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Hazell, Watson, and Viney, Printers, London and Aylesbury. The Faerie QUEENE (continued) :-



CHASTITY (continued).

Canto XI.


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In large paper copies (post 4to) a steel portrait of Spenser by Alais, from

a contemporary miniature in the possession of Lord Fitzhardinge,
inherited through the marriage of a Berkeley with Lady E. Carey,
heiress of the Hunsdons, to whom it was left by Queen Elizabeth,
-never before engraved. See further account of this and of all our
engraved portraits and all others, in the Memoir in Vol. I.

To face title-page.

Book III.-Cant. XI.

Britomart chaceth Ollyphant,

findes Scudamour distreft: Afayes the house of Busyrane,

where Loues spoyles are expref.


Hatefull hellish Snake, what furie furft

Brought thee from balefull house of Proserpine, Where in her bosome she thee long had nurst, And fostred vp with bitter milke of tine, Fowle Gealofie, that turneft loue diuine To ioylesse dread, and mak'st the louing hart With hatefull thoughts to languish and to pine,

And feed it selfe with selfe-consuming smart ? Of all the passions in the mind thou vilest art.


O let him far be banished away,

And in his stead let Loue for euer dwell,
Sweet Loue, that doth his golding wings embay
In blessed Nectar, and pure Pleasures well,

1. 5. ' loues ’: 1. 10, Gealoly': I. 17, sweete': ib., 'golding' is changed to 'golden'in 1609.

Vntroubled of vile feare, or bitter fell.
And ye faire Ladies, that your kingdomes make 20
In th’harts of men, them gouerne wisely well,

And of faire Britomart ensample take,
That was as trew in loue, as Turtle to her make.

Who with Sir Satyrane, as earst ye red,

Forth ryding from Malbeccoes hostlesse hous,
Far off aspyde a young man, the which fled
From an huge Geaunt, that with hideous
And / hatefull outrage long him chaced thus;
It was that Ollyphant, the brother deare
Of that Argante vile and vitious,

30 From whom the Squire of Dames was reft whylere ; This all as bad as she, and worse, if worse ought were.

For as the sister did in feminine

And filthy lust exceede all woman kind,
So he surpassed his fex masculine,
In beastly vse that I did euer find ;
Whom when as Britomart beheld behind
The fearefull boy so greedily pursew,
She was emmoued in her noble mind,
T'employ her puissaunce to his reskew,

40 And pricked fiercely forward, where she him did vew.

Ne was Sir Satyrane her far behinde,

But with like fiercenesse did ensew the chace :
Whom when the Gyaunt saw, he soone resinde
His former fuit, and from them fled apace ;

1. 31, 'Squyre': 1. 34, 'womankinde,' and so 'e' in rhyme-words of the stanza : 1. 36, vse, all that I cuer': 1. 38, 'pour sezo.'

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