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- An

Comedian. - Ant

Accountant. · Ar

Liar, scholar. -Ard

Dotard, sluggard. - Ary

Adversary. -Eer

Charioteer. -Ent

Student, correspondDenote the agent or doer; as,

ent. -Er

Maker, builder,

brewer. -Ist

Elocutionist, psalmist. Ive

Representative. -Or

Professor. -Ster

( Maltster, tapster. - Ate

Denote the person or thing (Mandate.

acted upon, being derived from -Ee

the Latin and French termina- Lessee.

tions of the past participle--atus, -Ite itus, and ée; as,

Favorite. -Acy

Effeminacy. - Age

Heritage. -Ance

Inheritance. - Ancy

Constancy. -Ence

Reference. -Ency

Excellency: -Hood

Neighbourhood. -Tion or

Combustion,adhesion. sion -Ism

Heroism. -Ment Denote being or a state of Judgment. -Mony being; as,

Parsimony. -Ness

Loudness, slowness. -Ry

Adversary, slavery. -Ship

Worship. Th

Health. -Tude

Latitude. -Ty or ity

Plenty, rarity, vanity. -Ure

Judicature, procedure. -Y

Butchery, custody. -Dom

Denote jurisdiction ; as,

Bishopric, bailiwick. -Logy

Denotes treating of ; as, Conchology, osteology. -Let

Bracelet. - Kin

Lambkin. -Ling

Denote littleness ; as, Gosling. -Ock

Hillock. -Cle


- Ic, ick



Denote of or belonging to; as,

Eccentric, elliptical.

- An
- Ar
- Ary
-Ic or

- Ate


Denote possessing or abound- Verbose.
ing in ; as,


Denote likeness.-Ish some- Womanish.
times signifies diminution, as
reddish, a little red: in most Soldierlike.
cases it implies some degree
of contempt; as,

Denote active capacity; as,

$ Resplendent.

Persuasive, lenitive.

Denote passive capacity; as,

Denotes privation ; as, Houseless, friendless.

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- Ly -Ent - Ive - Able Ible -Less


[blocks in formation]

Let a root be given to the pupil, to which he is to apply all the prefixes and affixes of which it is susceptible, viz., Form, inform, conform, deform, &c.; informer, deformity, conformation, formal, &c. &c.



.. annual.

Ager, a field, hence, agriculture. Grex, gregis, a flock, hence, con-
Angulus, a corner, angular. gregate.
Animus, the mind, unanimous. Globus, a ball, globe.
Anima, the soul, animate. Hæres, an heir, inherit.
Annus, a year,

Homo, a man,

human. Aqua, water, aqueduct. Honor, honour, honourable. Arbiter, a judge, . arbitrate. | Hospes, a host, ..hospitable Arma, arms,

Hostis, an enemy,

hostile. Ars, artis, skill, .. artist.

Humus, the ground,.. humid. Artus, a joint, .. article.

Ignis, fire,

ignite. Bellum, war, .. belligerent Insula, an island, insular. Caput, capitis, the head, capital. Jus, right,

just. Caro, carnis, flesh, carnal. Juris, right, jurisdiction. Circus, a circle, circus. Lex, legis, law, legislate. Civis, a citizen, civil. Liber, a book, library. Cor, cordis, the heart, concord. Libra, a balance, equilibrium. Corona, a crown,

coronet. Litera, a letter, literature. Corpus, a body, corporal. Locus, a place, local. Crimen, a crime, criminal. Fanum, a temple, profane. Crux, crucis, a cross,.. crucify. Luna, the moon,

lunar. Culpa, a fault, culpable. Lux, lucis, light, lucid. Cura, care, business,.. curate. Manus, the hand, manual. Dens, a tooth, dentist. Mare, the sea,

marine. Dies, a day, . diary. Mater, mother, maternal. Dominus, a lord, dominion. Merx, mercis, merchandize, merDomus, a house, domestic, chant. Exemplum, an example, exem- Minister, a servant,., ministry. plary.

Modus, a manner,

model. Facies, a face, surface. Mons, a mountain, mount. Fama, a report, famous. Mors, mortis, death,.. mortal. Familia, a family, familiar. Munus, muneris, a gift, muniFerrum, iron, ferreous. ficence, Finis, the end, or limit, finite.

Musa, a song, Flamma, a flame, .. flambeau. Navis, a ship, naval. Flos, floris, a flower,.. florist. Nox, noctis, night, nocturnal. Femina, a woman,

feminine. Numerus,a number,. . numerous Folium, a leaf, foliage. Oculus, the eye,

oculist. Forma, form, formation. Opus, operis, work, .. operate. Fraus, deceit,

fraud. Os, ossis, a bone, ossify. Frigus, cold, frigid. Pars, partis, a part,.. particle. Frons, the forehead,., front. Pater,

father · paternal. Fumus, smoke, perfume. Pax, pacis, peace, · pacific.

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Pes, pedis, afoot, hence, pedestal. Semen, seed, hence, disseminate. Planta, a plant, plantation Signum, a sign, signify. Pæna, punishment, penal. Socius,a companion,.. social. Pondus, weight, ponder. Sonus, a sound, .. sonorous. Populus, the people,.. populate. Stilla, a drop, . instil. Porta, a gate, portal. Tempus, time, temporal. Præda, prey, booty, predatory. Terminus, a bound,.. terminate. Pretium, price, or reward, pre- Terra, the earth, terrene. cious.

