear the word preached, con. rrmde by his help, con. at. 3 at. 2i. 5. cat. 160. 182- ability tu do gr.cd woiks is

*rom him, con. if?. 2. assurance
>i faith is attained by bit witoesiing
with our spirits thr.t we are the
inildrenof Gcd, con. 16 2 cat.
SO By his abiding within believers,
they are secured from falling to-
tally away from the state of grace,
and are kept by the power of G<xl
through siiith unto salvation, con.
\f. a cat ^y.

Hope of glory, con. 18 J. cat 83.

the hope of hypocrites, con. 16 1.
Humiliation of Christ, con. 8. 4.

cat 46. In his conception and

birth, cat. 47 In his life, cat. 46.

lo his death, cat 49. alter death,

cat. 50

Hypocrisy, making profession of reli-
gion in hypocrisy, or for sinister
ends, siniul, cat. 113. The hypo-
crites hope, con. 18. 1.
Hypollatical. See personal.

IDLENESS, unlawful, cat: 139,
143. idolatry, all the kinds of it
forbidden, cat. 105, 109- all mo-
numents of idolatry ought to be
removtd. cat 08
J..lls. Perverting the scripture to
pro fane jells, sinful cat 13.
Je'us. why so called, cat 41. See

Ignorant, not to be admitted to the
Lord's table, con. 29. 8 cat. 173.

/mage. Man made alter the image
of God in knowledge, righteous-
ness and holiness, con 4 2 cat
17. this image is renewed by
sanctiScatioo, cat. jr. and fully
perfected in heaven, con 32 1.
cat 80, 90

I map. worship of all kinds, dis-
charged, cat 1 09.

Imputation The guih os Adam's
first fin is imputed to all his poste-
rity, con. 6 3- the obedience
and satisfaction • f Christ is imputed
to brli.-vers. con ti. 1 rat. ;o.
His rghteousnets is imputed to

them. cat. 71, 77.
Incarnation of Christ, con. 8. 2. cat.


Inceli discharged, cat. -39 incestu-
ous marriages, which are within the
degrees of consanguinity or afsmi-
ty, forbidden in the scriptures, can
never be made lawful, con. 24. 4,
Unjust inclosures and depopulations
forbidden, cat 142.
Increase of grace, is from a continual
supply of strength from the tarcti-
fying Spirit of Christ, con. 13. 1,
3 cat. 75, 77.

Innocency. The state os man in inno-
cency, con. 4. 2. cat 17, 20.

Jnlants, how saved, con. 10. 3. In-
fants of one or both believing pa-
rents are to be b»ptzcd, con. 28.
4. cat 166.

Ingrossing, Commodities to inhance
their price, unlawful, cat. 142.

Inspiration. The books of the old
and new Testament are given by

inspiration of God, con. 1. s. But
the .ipocrypha is not of livihe in-
spiration, con. 1. 3.

Intercession. How Christ .ntkes in
tercession, cat 55 It is a part of
his priestly office, cat. 44. He
makes intcreeflion, that the re-
demption which he hath purchased
may be applied to all believers,con.
8.8- cat 55. and their perseverance
depends upon his continual interces-
sion for them,con 17 2. cat 79.
Joy in the Holy Ghost, the fiuit of
assurance, con .8. 1, 2. cat. £3.
Believers, by falling into some sins.,
nny grieve the sp'rit, and be de
prived of lome measure of. their
comtort, con 17.3. 18. 4.
Judge Christ the judge of thr
world, con 8. I, 4 18 4. How he
shall come at the last day, cat $6.
The Judgments of God upon si ntrs
in this world, con j 6. cat sP„
83 H w b< iievers may bring tem-
poral judgments on thcmfclri ,


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