Testis, a witness, testify. Puguus, the fist, pugnacious. Turba, a crowd, turbulent. Quies, rest, ease, quiescent. Verbum, a word, verbose. Radius, a ray,

. radiant.
Via, a way,

devious. Radix, a root, . radical. Vinum, wine, .. vineyard. Rota, a wheel, rotatory.

Unda, a wave,

.. undulate. Salus, health, .. salutary.





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.. concave.


Acer, acris, sharp, hence, acrid. Latus, broad, hence, latitude. Æquus, equal, equable. Laxus, loose, laxity. Amplus, large, amplify. Levis, light,

levity. Asper, rough, asperity. Liber, free, . liberty. Bonus, good, bounty. Longus, long, longitude. Bene, well,

benefactor Magnus, great, .. magnitude Brevis, short, . brevity. Malus, bad, . malice. Cavus, hollow,

Maturus, ripe,

.. maturity. Celeber, renowned,.. celebrate. Medius, middle, . medium. Celer, swift,

celerity. Minor, less, .. minority. Centum, a hundred,.. century. Mirus, wonderful, miracle. Clarus, clear, clarify. Miser, wretched, misery. Clemens, merciful, clemency. Multus, many, multitude. Curvus, crooked, curvature. Novus, new,

novel. Decem, ten, decimal. Par, like,

parity. Densus, thick, density. Primus, first, primeval. Dignus, worthy, dignity. Privus, single, private. Dubius, doubtful, indubitable. Probus, honest, probity. Durus, hard,

durance. Qualis,of what kind,.. quality. Felix, happy, felicity. Quatuor, four, quarter. Festus, joyful, festive. Sacer, holy,

sacred Firmus, strong, firm. Sagus, knowing, sagacity. Fortis, brave, fortitude. Senex, old,

senator. Grandis, great, grandeur. Severus, severe, severity. Gratus, grateful, gratitude. Similis, like,

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similar. Gravis, heavy, gravity. Solidus, solid, solidity. Inanis, empty, inanity. Solus, alone, solitary. Integer, whole, integrity. Verus, true,




,.. coerce.

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Ago, I do or act, hence, agent. Frango, I break, hence, fragment Actus, acted,

actor. Fractus, broken, refract. Amo, I love, amiable. Fugio, I fly,

fugitive. Apto, I fit,

adapt. Fulgeo, I shine, fulgency. Arceo, I drive away,.

Fundo, I pour out,

refund. Ardeo, I burn, ardent. Fusus, poured out, fusion. Arguo, I argue, argument. Genitus, begotten, genial. Audio, I hear, audible. Gradior, I step, gradation. Augeo, I increase, augment. Gressus, stepped, ingress. Bibo, I drink, imbibe. Habeo, I have or hold, habitaCado, I fall,

accident. tion. Cædo, I cut or beat,.. suicide. Hæreo, I stick, adhere. Cando, I burn, candle. Halo, I breathe, exhale. Cano, I sing,


Jactus, thrown, . abject. Cantus, sung,

Junctus, joined, adjunct. Capio, I take, capable. Lego, I send away, legate. Captus, taken, captive. Lego, I read, . legible. Cedo, I yield, cede. Lectus, read,

.. lecture. Cessus, yielded, access. Ligo, I bind, ligament Censeo, I judge, censor. Loquor, I speak, eloquent. Cerno, I discern, certain. Luo, I wash away,.. ablution. Citus, roused, excite. Mando, I command,., mandate. Clamo, I call out, declaim. Maneo, I stay,

mansion. Claudo, I close, exclude. Medeor, I cure,

medicine. Clino, I bend, decline. Memini, I remember, memory. Colo, I till, .. colony. Mergo, I plunge, emerge. Cultus, tilled, cultivate. Metior, I measure,.. mete. Credo, I believe, credit. Mensus, measured, mensuration. Creo, I create, creator. Migro, I remove,

emigrant Cresco, I grow,


increase. Misceo, I mix, miscellany. Cubo, or cumbo, I lie down, Mitto, I send, .. admit. recumbent.

Missus, sent,

mission. Curro, I run,

current. Moneo, I advise, monitor. Dico, I say,

predict. Moveo, I move, Divido, I divide, dividend. Muto, I change, mutable. Do, I give,

Nascor, I am born,.., nascent. Doceo, I teach, docile. Natus, born,

native. Duco, I lead or draw, ductile. Noceo, I hurt, . innocent. Emo, I buy,

redeem. Notus, known, notice. Erro, I wander,

Nuncio, I announce,.. enunciate. Fallo, I deceive, fallible.

Oro, I pray,

oration. Facio, I do or make,.. factory. Paro, I make or prepare, sepaFendo, I strike, defend. rate. Fero, I carry,

.. ferry. Pasco, I feed, .. pastor. Ferveo, I boil, fervour. Patior, I suffer, patience. Fido, I trust, fidelity. Passus, suffered, passion. Flecto, I bend, inflect. Pello, I call, appeal. Fligo, I beat, afflict, Pello, I drive, repel. Fluo, I flow, fluid, Pendeo, I hang, impend.


.. donor.

.. error.


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